Meet the Team!

The people behind the scenes are what makes so awesome. To honor them (and give you a little peek into our crazy minds), we created this page.

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  • Favorite TV show: Gossip Girl
  • #1 Wish: To marry Adam Wainwright of the St. Louis Cardinals.
  • Loves: Mashed potatoes
  • Would kill for: Tickets to Neil Diamond
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  • Huge fan of: Wheat bread
  • Loves: A spontaneous game of ultimate frisbee
  • Skills: Unicyclist
  • Favorite movie: Ghostbusters
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  • Loves: Disc golf, racquetball, and how consistently delicious pineapples are
  • Skills: Highly trained sense of smell
  • Interesting facts: Never been beaten in a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos or Kerplunk.
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  • Likes: Tennis, trivia, and tomatoes
  • Has read: The Internet
  • Skill: Rapid beard growth.
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  • Skills: Can touch rim
  • Wants: To dunk
  • Hobby: Building custom clay skeet pigeons
  • Favorite Season: Shark Week
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  • Dream job: To run StarGate Command
  • Favorite movie: Any sci-fi or action-adventure
  • Would murder for: Tickets to Bon Jovi
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  • Favorite TV show: Roseanne (don't judge)
  • Skills: Can jump on a pogo stick without using hands
  • Loves: Uncooked spaghetti, wakeboarding
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  • Loves: Random shouting
  • Hates: Shoes
  • Born: Awesome
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  • Really good at: Making friendship bracelets
  • Afraid of: The dark
  • Loves: Gorillas and all other animals except bugs
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  • Favorite Movie: A League Of Their Own
  • Loves: 90's dance hits, fashion magazines, and detective shows
  • Favorite animal: Giraffe
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  • Loves: Frozen grapes, motorcycles, and Chaucer
  • Would kill for: A date with Cyndi Lauper
  • Favorite band: Motörhead
  • Interesting fact: Once served 12 pounds of calamari instead of a turkey for Thanksgiving.
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Jamie Salvatori

Jamie makes sure that everyone at stays warm and well-fed so that we can continue to bring you the most curiously awesome gifts on the planet. He has a Ph.D. in Nothing and does not speak French, Italian, or German. However, he loves and works tirelessly to ensure you love everything about your purchase.

  • Little known fact: Jamie reads all of your emails. If you send an email through our contact form, it goes directly to Jamie. So, if you've got a problem (or praise), the owner is listening. Our commitment to customer service starts at the top and filters down to everyone who works at
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