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Liquid Glass Thinking Putty

Transparent putty turns from clear to cloudy and back.

Liquid Glass Putty
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Liquid Glass Thinking Putty is almost imperceptible at rest. So much so, in fact, that many people believe the tin is empty at first! However, once you start playing with it, the putty begins to cloud.

Depending on how much you play with it, Liquid Glass Thinking Putty can either appear clear, like thick glass, like ice, or even unpolished calcite (crystal).

Like other putties, Liquid Glass Putty can be stretched, bounced, and torn in half. Each tin includes 90 grams (1/5 lb) of putty. Made in the USA.

Features & specs:

  • Contains 1/5 lb (90 g) of putty
  • Shifts from clear to cloudy when used
  • Stretch it, tear it, bounce it!
  • Never dries out
  • Made in the USA

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Like playing with molten glass... without the burn

Liquid Glass Thinking Putty is so clear that you may think we've sent you an empty canister. However, as soon as you start playing with it, the putty begins to turn cloudy. Let it rest again and it returns to its crystal clear state.

Woman stretching a large blog of Liquid Glass Thinking Putty.
This amazing material looks like clear glass, but can be molded, shaped, and kneaded like putty.

Becomes cloudy when kneaded

Once you start molding, stretching, and twisting Liquid Glass Putty, it becomes cloudy. The more you massage it, the cloudier it becomes. This allows you to create all sorts of amazing things.

Check out our fun image below; both the "water" and the "ice" are made from Liquid Glass Thinking Putty.

Liquid Glass Thinking Putty can look clear or cloudy.
The crystal clear Liquid Glass Putty turns cloudy when sculpted.

Make awesome glass sculptures!

All putty is fun, but only with Liquid Glass Putty does it feel like you're a glass sculptor.

The unique consistency of Liquid Glass Putty (due to its transparent properties) makes it a bit easier to build and sculpt than other putties. 

A snowman made out of Liquid Glass Putty.
Yep, that's a Pencil Eraser Hat on top of that gorgeous snow man. And of course, that's InstaSnow.

Maintains all the other fun putty properties

Putty is fun because you can squish it, stretch it, mold it, tear it, twist it, and sculpt it. So, we're happy to report that Liquid Glass Thinking Putty can still do all of those fun things.

Stretch, tear, and twist Liquid Glass Thinking Putty.
Like other putties, Liquid Glass can be stretched, torn, and twisted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is it magnetic?

Answer: No, only our Magnetic Thinking Putty is magnetic. This putty is clear, though!

Question: Does it get dirty easily?

Answer: Because it's transparent, dirt will show a bit more. To avoid this is simple, though. Don't play with filthy hands on filthy surfaces.

Question: How long does it take to go from being cloudy to being clear again?

Answer: It depends on how cloudy it has become. Most of the time, it'll clear up within 30-60 minutes.

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