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Reviews from some of our satisfied customers.

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Dee was very responsive and very helpful. She made the entire interaction very easy and pleasant. Thanks Dee!
Yall are amazing, I feel bad. I just wanted to let yall know about a small issue and yall went above and beyond, even when I said I needed nothing in return. Love yall
It has been nothing but an amazing experience shopping with Vat19- quick and easy, and the amazing folks that work there are beyond wonderful. I am excited to shop more, and get even more awesome goodies!
R. Loeb
Very fast and friendly response. Super happy with the support team. Same day answer with solution to my problem.
M Freiheit
Your customer service is the best I have ever received from any company, very professional and a pleasure to deal with.
Stephen Z.
Quick and easy resolution from a business that cares.
M Cox
Amazing customer service. Very quick response and straight forward. I was having some issues with one specific item that I ordered and it was taken care of that same day in less than 3 hours.
J Liera
The customer service is one of the best I’ve seen. They replied really fast and solved every problem or question I had.
Zuzanna S.
Your customer service has been by far THE absolute BEST I have received from any business I have shopped with this season. You not only researched my ancient/older-than-old prior purchase, but you kindly offered replacement ideas and ultimately provided me with a discount! I wish more companies would clue in to the level of service you provided and correlate it to the customer satisfaction I experienced. Thank you for all your help!
J Evans
Great customer service. I would not hesitate to order from this website again because of the customer service that you don’t see often these days.
J. Collins
Very attentive customer service, went above and beyond any expectations. Thank you
C. Tinker
My second time ordering and again 5 star service!!! I love my entire order. Everytime I order and receive my package, I'm filled with absolute joy!!!! Vat19, you're the best company out there 🙌🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟!!!
A. Nitz
Thank you so much for everything Dee, I have never received such great service from an online company.
S. Zahrebelny
I can't thank you enough of all your help. I will definitely be purchasing from your company again, and will recommend Vat19 to anyone who asked. Hope you have a wonderful day.
Stephen Z.
Highly satisfied!!!

I just got my package today, 4 days early, and I'm in love with EVERYTHING!!! I will definitely be ordering from you guys a lot. You have permanently gained a customer for life!
A. Nitz
Thank you for your prompt attention. This is the best customer service I have received in the last 20 years or so and I congratulate you. It was a pleasure for me to realize there is at least one company in this world that understands what customer service is supposed to do.
A Hollenberg
I am a grandmother, and in my entire life I have never seen anyone be as caring and professional as you have been! No company follows up like you have! I just want to tell you how grateful I am for your concern and for looking out for me! Thanks again, Dee, for being such an Angel! You are a rare gem, and I pray that you are blessed beyond measure for the kindness you’ve shown me.
N. Acton
Thank you, appreciate the help. Will buy from you again solely on your great customer service!
Jeffrey B.
I absolutely love Vat19. My 3 previous orders came quick and fast with no mistakes. The product selections are insane and everything is very reasonably priced. Thanks for making every order curiously awesome. Can't wait for my 4th to come in!
Gavin J.
I just wanted to say that the service was great. Everything was very fast and nice. Thank you!
N. Sandone
Thank you again so much for all of your help and support with this! Really impressed with the customer service!
E. Bartel
My daughter hasn’t gotten package yet but she was so excited to use her birthday money here after seeing you guys on YouTube! And as a parent the prices were so good! She had a problem figuring out how to track her package, and Dee responded in the same day! You guys are amazing! God bless!
M. Culbertson
The Customer Service is very good. Dee was very responsive to me, answered my questions, and also offered to reimburse the cost of the item. Most impressive was her intention to get the manufacturer involved to ensure the problem is corrected.
C. Soldo
This was a wonderful customer service experience. I look forward to more vat19 purchases, thank you for having such unique products and a very wonderful experience with your customer service.
A Daddio
Vat19 rocks like Slayer! Thank you for your amazingly astounding assistance!
J Cowdry
Actually "Great". Not too many responses come back that quickly. Thank you.
S. Armstrong
Dee was the absolute best. I couldn't have asked for better support. My daughters gift arrived in time for her birthday and she was SO happy.
H Zapolsky
This is the 2nd time I ordered from you guys and both times were exactly what I ordered thank you guys for the great service I’ll be ordering more things in the future
Yes, the package was received yesterday and we are ecstatic with everything ordered! Thank you so much for your excellent service!
K. Yoshimoto
Awesome! Thank you so much for having great customer service and not making this a hassle like other places most definitely would have. I really appreciate it.
J Tarter
Just in time for his medical procedure prep tomorrow and then on Monday! He was very happy with his Mac and squeeze! Thank you for great customer service. I’m sure we will be ordering again
J. Nichols
You guys aren't kidding when you say you have the most curiously awesome gifts. Everything I ordered from you brings so much joy! I gave my daughter the Dirty Dunk hamper and she immediately loved it! I was doubly impressed that it included a traditional net for playing games. Great quality product and superior customer service. I look forward to ordering more awesomeness from you in the future!
Tristan S.
I’ve got to tell you, I have bought a lot of soda online, and it is not that unusual to find that there’s been some breakage. I mean, glass bottles coming through the mail, it’s an inevitability at times. But I’ve never seen anybody pack as carefully and beautifully as you do. The individual boxes for each soda, the only way anything could break would be if an elephant stomped on it! I am incredibly impressed.
K Zuckert
"You gotta have the right bait." One of the funniest lines from your gummy worm ad made my day all those years ago when it first came out. I want to thank you and your entire team over there at vat19 for creating and cultivating one of the coolest brands of all time. I am here to simply say thank you for all you do (even if vending wacky items doesn't seem significant). Keep up the amazing work at vat19 and again make sure that the team is thanked for all they do.
B Perez
Awesome. I was worried they wouldn’t understand my problem. They totally did. And we figured it out (child put in my email wrong). We now have a way to track the order and my kiddo is super excited! Thank you so much.
J White
The gag gift puzzle "Pretty day by the beach" is so great! It worked beautifully! We got a big kick out of it! Love your products!
Your response was timely and clear. “Rules of the Road” is an excellent video we’ve used for twelve years. I referred two other driver education schools to it.
W Olker
Vat 19 went above what was expected. We are very happy with our service and will continue to shop at Vat! Thank you Tracey for your help!
R Reise
I have been a customer of yours for years, my children love your products and we’ve never had any problems or any need to contact customer service. This year I was buying my son a mega mystery box for his birthday. It wasn’t something we had a lot of extra money for, but it was the one thing he wanted. So I decided to buy it, but I had some questions first. I sent a note to customer service, hoping to hear back within the day bc I needed to buy the box ASAP for it to come in time for his birthday, but I wasn’t hopeful. Well, I heard back from someone within an hour and beyond that, she told me that bc they wanted my son to have a good birthday, they would work with me to make sure the box was filled with things he would love. And they did exactly that and my son had the best birthday bc he didn’t think we would be able to get him that mystery box. He was so surprised and he loved every single thing in that box. I will continue to use your company as often as I can. Not only was the customer service great, but they helped make it possible for my son to have a birthday he will always remember. I almost didn’t buy the box bc we couldn’t really afford it, even though it is a very fair price for what you get. Vat19 helped me, I ordered it for him and he had a wonderful day that probably wouldn’t have happened.
S williams
Thank you so much for your patience and expertise, ya'll rock!! I'm looking forward to watching your vat 19 videos with my grandson today after school!!!
B Martinez
Great support!! Prompt and professional. Never heard of Vat19 until my 9 year old went on and on at the dinner table. Will use it in again the future for gifts.
J Wilson
I had some trouble in the beginning as you can see below, but Tracey LaRiccia was an excellent help and all is working now so I can give my grandson his birthday gift.
M Zeller
Vat 19 has wonderful customer support and returns emails quickly. I am so impressed by how much Vat 19 cares about their customers and makes sure that all customer concerns and questioned are addressed and made right in a fast and caring manner!!
P Froehling
The pleasure was a mine, Tracey! I appreciate this so much, thank you!

Let me just say, your kind actions are a blessing to my son, Omar. Trust me when I say that! Omar, who is on the spectrum (autism), doesn’t handle mishaps as the one we faced too well. When I say we went to the mailbox every day, we did. When I told him the package had been lost, it took me a couple of days to get him happy.

When I told him about our conversation today, his eyes lit up! He got very excited. He said, “Tell them thank you, dad!”. He’s been anxiously waiting for the bubble gum stress ball, so we’ll be starting our trips to the mailbox tomorrow, LOL!

Thank you again, Tracey!
G. Barrera
Extremely satisfied with website and customer services. Absolutely love the wacky and weird things I can find here and especially enjoy sharing the fun with everyone I know. Keep up the great work and you all are truly awesome.
Jonathan Thibodaux
Again, this company has gone above and beyond. I am so impressed! Go Vat19!!
M. Urkevich
Erica was a tremendous help throughout every step of the process!
N. Miller
Responsive, helpful, resolved the issue immediately. If only all customer support was this good.
T. Jessen
Best customer service I’ve ever received!
M. Escovedo
Donna was fantastic in fixing my issue both quickly and professionally.
C. McNeal
Honest and fast answers, what can I say? Awesome products, videos, and fast team that answers my questions. Thanks Vat19 team!
This support was absolutely amazing. The person who messaged me was really nice and kind. Vat19, give him a pay raise.
S. Abbas
I can't praise you guys enough! I watch your videos and have been dying to buy all of the stuff. The black bath bombs and the Stardust Thinking Putty have exceeded my already super high expectations! I love you guys and hope to be able to get so much more in the future!
M. Molly
Package came quickly, and the support response was fantastic. I had a response in under an hour, and my question was answered promptly.
N. Underwood
The quality of support I got was amazing. Clearly recommend Vat19.
W. Brown
Hello Vat19, my slushy maker was great! The service was amazing and the product was fantastic! I thought it was so good, I decided to buy one for my 89-year-old grandfather, and he thought it was great! Thanks again, Vat19!
D. Stret
Donna was very professional and kind throughout the whole process and catered to my every need. 5 stars!
C. Fischofer
The customer service was awesome. Received the help fast. Thank you! The best online store ever.
P. Varga
I bought Burn or Bliss to take on a family vacation. It is as good as advertised. We all almost died, LOL, and a great time was had by all!
R. Wilson
Response was quick and Rick was able to accommodate what I needed. I have nothing but great things to say about Vat19!
L. Wells
I received a response within 24 hours and a replacement is on its way. Great Customer Service! Thank you!!
K. Dempsey
I am extremely satisfied with how quickly my problem was solved! Thank you for putting the satisfaction of your customers first!!
M. Leonard
Hello Vat19 Team, we love you guys. The quality of support we received is just awesome!
Ameer Bros
The reply was quick, the service was outstanding. Amazing.
H. Zhang
They really are right about the good customer service, you guys are truly one of a kind. Thank you Vat19!
R. Zaman
Great people! Friendly staff and gets back with a quick response.
C. Samsa
Customer service was fast and super efficient. I had a product damaged, sent an email at night, got an answer in the morning, and got the replacement shipped that same day! Super comprehensive people. Vat19, good job, keep it up!
C. Salgado
There was amazing service, fast responses to my emails. This is no doubt the best online shopping experience I’ve ever had.
G. Leck
Very timely and helpful! We will be back to shop again!!!
R. Law
There was an issue with delivery that was the post office's fault. I was contacted promptly by this company, and they kept in contact with me until the issue got resolved. I am very pleased with the customer service, and for that alone, I will shop with this company again.
A. Lenertz
Everything was perfect. My order came and everything is great. I did the Toe of Satan challenge and complained for the next hour, lol. Thanks Vat19!!!
B. Akers
I found your jaunty website and off the cuff corporate character quite refreshing!!!!!
L. Argo
Excellent reply time and attention to my request, which was a mistake on my part. It was quickly resolved.
J. Tibbetts
My first purchase with Vat19. My grandson is a big fan and has been asking me to make various purchases. I'm impressed, so far, with the prompt response to my request for address correction.
H. Manaka
Fantastic service, no-nonsense; Vat19 chooses to lead with excellent customer service!
R. Medley
I haven't been a customer of VAT19 for very long, but I will say that I am EXTREMELY pleased with the ease of online ordering, the quality of product, and the customer service.
A. Kawalek
Fastest customer service help I've ever received.
J. Jarrett
Responded almost immediately and always polite! Great customer service!!
D. Derbyshire
I cannot tell you how happy I am with the mystery box!! I purchased the small size because I didn’t know what to expect. You went WAY above and beyond. My wife thought I was crazy when I was explaining each item and how awesome the box is! I LOVE the camera lens coffee mug and the thinking putty I got!! I am a HUGE fan of the thinking putty. Thank you again for offering such an amazing box!
A. Jones
The customer service here is amazing! Will definitely buy here again!
J. Bohacik
Super fast response from email message. Loved you guys for a long time & can't wait to visit & shop! Thanks!
A. Koshcna
I was really pleased that the company addressed my concern quickly, and that they were willing to reimburse my credit card for the leaky pops. I would definitely order from Vat19 again.
P. McNeil
I greatly enjoy the fun and humor of Vat19. And I appreciate the difference, the "liveliness" of the response to my request. It was just one word-- "Done!" It was refreshing and made me feel there was a real person on the other side of the monitor, instead of a computer programmed by lawyers, blurbing yada yada.
G. Ho
Amazing response from the people of Vat19. They contacted me in less than 24 hours. I will always buy awesome products from
A. Dimitrakopoulos
This company went above and beyond for me! My daughter was so excite to order the gummy watermelon candy and was devastated when we realized someone had stolen it out of our mailbox. I received several emails asking if I had found the box (initially thought UPS delivered to wrong address) and when I told them what happened, they sent my daughter a credit so she can buy something else. They were not obligated in any way to do this- it wasn't the company's fault. This company definitely cares for their customers. I will be recommending them to friends and family!
A. Smith
First order from you guys. I understand not everything can always go perfect. That is when customer service makes a difference. For that, you guys get a 10 out of 10. I will happily order again from you and recommend you.
K. Stepp
Donna was amazing! Made the process of reporting the issue and having resolved in an efficient manner. I couldn’t be more satisfied.
C. Burns
I was hesitant to order from your website, but you have been great. You have been a wonderful company to do business with. Thank you for your communication and assistance.
A. Kingdon
Thanks Donna , for all of your help. Also, service was very fast!! My son is soooo happy now, he loves his putty!
Q. Murray
Donna was Awesome! She emailed me back very quickly with answers to all my questions, and resolved my problem VERY quickly. You are lucky to have her at this position. Cool Lamp too!
P. Houes
I love your products, and your excellent customer service just makes shopping with you that much more pleasurable. Will definitely be telling people about your site.
S. Estavillo
Thanks for the great customer service, our sons love Vat19 and the great Youtube videos. We will be making a Santa stop before X-mas on Vat19!!! 5 STARS.
R. Kemp
Professionally and satisfactorily handled my request. Impressive level of customer service.
Joan L.
Service response was exceptionally fast and resolved the issue better than my expectations. Will definitely be shopping/buying from Vat19 again and again.
D. King
Excellent service, very quick response, issue resolved immediately!! Thank you
J. Belegris
Very prompt response. Will definitely do business with Vat19. Reliable and trustworthy internet company.
F. Kanu
You guys rock! vat19 is the perfect place for someone like me who can never find anything that sparks their interest. Everything on your site is down right hilarious, in a good way, and I can't help but find your products "curiously awesome" and unique. I check on Vat19 all the time to see if there's anything new, and even if there is nothing new, looking through the lists of awesome and sometimes strange products always makes me wish I could afford it all. If it were up to me, my entire home would be filled with Vat19 products, and I'd sport a Vat19 t-shirt wherever I go. You guys are the only place on the entire web that I keep coming back to, more than Facebook, just to look around. Keep being awesome.
C. Swetland
Great customer service and we can't wait to visit!!
K. Meade
The customer service department has been outstanding, prompt and efficient, so a very pleased customer.
E. Munir
I am still amazed at how quickly I received a response to my request, which was then followed through on the same day. I hope the reshipment comes through but I am sure you will be there if it doesn't!
L. Scott
Above and beyond excellent customer service.
M. Hood
Very prompt response and my son was excited to pick out a new item with his gift card. Thank you again for your help!
T. Beggan
Customer Service is unmatched. When a shipping problem arose - through no fault of Vat19 - the problem was "nipped in the bud", to borrow an old phrase. Vat19 stepped up and took care of it ASAP. I wish all problems with other online sellers could be resolved as quickly. I am impressed. Big Time!
R. Perez
AMAZING. Hands down fastest response time and problem resolution I have ever experienced.
V. LeFebvre
My boyfriend and I love your store and your staff! You were very helpful!
K. Armstrong
Fantastic customer service, everyone was very friendly and supportive.
M. Fabbiano
I cannot tell you how wonderful Donna was in helping me order a gummy snake which my grandson desperately wanted the past 6 - 8 months. She was a TREMENDOUS help.
N. Curvin
Donna was very helpful and I was pleasantly surprised by the customer service I received. Thank you so much!
E. Savva
I would personally like to thank you for the quick and helpful
response and support you provided. I was expecting my request for a refund to drag along in time but am happy I was proved wrong. Thanks again and wishing you all the best.
K. Martinchev
The information Richard has provided me with is all I need to answer my questions, if not even more information than I was looking for, which is great.
W. Migliaccio
Very happy with the customer service...took care of my issue right away. Thank you so much!!
J. Vandenheuvel
Recently my eight-year-old daughter ordered a mystery box. Unfortunately, someone stole the box off our gate, tore it apart and stole most of the items. She was so disappointed as she was really excited to get the mystery box. She sent Vat19 an email telling them what happened. This, of course, had nothing to do with Vat19. Out of nowhere, Vat19 sent her a new mystery box. I'm blown away at their integrity, caring and customer service. It's like the 1940's when people stood not only behind their products but their customers too. They made my little girl's day and showed her not everyone is bad. What a lesson for her (and me), and what an absolutely incredible company!!! Now I'm going to let my three girls buy whatever they want from Vat19 because they showed my child compassion!
M. Schwartz
Thank you for standing by the melt guarantee!
H. Kraemling
You guys are amazing! We received our replacement order plus some extra goodies AND a handwritten note from Erica and the team. Hands down, a highlight of his year!!
B. Marsh
Wonderful support! I received an immediate response with resolution. I've been teaching my kids about good customer service and was happy to pass on this great example. Thanks again Vat19!
B. Marsh
Wonderful service! I received a prompt reply from Richard helping me out with my broken slushy cup situation. Thank you Vat 19!
C. Truemper
Awesome service, it was a request which could have easily been ignored, but Donna was great for going that extra mile to make my friend's birthday present special. Shout out to her!
S. Adkins
Got back to me to modify my order in 10 minutes, and got my order fixed and shipped the same day. 10/10
H. Johnson
I received fast answers in a courteous and professional manner. I only wish everyone had customer service as good as VAT19.
T. Gort
I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help regarding my package. Thank you for sacrificing your time to give me updates on my package. I have never seen customer service like that in my life! So thank you!
A. Plamenco
The support of the VAT19 staff is very good and really made a difference. Thank you so much you made my child very happy.
F. Ibrahim
The quality of support that I received is Excellent. All of my questions were answered and they answered my questions in just one day.
A. Hayes
I love this place so much. So much fun and energy.
S. Cicale
Excellent customer service and I look forward to purchasing products in the future.
J. Lomeli
I had many questions, and they were willing to help me out. I am very satisfied.
J. McArthur
Your company is awesome! And on top of that the customer service is even better. I've been in the service industry for 15 years and you've gone above and beyond what most companies even say they will do. I'm very happy with your service and I recommend you to everyone I know. I think you are the best gift store ever invented. Keep up the great and amazing work.
M. Tyler
Quick and helpful response! Very happy. Will be ordering again from this website.
J. Yakivchuk
It was perfect. It was helpful and fast !! Note: I really love you guys (and ladies) and I love your products.
E. Poziki
Very good customer service. I will not hesitate to place future orders with Vat19.
D. Smith
Very happy with the quick response, intermediate follow-up and quick resolution.
K. Rains
Very fast reply even though I know the email was sent on the weekend I got a reply first thing Monday morning! Definitely shopping here again!
J. Vargas
Richard was excellent in all communications, and the whole team worked to resolve the issue to my absolute satisfaction.
C. Garth
Excellent customer service. Very good communication, would definitely buy from again!
A. Janset
You guys were great helping me get my package! You made it super easy even though I had made a mistake! Thanks a million!
B. Stirewalt
It is great, every time we had a concern, you guys addressed it right away.
K. Almustafa
Shipping was fast. I think the containers of putty were larger than advertised, which I was pleased about!
M. Wineberg
My message was answered within 2 minutes and I was so impressed with the speed with which I was served. Thank you!
S. Casey
I was amazed and pleased with the action you took. I did not expect a new slushy maker with no questions asked.
J. Stephen
I was extremely impressed by your customer service! Thank you for your quick resolution.
C. Robeck
The quality of service has been outstanding!! Richard has been great!! I will continue to order from Vat19!!
P. Shappee
Great job folks. Quick and positive. Some of the easiest customer service ever. Thanks.
J. Mills
Thank you for replacing my sons sleep phones. I appreciate the great customer service!
T. Cole
We have received great customer service. The candy machine was replaced quickly and the new one works. I was very impressed with the quick response both by email and action.
D. Quiggle
My parcel went missing and Vat19 did all possible including reshipping the item. It was for my nephew's birthday. Thankfully the hotel found it in their shipping department - all ended well. Thank you for your fantastic customer service!
A. Dragicevic
My request was handled quickly and professionally. I am happy with my service and will shop again.
A. Boston
Donna was a lot of help. She looked into my order and offered to send a new flask because I had not received my original one. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with Vat19's customer service! Thanks!
A. Gradzki
Donna responded very quickly and the query was resolved promptly. Thank you very much!
N. Burton
My parcel was marked as shipped on Friday the 4th and it arrived to my door, in Australia safe and sound today Monday the 7th.

This is unbelievable! Never in all my years purchasing from around the world have I had a parcel arrive so quickly…. I am in shock.

Thank you so much for your astonishing service, all items arrived safe and well packed and you have now just gotten yourself another Australian customer.
M. Jarvis
Outstanding customer service. I would definitely buy from Vat19 again, and would recommend them to a friend.
F. Rangel
This company goes ABOVE and BEYOND to help their customers.
R. Wade
I am so impressed at how fast your company solved my problem! That's so refreshing in a time where good customer service is hard to find. I'm a postal worker who deals with hundreds of customers daily. I can't wait to brag about Vat19 and the superior way you do business! Thanks again!
R. Phillips
I am very satisfied of the quick resolution and turnaround time. Thank you for your great service! I would highly recommend your products and company to my friends and family.
X. Yang
The package was badly damaged and you guys were great! No questions asked; you just replaced the broken items. Thanks!
M. Miceli
I love the enthusiasm that they gave me when talking to them and the great service. Very friendly and makes me want to come back again!
A. Bryant
I'm really happy with the service. Overall this is the best online site I've ordered from.
V. Kukreja
Hands down the best customer service that I have received in ages. My issue was not even with the company or product but they went above and beyond to help! We will definitely order more from this company because of that!
M. Rogers
You guys are awesome with how you package and ship products. I have ordered from you before and have loved it just as much as this time. Always on-time in perfect condition, so I felt obligated to just express my thanks.
J. Joshua
Awesome, quick and friendly!! Can't wait for the tour!!
J. Crane
Excellent customer service! Very prompt and quick! It's my second time buying from you, and we love your products.
A. Dosch
Donna was great and she made one little boy very, very happy on his B-Day! Thanks to everyone for this.
M. Skidmore
I just want to thank you for your amazing and fast service. My package arrived here faster than expected and that is a first for me personally with shipping items. Thank you so much it really means a lot that you care this much about your customers and your professionalism.
T. Lewis
The support was very nice! It was timely & it answered all of my questions! Thank you so much again!
M. Yu
My request was handled quickly and graciously. I was surprised how easy it was for me!
D. Parker
I must say you're response time and solving a customer service query was impeccable.
B. Wirth
Amazing! Richard was a really nice guy. Vat19 is amazing!
O. Rizzo
I certainly appreciated the quick response and excellent support received. Thank you again.
T. Eversmann
Everything was taken care of quickly and Donna was very sweet and helpful.
L. Kang
Professional. Solution oriented. Even generous with the solutions.
P. Mayer
Response was quick. I did not ask for a refund but they offered to give one. This is how customer service should be.
T. Holroyd
My issue was resolved in less than 24 hours, great customer service!
D. Ortega
I was impressed with the promptness of reply. The reply was positive and support guided me correctly with the information.
M. Khan
Hi, I sent an email and your team got back to me very quickly. Thank you kindly for that and for your wonderful customer service.
V. Cooke
WOW! I am so happy that not only was my issued resolved, but it was within 2 hours of sending an email/phone call. The website was extremely clear on what to do when you needed help. This is an example of 'world class' customer service. Thank you so much!!!
D. Vitalo
They were so helpful!! Couldn't be happier. Thank you so much for the quick reply.
M. Hughes
The response was excellent and we really appreciate the time and effort that Donna had to go through. Thank you all very much!
T. Tailor
Customer service is wonderful, they handled my issue in a timely manner & went above & beyond my expectations.
K. Cruz
Very impressed by the communication and turnaround on the follow up.
C. Gallaher
Had a wonderful experience with customer service! We have been ordering for years from your website, and after the wonderful service from your customer service, it will be many years to come that we will be using your website!
L. Mancini
Super quick and super awesome person helped me. Keep being cool guys at Vat19!
J. Schneider
The customer service I received was the greatest customer service and support I have ever encountered in any industry. Thank you so much for all your help, Donna!
E. Delucia
As always.....the best support from the most awesome of websites!
J. Balch
I love the company, and the service just made me happier about it. I received a response within ten minutes of sending an email.
G. Wells
This is the first time I have dealt with you guys and all I can say is 2 thumbs up!!!
K. Ross
What a great shop and what fantastic service I've had. Thank you very much. It is absolutely not the last time I'm buying from your shop.
G. Bergstroem
Great to see a company who cares about a persons Birthday. Can't recall another business that will do that. Once again thanks.
F. Von Ross
Fast, efficient and to the point. Your response time was excellent. And about the rest of Vat19 crew, like I`ve said many times to my wife "I would love to work there". Thanks for caring so much guys.
J. Kirklin
Thank you so much! You guys are amazing and I appreciate the effort tremendously. This experience is a testimony of why I love Vat19 so much. Stay curiously awesome!
A. Toh
The quality of support was spectacular. Not just good support, I would say amazing or awesome in the very least.
Excellent service. I have never seen anyone else care more about the satisfaction of their customers.
A. Jim
Very satisfied with the support. This item was a birthday present for my son and he was disappointed when it was arrived damaged. Your quick reply and no questions asked replacement made both of us very happy. Thanks again.
S. Schmidt
Donna responded to my problem quickly and professionally. I appreciate this quality of customer support.
H. Burkhalter
Excellent customer service - Richard was extremely helpful and courteous - definitely will buy from Vat19 in the future.
B. Haugen
Great personal service!!! You guys are the best!
N. Eastman
Great and speedy support.
R. Drimmer
The support I received was terrific! Donna was great and resolved the issue.
R. Drimmer
Excellent response time and resolution! I would definitely order from Vat19 again. Thank you very much for your extraordinary customer service!
J. Staszel
Response to my request was phenomenal. Vat19 had no duty to replace the broken knife but initiated replacement immediately, without question, and with a happy message! Given that type service on our first order, we will certainly look to Vat19 again. I favor keeping real, humane businesses afloat!
J. Gammon
This is the best customer service I have ever had, fast, polite, just great!
R. Hofer
I am amazed and grateful for how quickly and with no fuss my problem was solved. Thanks so much. I will be telling my friends and family of how great your customer service has been.
J. Vrolyk
That is truly amazing customer service- first class.
J. Chubb
Awesome customer service, just as awesome as the stuff you sell!! They were prompt on their response to me, and the issues I had with my order (no fault of their own) were quickly resolved. Thanks so much, and yes I would buy more things in the future…it's just a question of how much more, yikes!!
T. Jeremiah
Seriously impressed! Myself and my son, Jakob, are thrilled with the resolution. Thank you for standing behind your products.
M. Drury
Love your company! Great communications; fast, friendly, and helpful!
N. Boyd
On a scale of 1-10, I rate your support 10/10!
R. Hillel
Without a doubt outstanding customer service. Went beyond today's expectations.
M. Gardiner
Quick and accommodating. Was really easy, and I was pleasantly surprised about how simple they made this process.
K. Weinrauch
Fantastic response team. I will never hesitate to order from them again. Great company.
J. Cooper
Thanks Donna for providing an outstanding customer gesture and service for my lost package. Your company has earned a customer for life. You definitely brighten my kid's smile when she opens her packages. Thanks again.
O. Chau
Great customer service! Friendly, funny and personal. It's like
talking to a witty friend... Vat19 is a great site with great people!! Thank you all..!!
K. Morlet
I truly appreciate the refund. Excellent customer service!! Thank you!
B. DeNinno
The support I received for this request was outstanding! Not only was I issued a full refund for the damaged item (without having to return it), I was also issued a gift card to be used on a future purchase.

I also appreciate that the support representative, Donna, forwarded the picture I took of the damaged item to the manufacturer, indicating a foresight to help prevent a repeat of this particular type of problem in the future. On top of it all, Donna handled everything with grace and a truly professional attitude. Thank you so much!! :)
J Turek
As always your customer service was amazing.
J. Murr
The response I got from Donna was top notch. I'm very satisfied in my dealings with her. Wish I got this kind of response from everyone I have dealt with. Thank you Donna.
A. D. Koval
Everyone I talked to and dealt with in Vat19 was absolutely awesome and I am so glad I have found such an amazing place to order uber cool products from.
C. Shearer
Hands-down the best support I've ever received; also this was the fastest response I have ever had. Much appreciated!
R. Phinney
Just to let you know, I did receive all four colored slush mugs today. They are all in great shape. Thank you so VERY much for all the time and trouble you took to make this order right. I appreciate it very much.
J. Meizelis
Thank you so very much. I appreciate the no-hassle customer service and will be purchasing from you again.
J. Svare
I just want to say how impressed I am with the shipping and products in my order! This close to Christmas, you kind of expect a delay, but my order came in fast than I could have expected! I am very pleased with the products as well! This was my first order and definitely won't be my last! Thanks so much! Keep up the good work!
A. Johnson
Received my order with two damaged candles. Called customer service and in a matter of "Seconds" your representative located my order and assured me that replacement candles would be sent out ASAP. Unbelievable customer service. I will recommend Vat19 to everyone I know.
T. Johnson
I heard about you from a friend, saw almost all of your videos and two weeks ago I purchased my first item the credit card knife. I received it today and it's just amazing thank you, everything went smooth and I have just purchased another one! So keep up with awesome videos and the the great service!
D. Niazov
Thank you so much for helping us out and sending us another worm. Our daughter loved it when she opened it and right away noticed it was broken into two pieces. But we really do appreciate you guys for helping us with the issue. We can't wait to post our pictures up with her excited with the new worm on Instagram and Facebook! Your customer service has been awesome and I just want to thank you guys again. We well remain a happy and satisfied customer and can't wait to order more cool and tasty things from the site.
D. Gulley
I just wanted to express how impressed I am with a recent order made through Vat19. I ordered the world's largest puzzle and had it shipped to Western Australia. It arrived as expected, in good condition, and the postage cost was amazing!

I look forward to highly recommending your website.
B. Allen
I don't usually comment on websites at all. However, my experience with Vat19 was amazing. I ordered some picture frames from them. Within a week they were at my front door. After opening them, I found that one was cracked. That night I called and left a voicemail. In the morning I received a phone call from Rick. He told me they would ship out a new one immediately. Within a few days it was here. Their customer service is amazing. Highly recommend purchasing from them.
T. Obringer
I'm just responding to say thank you very very much! I wasn't expecting such quick and kind help! I know ordering things online can be a tricky business, so thank you so much for being so kind!
Happy Holidays!
J. Parker
Hi Team, Just got my order and wanted you all to know that I am perfectly satisfied with every item I ordered. Tell you the truth, I thought the stuff was going to be made-in-some-far-away-country-crap and be real cheap looking. But they are not. We are going to have some fun on Xmas and I thank you. This completes my Xmas shopping which I absolutely hate to do in the real world. Remind me when you get new and unusual/fun stuff.
J. Donofrio
Hi, I just wanted to let you know that the fireplace scented candles arrived and really do smell like a fireplace! Shipping was fast and service was great! thanks!
M. Taylor
I am incredibly impressed by your customer service, fast and efficient and well executed-thank you from the bottom of our ninja hearts. P.S. The soup bowls are AWESOME!
S. Weigel
You have done a great job at tackling our issue with shipping. We appreciate the above and beyond service you have provided. Having been a internet shopper for over 20 years we know very well things like this happen from time to time. You have done very well and rest assured they are in my favorites list and I will let others know of your great service. Thanks again!
T. Lake
I received the order today. Thank you for the excellent service. This pen was a replacement for a defective pen. This pen has no defects. It is perfect. Thank you.
W. Huff
I appreciate very much the quick response and resolution! I'll be a repeat customer, for sure.
M. Lawrence
Just want to thank Rick for replacing my Levitron Revolution so quickly. The new product arrived a few days ago and within 4 seconds of plugging it in I got it to successfully levitate a golf ball. Thanks again for the excellent customer service.
J. Mosher
Thanks for the great customer service. Hard to come by these days! Will definitely be ordering from you again!!
A. Cook
Excellent service! My kids love your items! I will definately recommend and order again! Thanks so much!
R. Kenneally
Thank you! I am certainly recommending your products to friends. Is there anywhere we can post a review about your customer service? Let me know. My daughter will be happy to know she will get her owl back. Thanks again.
G. Furumizo
I just would like to thank you for your perfect service. I received my order #348744 on the 19th (in Switzerland), just two weeks after my visit on your website. It's perfect for X-mas, my son will be very happy!
L. Michaud
Your customer service amazed me. I won't hesitate to buy from your site. In fact I signed up for your newsletter. Thanks!
N. Thornton
Thank you so much! Very impressive customer service. I was surprised to get a reply so soon, and from the owner himself. Thanks for being so great with this, makes me want to keep buying stuff from you. Now I am going to go "like" you on Facebook!
J. Deen
Thank you. I have to say that the pear shaped candles sent to me previously are just BEAUTIFUL. Thank you again.
E. Michalkowski
Thanks for your prompt reply in taking care of the defective lens mug. Not only are your products awesome - so is your service. Much appreciated as I really love this mug.
J. Elam
Hi. I discovered Squishables from your site back when your amazing video for it came out. Since then, my friend bought a Rooster squishable for his girlfriend here on Vat19, and today I ordered a Hedgehog and Mini Hedgehog (from b/c of their sale) My brother bought a pumponator back in the summer last year at a local store because of your site. Thanks for being AWESOME! :)
S. Dantowitz
Just wanted to let you know that I love watching all of your videos, you guys are hilarious! I bought the Hans Gretel bottle opener for a friend and it has provided us with much laughter! Keep the music videos coming, they're my favorite.. (Especially the Das Boot one!!!!! <3 Joey in that one!) Keep up the great work!! From a fun Canadian, eh!
C. Stier
Dear Jamie!

Thank you for confirming this.

I was told that my friend received this the other day indeed. Thank you as well for your prompt delivery of my order and reply to my email.

Have a great day ahead!
I. Lee
I just wanted to drop you a note saying thanks for the great customer service on my order. The prompt service was great and you can be sure that you are now on my preferred list of companies and I will be telling everyone I know about your stuff and recommending you highly!
M. Hansen
I absolutely love the things you sell. My family was very happy with the quality ofYour products. Thanks for the wonderful gifts and service you provide. We will definitely recommended you to our friends.
V. Johnson
This has got to be the coolest site EVER!! I bought a mighty wallet for my bro and he loves it! Thanks for the great service! After my order came, I received a post card from a Rick thanking me for my business! Very cool! Thanks for everything and good luck!!!
E. White
Can I just tell you that I can't recall ever being so excited to give a gift for Christmas? I ordered the Beardo for my husband for Christmas. It is every bit as fabulous as it looks on line - maybe even more fabulous!
L. Boganowski
Wow, that was fast - thank you - I really love your site and your customer service efforts are obviously remarkable.
A. Guarino
Your customer service was great! The Giant Gummy Bear on a Stick I ordered was delivered timely and fully intact. My boyfriend loved it! Thanks for carrying all of your curiously awesome products.
J. Babula
Dear Jamie,
Thank you for your quick response. Your level of customer service is impeccable. I'll definitely be revisiting Vat19 again soon for my Christmas shopping.
S. Jiaying
Thank you very much for helping me out! I gotta say, other than usps dropping the ball, my whole Vat19 experience has been excellent. It looks like I found my Christmas shopping venue!
B. Barry
Thank you very much for all your help! I am very impressed with your customer service.
B. Keidan
This is amazing! I have never had this great of service through on online site purchase! I appreciate this so much and will be happy to bring my business back to Vat19. Thank you again!
V. Vincent
I can't believe such a quick response, and that you are refunding my purchase....what can I say. THANK YOU and I will most certainly pass this experience on. Thank you again, and I have confidence in purchasing again and strongly suggesting a reputable company such as yours.
S. Kervick
You guys are amazing. I received the snail tape dispenser in two days. Keep offering cute things and I'll keep coming back. Thank you so much!
S. Rosenberg
I am in love with Vat19! Ever since my first purchase, I keep coming back! Every gift I have purchased has astounded the person I am giving it to! You guys do amazing work, I know who I am recommending to friends!
J. Hiney
So far, I have ordered twice from this site. Both times were great. Amazing,thorough customer service, super fast shipping, products came and worked perfectly. I tell all of my friends and family about this place. I also have a few more things in mind to get :D
P. Quirk
Wow, that is impressive service! We love your videos, and find your products intriguing. Thank you.
A. Winters
Hi, I'm just writing to say I'm so pleased with the overall service provided by Vat19. I must say, it's unusual to find a place that has such interesting products that will ship so quickly, as well as respond to customer inquiries to quickly. Not only that, but the selection doesn't fall short, and the prices are generally fair. All in all, I'd like to reiterate that I'm very happy with the service here at Vat19, and will definately buy from you again. Thanks!
E. Snowe
I'm beginning to sound like a broken record as I write to say thank you once again! The replacement "hug" arrived today :-) and all is well. I am truly impressed with how you run your company! It's so refreshing to experience excellent customer service....sadly that seems to be a lost art with many businesses, so it's nice to see that you are keeping it alive and well!

Thank you and continued success for a long and successful future.
P. McDonald
I received the other sweatshirt and it’s perfect! Thanks again for your quick assistance Jamie!
T. Kesterson
Thank you for your prompt service of sending another item to replace a faulty one. I am very happy with the service and will recommend your service to others.
K. Wheatley
Wow! You guys really do have stellar customer service :)
E. Jin
That is by far the best customer service ever!!! Will make sure to rave about it online.
B. Liekweg
Easy ordering, FAST processing and delivery, the best Giant Gummy Bear and Giant Gummy Worm we've ever eaten! We will recommend your site and order from you again. Thanks!
R. Tindall
I wanted to thank you for the 5 pound gummy bear that I purchased from your company. I am a teacher at SCHS and brought it in on my birthday for the students. They loved it. I used it as an incentive for good grades. They have been bragging about their studying and good grades! Thank you. I teach Science to freshman and this has been a wonderful incentive.
P. Patterson-Anhalt
I received my new snail tape dispenser today. Thank you guys so much! This one tears the tape with no as can be! You guys are awesome! I will definitely order from you again!
Have a great day!
J. Snyder
LOVE the finger drums as I have a real drumkit too.Can`t stop pressing the demo button 10/10 for service and a great product
Will definately buy off you again a big 10/10 guys
F. den Elzen
Thank you so much for your quick response and action. I am impressed by your excellent customer service and will continue to recommend your site.
A. Enlow
Thanks for giving us such great customer service! It's a rare and welcome find these days.
M. Templeton
Just wanted to let you know the replacement arrived quickly and undamaged. I really appreciate your wonderful customer service. The frames are up and look great. I tell everyone about them and the great customer service we received.
J. Joseph
Once again I am very impressed by your customer service. I won't hesitate to order from Vat 19 again in the future.
J. Steed
Thank you for the prompt replacement item! It arrived today! Great customer service!!!!! Will definitely think of you in the future.
B. Sadowski
Thank you for the refund, the order arrived in less than 3 days from ordering, outstanding service all around.
A. Budri
I received my order on Wednesday as promised. It was a pleasure shopping VAT19. I’ll be happy to spend my money here again! In fact I have just a few more gifts to get later tonight and I think I’ll be able to finish my shopping on Vat19. It’s a great site with great videos, even better products and outstanding service.
D. Keel
I just want to let you know that I've been reading all the silly questions the people ask and then your GREAT replies. You guys are really doing an awesome job and I absolutely LOVE your videos. It is so funny. I know you are busy answering some more silly questions, so this message doesn't require a reply. Keep up the excellent job you do! :)
A. Direne
Thanks for a simple, efficient ordering process. You offer EXCELLENT service and I will definitely recommend you.
L. Caponetti
Thank you so much. I do appreciate you taking care of this for me. I will definitely spread the word about and the excellent customer service. Happy holidays.
E. O'Connor
Oh goodness, that was fast. You guys are great. Thank you so very much!! This has been a great shopping experience via internet. I will definitely tell my friends.
P. Merrill
I just wanted to let you know that my package got earlier than I thought! You guy are most certainly awesome!
B. Neumiller
I just wanted to thank you so very much for the fast shipping and awesome products. I've recommended you to all the girls I work with so they can all have giant gummy bears too!!
L. Vik
Your website, philosophy and products are all amazing!! I just want to know where your business is located so that I can apply to work for you someday!
C. Ezquerro
I just had to send you guys a quick message and say that I love your website! I've never liked something so much that I wrote to a company. The videos are hysterical yet clever and you guys have alot of cool stuff. Thanks for making my shopping 100 percent more enjoyable.
C. Yeetz
Just got a handwritten note from Donna in shipping thanking me for shopping at Vat19. It made my day. Thank you for having the hands down best customer service I've encountered anywhere on the net (and I shop a LOT of places). Need something awesome? Vat19...and...done!
J. Shaevel
I plan to do all of my xmas shopping here. Love the site and the unique items. Sometimes I come on here just to crack up at the video demos! Yep, that was it, just a lil note to share my thoughts/appreciation.
J. May
Thanks very much for my order you guys are really the best!!! My son loves the magnetic thinking putty and the skyball that bouces 75ft.
S. Perez
Thank you so much. This is wonderful customer service. You all have some really neat items which will make great gifts come Christmas time. We (Elizabeth and I) watched some of your entertaining videos.
P. Dunaway
Keep the great products and the fun sense of humor coming! Can't wait to see what you have next!
C. Kline
Thank you very much for being so honest and dependable. My son and son in law loved the gummy bears. I'm sure I'll be ordering with you in the future and I have passed your website on to other friends.
M. Zega
Just wanted to compliment you on the amazing job you do with your videos and newsletters. The gummy shot glass video is beyond hysterical. I send your site to everyone I know!
M. Cassera
Thank you so much. I greatly appreciate your quick reply to this. Amazed at how fast your company replied. Very refreshing. Thank you again.
D. Farina
Thank you for your prompt response. I appreciate it. I truly find your products amazing and your website awesome and funny and would recommend it to my friends who are gonna be the lucky recepients of these wonderful mugs.
T. Calayan
I just placed an order that has already shipped...nice job. I really like the way you guys do business...very nice product selection along with a humorous twist.
G. Sutton
I have totally enjoyed your website and videos. Thanks for the fun.
V. Simmons
Thank you I received my order and the magnets are absolutely awesome.
R. Sipek
WOW! Thanks! This is wonderful customer service and as a Sales Manager, I commend you. I realize this isn't always the case, but as a first time customer, you now have my repeat business and word of mouth to shop your website!
L. Esquivel
Jamie, Thanks so much for giving my request such quick attention!!! My Daughter and I truly appreciate your assistance. This is the first time I used Vat19 and thanks to you and Donna in shipping it won't be the last. I will suggest your company when others are looking for a reliable on-line service. Thanks again. Happy New Year!!!!!
C. Kutreyan
I have never had such excellent service and I'm 64 years old! Finding what I wanted and ordering was a breeze, even though this was my first purchase from you. I ordered my items on late Sunday evening and on Tuesday I was opening my purchase! And everything was just as I ordered, packaging was great! I will continue ordering from Vat19, especially for all those special items that I can't find anywhere else.
J. Callender
Thank you for your help, but I dont think I will end up needing to return the purchases. I think every thing will work out just fine. I am, however, very pleased with your customer service and will purchase things from your company again. Thank you with your help.
C. Shaw-Pigeon
I ordered on Friday and received on Monday. I don't believe I've ever received a package so quickly. I know the recipient of the guitar string bracelet will love it. I will definitely be ordering from you guys again. :)
C. Hanback
Just wanted to say how pleased I am with the service I've received and the quality of the product purchased. So refreshing to buy something online that is precisely as it is advertised! Thanks a lot.
A. Langton
I placed an order on Tuesday, got free ground shipping, and my package arrived on Thursday. Staff was very polite...selection of products is awesome! Got nearly all of my Chirstmas shopping done all at once on one website! By far, this is the best online company I've ever used :) Thanks for everything!
A. Kobylinski
I don't think I've ever had as good of service from any company I've ever dealt with. Not only will I recommend you, but I will continue to watch your site for 'cool things'. Thanks so much. Service means so much.
D. Wolfred
My second box has arrived in incredible time. I thank you all so much for your wonderful customer service. I am one very happy customer!
D. Dow
I was totally shocked when the items I ordered just yesterday arrived today. Thank you for such fast service.
L. Hardy
just wanted to drop a line and tell ya'll that you guys ROCK! my order has already arrived after placing it less that 1 week ago and your site is the easiest site i have EVER ordered from! my product that i received was even better than the picture in the catalog. keep up the good work and awesome products!!!
W. Conway
I just wanted to let you know I ordered one of your World's Largest Gummy Bear yesterday and I couldn't be happier with it. I was buying it as a Birthday Present for my husband and ended up giving to him early .. He loves it. A fun gift for anyone that loves gummy bears as much as my hubby. And the shipping was super fast !!! I look forward to doing business with you in the future. This has been a lovely experience.. I will be recommending you to friends and family.

Thanks For everything
R. Bennett

She loved it! You guys have to make sure to keep these in stock! The World's Largest Gummy Bear would be a bit too much, even for a gummy fanatic like her. This 1.5lbs creation was just perfect though!!! Thanks for purveying such awesome products to people like us! Haha. Can't wait til my Slush Mug arrives on Monday!!! YAY!
D. Darden
I ordered a Corn Popper last week and when it came, unfortunately, it was broken. I called your office, spoke to a pleasant woman who assured me she would have another one sent. I was very surprised to see it on my doorstep today, two days later! Thank you so much for your wonderful customer service. This was my first time ordering from Vat19, but it won't be the last and I'll pass on the good word on your products and service. Keep up the good work!
P. Parker
Vat19 may be funny with their product descriptions and videos, but they're plenty serious about customer service. I sent an email about a piece missing from a product's box, received an immediate response telling me they were on the case and WITHIN DAYS had the replacement part, sent directly from the manufacturer. Thanks, Vat19, for your terrific customer care and a very cool array of products.
K. Juhl
OMG this is the most huge gummy bear I have ever seen..and I have tasted it..and it is AMAZING! You all have awesome products and congratulations for coming up with the gummy is fantastic and very yummy! I bought the pineapple bear...MMMM!
J. Proctor
Hello Jamie,

I just received the replacement order...the bookends are perfect!

Many thanks for the outstanding service.


S. Bansal
S. Bansal
Again, I want to thank both of you for your extremely prompt response to this situation! As I said before, I was purchasing this item for my brother and his fiance to use as part of their "candy buffet" for their wedding reception. The
main reason I ordered from your company at the time was because your Monster Margarita Glass was the "cheapest" pricewise. I must say that in
the future, whether you are the "cheapest" or not, I will be ordering from your company just because of the wonderful customer service I received during this transaction!!!

I look forward to doing business with you again in the very near future!!
M. Snarr
Dear Jamie,

Thank you so much for your extremely prompt attention to this problem!! I am sure the UPS driver left it at the wrong house, (although none of my neighbors said they received the package -- it's possible he was on the wrong street or something!?!) In any case, I do appreciate your quick response and your time and efforts in providing excellent customer service!! Not only will I be purchasing from your company again, I will certainly be recommending your company to my friends and family!! Thanks again!
M. Snarr
I can't believe how well the Thermos Soda Can Insulators work! I purchased one set to try and ended up ordering an additional FIVE sets for our own use and as gifts. The proof for me was when I left a bottle of water in the car for about 45 minutes. When I opened up the bottle to take a drink, the top portion was warm BUT the part of the bottle insulated was still cool. I may even purchase more sets. Thanks so much for offering such a wonderful product!!
L. Todd
Thank you for answering my question so fast! I found so many items I just cant live without at Vat19! So, I guess I'll start shopping.
R. Yankey
Thanks so much for looking into this for me. Wow-I am really impressed with your service. While I'm sorry this didn't work out, I will definitely use you in the future and recommend you to my friends. I can't tell you how helpful you have been-thanks again and I look forward to ordering more from you in the future. I'll be on the lookout for the credit.
S. Covich
I just purchased a red iPod building block speaker, and I love it! Your site had the best price I found including shipping. I ordered at 10:00am, and it was shipped the same day that I ordered, just as you promised - and the shipping was fast too. You have a lot of fun products on your site, I'm sure I'll be back to purchase something else. Thanks! P.S. I love the little touches of humor you've added throughout the site - 'search and destroy' gave me a good chuckle!
A. Prossack
I am happy to have found your website! The gifts I purchased at your online store were a hit! Your shipping was quick and your website is fun.
I will be back! Thank you for your excellent service and attention.
K. Daugherty
I received the package today, immensly pleased with the service. Thank you so much!
M. Poirier
Good Afternoon!!!!

I wanted to let someone know how much I enjoyed shopping on your site yesterday. The site was super easy to navigate and the videos were “awesome”….. They (the videos) have their intended affect… I have no idea what I would do with the dinosaur coin bank but the video almost convinced me I could not live without it…..

I bought enough ambient dvd’s to last a lifetime – with the looping and all….. J but didn’t bother to shop around as it would have felt like betrayal….. (how do ya like that)….

I digress…. Great site… Great products… Great customer service…. Thanks…
T. Miller
Just to let you know my butter crock arrived safely and in one piece today. Your product and international shipping information are clear and precise. I will definitely shop again :)
M. Smith
Hello, This really isn't a question but more of a "Thank you" note. Just wanted to say that i discovered you website by accident searching for something on google. I have been browsing it for an hour and think it is just amazing. Your choice of products are simply awesome and i want to buy them all. Please send thanks to the team that picks the products that you sell. I think its great you can go to one website and actually find interesting things to purchase for friends, family, or whoever with great prices! I love the videos, keep making them. They make such a difference when purchasing a product. I don't think i have ever been able to see a video of a product before actually buying it. Keep it up.. Love your stuff, Sent your website to all my friends... Regards, Meir PS. Even though i am a poor medical student in NJ, i still bought a few things!
I just wanted to thank you I do alot of buying on line and your company is excellent to buy from. I'm in Iraq now so I ordered your 5-1 beer glasses to be sent home so I would have them when I got home. I called my wife and she told me one came broken So I call your company and it was replaced no questions asked. You dont find this great service these days, Again Thank you. Sgt. Dan Adkins Iraq.
Sgt. D. ADkins, Iraq
Thank you very much for your quick response and outstanding service! If there is anywhere that I may post some positive feedback, please let me know and feel free to use my email as a testimonial. Thank you.
W. Barksdale
Thank you.......Your customer service is above and beyond.....I will certainly refer you to friends and family. I 'll come back again to see what other goodies you have to offer.
J. Panthera
Have told my friends about your website - this is the first time I've
ordered from you and you're wonderful. I'm still waiting for my 2nd order to come in but know it will be just as great. Thank you for your so-prompt shipping and response to my inquiries! Don't know how you do that but it's great!
S. Cooper
I wanted to thank you for your fantastic service. I recently purchased a wind chime alarm clock that did not work. Today I received a replacement that works perfectly fine. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.
J. Bullerwell
LOVE you folks. Started by buying the practical "Rules of the Road" for a new driver, have since strayed to the soothing (Ambient Calm) and the goofily intriguing (walking pencil sharpener). You are a refreshing retailer in a clogged shopping world.
P. Ferrier

Thank you for your generosity. I received the DVDs and CDs. Your business ethics are to be proud of and I intend to recommend your company and products, despite my maddening problems with a CD. Mistakes will happen and you have responded.

Thank you again.

Kit Taylor
K. Taylor
Well heck...if you guys didn't do it again! I LOVE the items I ordered!...and just received today. I've been buying from you...forever...and am never regretful. I got the 'you are here' mat
and lava (usb) lamp for my brother's birthday in June. There is NO WAY I can wait until June to give them to him. He's gonna flip. I just tried out the lamp and just may need some of those for my classroom of 4th graders.

Congrats on your growing business and thanks for offering different items at great prices that are of quality! (Dogs, cats and birds in my family enjoy the DVD' one for hermit crabs? hehe)
M. Smith
Hi folks, I just wanted to tell you how much I'm enjoying the Ambient Calm DVD. I totally love it.
I'm doing a womens spa retreat this weekend and I know the women will love the calm setting. Thanks much, D. Harris, Massage Therapist
D. Harris
Thank you so much for your assistance. I'll be sure to keep you guys in mind for the future. It's rare to get great customer service like this anymore!
M. Camblor
Hi. I'm 66 and used the Ambient Art dvd on my tv during a Christmas party. It added another dimension to the party - everyone loved it. I hope you are going to do western American and other art videos, architecture/architects, etc. as I keep this dvd on a lot of the time. I also got a ambient fish and fire but the art is absolutely the best! Thanks for a wonderful dvd.
L. Gibson
I appreciate that, you guys are awesome, I didn't expect to have this replaced being that is was so long ago when I ordered, now that is what I call
standing behind your product, I only wish other companies would be like this. thanks so much.
J. Wren
Just a note to say how impressed I am with both your standard of service and your products. Two DVDs ordered 10-19 and arrived here (in the UK) 10-25 (today). DVD's are brilliant. Everyone in the family very, very impressed. It's amazing. No-one wants to watch TV, they're just sitting mesmerised by the 'fire'. A huge thanks and well done.
R. Armstrong
Love your product line... Keep going!
P. Boehme
I must say [the Ambient Series DVDs] are really wonderful. The residents have enjoyed them greatly.

Just a few ways we have enjoyed them...We did a "Masterpiece Watercolors" activity -the fine art program was a very inspirational background that kept conversation going. The Orchids and Flowers videos are especially lovely! We have enjoyed those during the times we do hand/back massages or nail glamour.

(S. Weatherford is a senior residence activity director)
S. Weatherford, Life Care Services
Thank you so much for the orchid DVD. It's fabulous! I will take it to my next Orchid Society meeting as I'm sure they'll love it. I take
orchid close-ups but these are amazing.
P. Leontsinis
I got my order today and am thirilled with my "student driver" magnets. It appears that people respect my son's driving (KEEP AWAY) better with the magnets on my car.
J. McCandlish
Just a quick e-mail to say thanks for the incredible disk and the even more incredible delivery. Faultless!!
A. Ridgard
I have received the package of my vat19 order thanks. The dvds are awsome. Great product...
M. Quintal
I'm very impressed that my order was shipped out the same day I actually placed it online. Love your stuff!
M. Campus
Thank you! I'll be telling all my family and friends about your products and service. Happy Holidays. Jackie
J. Brewer
Hi, just a quick note to let you know that we recieved the dvd this morning. (excellent.) thanks for the brilliant fast service and all the best for the future!


S. Tempest
Thank you for the fast, efficient service and the videos are all that you claimed and more. Keep up the good work and I look forward to more creative videos in the future. Sincerely, Susan W.
Susan W.
Firstly, great, well laid out site and good prices! Well done. I was really pleased to see that you sell these DVDs internationally, and region free from your website. Everything else on your site is so well laid out, informative and helpful. I saw Ambient Water at a friend's house and wanted to get a copy, I am sure I'll end up buying several for friends and family as everybody who has seen it really likes it. That's it really - great product, good website, good price. I will be recommending your DVD and service. Thanks, Ed.
Ed B.
Thank you for your efficient web site, low prices, quick delivery, etc. I LOVE you guys.

You have made my life a lot easier during the holidays!
Penny A.
Thank you for your nice email. I have purchased many of your products for our clients here at Cairde Wellness and everyone loves them. I'm
sure I will be purchasing more in the future.
Tracey C.
I purchased the Ambient Fireplace" dvd on your site and received it within three days. I was thrilled to get it so quickly and I have been enjoying the DVD immensely ever since!! I love it. Thank you for making my first experience with Vat19 a great one. :)
Rina C.
Just wanted to give you a "shout out" for the positive experience I had with your company and delivery of the product! Granddaughter was more than thrilled when she opened her package to the giant gummy worm, and it was the hit of the party to say the least! Thanks again for the positive experience we had with your company!
J. Balkcom
I was very happy with the response. I needed something checked out, and although there is a time difference of a couple of hours (5 hours in earlier in comparison to the Netherlands), I quickly got an answer! Very well managed!
D. Akker
I really appreciate you guys replying to me in a timely manner. I also appreciate you guys allowing me to pick up the birthday card from the office. I definitely will be shopping at Vat 19 in the future.
N. Echols
Customer service was great and I look forward to the Bullet Shot Glass being restocked - thank you and have a great day!
B. Haugen
Perfect prices and customer survive.
A. Mullakandov
Very impressed with your quick response time and trust in customer's feedback. Thank you.
J. Ng
Vat19 amazed me the quality and quickness of your support. Donna replied to my email and shipped out a replacement all in the same day I contacted her. You guys are awesome!
S. Smith
I used you because the company I would have ordered from could not ship because because of the snow storm in Northeast. Flat rate shipping was prompt --ordered Tuesday received Friday. I contacted you twice by phone and received prompt courteous answers. Product exceeded expectation. Will definitely use you first in the future.
J. Manning
Wanted to let you know my order arrived today. Wow, that was fast. Thank you.
S. Kenyon
Thank you for your prompt response and solution to our problem. Amazing customer service!!
J. Sorensen
Just wanted to say thanks my family and I love everything we ordered. U guys did a great job packing and sending it out quickly and safely. This was my first package from vat 19 and it certainly won't be the last. Again thank you.
Z. Woods
Wow ... I am impressed. Thank you for responding to my complaint. This is TRUE customer service. I value a company with customer service.
D. Stelmach
I would just like to take a quick minute to show my appreciation to you guys. You have the most wonderful videos on YouTube and the most fantastic minds at work. I absolutely love your service as well. Please continue doing what you're doing, you guys are AMAZING.
S. Masud
Vat19 have the coolest things, best services and ships worldwide with reasonable shipping cost! And its the best thing ever to chance upon vat19 cause i live in another country.

They answer all your questions, problems and respond truthfully. and srsly i cannot stress how great their service is. they literally are like guardian angels. they helped me with my problem step by step and refunded me after every step was completed. I'll definitely would buy soooo many more things from them:)
J. Chong
My family and I think that your guys' items are really creative and interesting. We do realize that we can get some of the product you sell at Amazon and other online stores but we would buy from you because vat19 comes up with the best and hilarious video to advertise. I never thought I would enjoy watching an ad so much and even re-play it 3 times! :) My personal favorite video you made has to be Beanboozled. You guys did such a good job we are actually going to buy it! So you can count the Lim family in on that one. Keep up the good work and keep coming up with fun-family friendly videos to go along with your product. Thank you!
A. Lim
Hello Vat19, I have been visiting your website for a very long time. I am such a big fan that I memorized the Das Horn music video. Jon, Joey , Eric , And Jamie are my Favourite People. I have recently ordered the slush mug, and the gummy bear key chain but trust me I will be ordering more when I save up my money. When I am older I would like to work for Vat19. Thank you for reading!
J. Gobes
Thanks Donna, Your kind service just makes me want to order more from you all. My nephew was really wanting this mug for Christmas. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas!
D. Heiser
Just wanted to say how impressed I am with the professional manner and concern shown to my 9 year old son Jacob. Thank you for treating him as you would any adult with his purchase and refund. Absolutely fantastic customer service!!! I would not hesitate in allowing him to purchase from you guys again. By the way, I love the videos. Keep up the great work!!!
S. Kane
Hello, vat19 just want to say your service is amazing I got my gummy bears earlier than I expected, your company is amazing I will definitely be ordering from your website again, thank you.
J. Allen
Wow! thank you very much for such quick and excellent customer service!
Y. Takaluoma
Thank for your prompt refund. The rest of the products were stellar and I will shop from your company again.
Dr. K. Terry
Hey guys I got the Buddha Board for Christmas and I love it!! You guys are awesome and I love your products!! You're insane and tell everyone there at vat19 hey for me!
S. Morse
It worked out just fine, so my problem was just not stirring enough! Enjoying a nice Dr. Pepper Slushee right now, thank you guys, you're the awesomemest XD.
J. Ryder
Just wanted to say thank you for the excellent customer service. I will recommend your company and use you in the future!
E. Kean
Oh, Jamie, thank you so much! That's such wonderful news :) you all have been so fabulous; thank you!
J. Ching
Thank you very much for replacing the broken LED light for me. I greatly appreciate it. The shipping was fast, and I just want to say how nice of a staff you have. I will be sure to order more products in the future. Thanks for what Vat19 is today.
A. Reigs
I have ordered a lot of things from this company, and I plan to buy more in the future, every time there is a new product, I'm HOOKED, keep the curiously awesome stuff coming!
J. Ahmed
The order arrived Friday afternoon.l Thanks for the very quick reply and delivery. I am very pleased and will order again when I need a unique gift. Good job!
K. Trentman
Thank you very much for your quick response. My son will be delighted. This was our first time buying from Vat19, and your responsiveness has provided a super positive first buying experience!
J. Mazerolle
Yes, I did receive the shipment. Thank you for the promptness with which you handled this issue. I look forward to future dealings with Vat19.
R. Calek
You, Jamie, are awesome. Your crew is awesome. Your videos are awesome. And last but not least, Vat19 is awesome. I come to your website, sometimes, just to watch the videos. Priceless!
A. Stewart
Hi Jamie! I would just like to say how much of an amazing job you are doing! Your videos are hilarious and you never cease to make me laugh and make my day! Thank you so much for your time and have an awesome day. :)
J. Vail
I received my item 2 days after the order!!! Thanks so much VAT19! I will definitely purchase from you guys in the future! These are the best products on the internet! Thanks so much!!!!
E. Magill
Received the DVD and wanted to thank you for your VERY quick service and packaging!!
N. Carman
This was the best service (the most efficient and fast) I got from a store outside my country. Certainly be back with you.
A. Nogueira
Thank you for your response. The package did arrive and my daughter just called to inform me. Your quick and professional response was greatly appreciated and we will do business again.
D. Blackmer
My experience with was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had with an e-commerce site, both quality and service wise.
R. Baldwin
Thank you so much for your quick response and the absence of the usual hassle that goes with something like this. You guys are great!
K. Cates
Dear Vat 19 staff:

I have received my replacement gummy bears on a stick and they are perfect! They are not shaped like a box like the last shipment. Thank you so much for your quick response and for replacement without any hassle!

Thanks again!
K. Kyle
Just want to say thanks for unbelievable fast shipping across the pond!! (the cup is great) I will definitely shop again.
K. Martin
I would just like to say thank you for the great customer service and quick response I received. I will definitely be getting another gummy when the
weather cools down. Thanks again, you have earned a repeat customer.
F. Delgado
Thanks for the excellent service and the wonderful product! My son loves it and is so excited that it actually works great! It is 90 degrees and he has a laundry basket full of loaded balloons for a battle soon to begin!
S. Gessler
Hey guys, I just want to thank you for everything. Two weeks ago, I ordered the Giant Gummy bear on a Stick for my friend. She loved it. I love all of your products and look forward to your videos in my inbox.
T. Nance
Wow, you guys are awesome! I can't believe you take the time to make videos just for one customer! It still didn't login but that's fine because I just found out that you don't have to be logged in to use a promo code, and that's all I was worried about. By now, it's obvious that my computer is just screwy =). Anyways, thank you for having the best customer service I've ever seen! I'll be sure to order something very soon...
R. Zemke
Hi Jamie, Thank you very much! The replacement popper has already arrived! amazing service.
M. Wolaver
Thanks for the quick fix. You're an excellent company.
J. Lesnick
Thanks for your extremely timely response... and here I thought I was going to get round robin'd like I have with other companies. Thanks for showing me there's still companies out there that care about the customer.
E. Lorenzen
This is really wonderful service. I just received an E-mail the replacement has been shipped. Again my Gratitude and Thanks, I certainly will not only purchase from you again but will highly recommend you.
T. Sheehan
I received the 'Inkless metal pen' today! That was super-fast shipping I must say! The pen is as good as it gets! It's a bit different to use than my other 'micro pens', due to the threads on the base..But, I've got a 'fix' for that later on. Thank you VERY much for the killer service! I've already spread the word! You guys rock!
S. Dovi
Hi! I just wanted to let you guys know that I bought the Worlds Largest Gummy Worm for my daughter's birthday and she loved it! It was a huge hit with her and all of her friends. You guys have the coolest items ever! Anyway, kudos to! We love you guys!
C. Stewart
WOW, excellent customer service. I will definatly order again!! You don't see customer service like this anymore. Love it!!
Y. Ryan
You are the BEST Jamie!! Thanks so much. Have a Merry Christmas!!
C. Toth
web site is awesome --very user friendly! Ordering was quick and easy. Product info was excellent and seems to answer every probable question. Thanks!
S. Berdini
Thanks for the great service. I received my order on time as promised. Seems to be just what I needed. Thanks!
J. Fisher
Wow thanks for the prompt reply. That is awesome! I'm so glad I found your site :) I love your products.
M. Zammit
What great service...Hard to find now a days. Thank you again....
L. Tkaczyk
Thanks for the prompt reply and not only having awesome
things on an awesome site but having an awesome attitude towards
customers! So refreshing. :)
J. Shaevel
Dear Jamie, I received the magnet, for the putty, on Thursday. It works well. Yesterday, I received a new AK-47. It was opened earlier today, inserted batteries and it works like a champ. THANK YOU very much for correcting everything. Shopping on line can be a bit dubious at times, though, I have never really had much problem.You have restored my faith and, as products come along, I will be a customer for life ! .....Your personal attention impressed me but your actions cemented your dedication to superior service.
B. Fischer
You guys are awesome. I love how straight up all your videos are.
M. January
Thank you! I appreciate you taking care of this.
K. Grim
Thank you so much, Jamie. I really appreciate it. These mugs are really terrific! I showed them to my family and friends and everyone wants one now!
C. Metoyer
Hello and Thank you! I must say that I hardly order on line and was a little worried...however the items and your service were excellent, so hence come March for my other son's birthday I WILL be placing another order with you!! Job Well Done!
L. Welcome
Thank you! I am very happy with my item and your service. I will definitely refer you.
A. Rose
I just wanted to let you know how happy we were with your prompt service and fast shipping of our pepper mill. We will recommend your company whenever we can.
E. Allen
Wow - a company that still believes in customer service. How refreshing! Thank you for the apology - which is really not necessary as I know these things happen. But it's appreciated. Will definitely do business with Vat19 again.
C. Beidel
WOW. I'm impressed with how fast you responded. I was really afraid that would be a big issue. Thank you, Thank you. Have a nice evening.
T. Walker
I am very impressed with how quickly you processed my order, and the items are high quality. Thank you! -A fan
M. Thebeau
Thank you for the quick response and understanding in this issue. You have far exceeded what I was expecting. I truly appreciate your help!
L. Whitefield
Just received my package! I love it all!
T. Hagley
We love your website and the things you have! Keep 'em coming!
D. Cohen
Wow, great customer service! Thanks!
J. Lee
Hi, I got the replacement sleep machine. It does not have any of the problems that the one I returned had. Very pleased. Thanks for the great service.
C. Eriksen
Jamie, Thank you so much for your quick response. I really appreciate your help.
R. Tepfer
Hello, It was a pleasure discovering I already had a few good laughs. Keep it up. Cheers.
H. Persijn
hey guys.. just wanted to let you know... in case the question ever came up again...My Gummy made it to Baghdad from Long Island NY in one giant delicious piece.. he spent 2 weeks in transition and had no problems with the heat..
T. Tamar
Jamie - Thanks for responding so quickly and accommodating. I am glad to have found Vat19 - not only because I am a gadget fan and love finding new things, but also it is great to find such a company. Have a good day.
K. Wilson
Just the right mix of humor, description, video, clean navigation and, of course - awesome products that keep me opening my email.
J. Rockett, TN
I love your website. Always looking for unique gift items for friends and family and I think I've found them in the drinking party game coasters...maybe I'll keep them myself?!?!
J. Elliott, MN
The Port-O-Pong Beer Pong Table was the hit of the party! Great Fun. Thanks so much!
K. Miller, NJ
Many thanks to all your staff for sorting out our little problem. Your customer care is second to none. I won't hesitate to recommend your company to friends and family. Thanks again.
M. & M. Fagan
Just wanted to let you know how delighted we were with the Ambient Water DVD. It's fantastic. Absolutely brilliant
M. Ward
Many thanks for the great gifts I purchased in this and a later order. The large gummy bear, gummy bear soaps, and fireplace candle were particularly awesome.
A. Thornburg
WOW! I'm impressed. I ordered this on Monday, and it arrived on Tuesday. Thank you. :-)
M. McVeigh
Thank you very much. My daughter had a field day looking at your mini catalog. She's already picking out what she wants for her birthday in April. I found your site through Amazon because I was looking for the lego ipod speakers. I figured I'd just visit your store instead and had a blast looking at what offer. You'll definitely get another order from us! :-)
A. Turner
Cool--thanks again. I love your website and will definitely come back to get Christmas presents.
G. Lewis
I'm delighted to be able to tell you that my DVD order arrived safely at my home In New Zealand today, just over a week after despatch. Freezing rain is pouring down outside but, thanks to you, I'm sat cozily in my lounge enjoying the sight of a beautiful log fire on my TV. Many thanks.
P. Cox
All items arrived today, fantastic products and great service! May I also convey my sincere thanks to you and your staff for a flawlessly superb online international transaction!
T. Packer
Thank you for such wonderful and fast customer service. Dammmmn. That was super fast. Thanks much!
A. Stevens
Thanks so much and I love your products!!!
J. Ball
I so enjoy your garden CD of birds constantly singing and chirping. We live in a new subdivision without mature trees so there is no where for the birds to sing from. I play it all day long. Thank you so much.
P. Bradley
WOW! Thank you so much for your response. I am very happy. Thank you again for being so nice and timely.
D. Down
Jamie, We really enjoyed the Ambient Fire DVD during the holidays. I have a 65 inch tv and the Christmas Tree was just next to the wall unit that houses the tv. I have a large extended family and people started popping in on Saturday the 23rd and It went right through to the 27th and everyone had a comment about it. What I liked is the fact that it starts over and you don't have to do anything. Its a great DVD. Thanks, R. Elliott
R. Elliott
I wanted you to know that I received my package yesterday. I am so pleased with the quality of the DVD's. I bought two as gifts, and two are for me. You guys run a first rate business, and I will surely buy again.

Thanks for making it all so easy.

Best wishes,
Scott in Wilmington, DE
Scott in Wilmington, DE
Wow! I already received my order today! Just in time to have a "fire" for the holidays! :-) Thanks!
Happy customer, J. Harper
J. Harper
I bought a bag and absolutely LOVE IT!
L. Magoulas
J. Brown
Thanks for your ambient sleep dvd. I recently took it with me on a business trip. I set my laptop next to my bed and cued up the dvd. I slept fantastic to it!!!
D. Caldwell
I enjoyed shopping on your website. The samples, discriptions, and clever commentary during trailers really caught my interest. The ordering process was clear which is a necessity for a technophobe like me. Can't wait to see the product. I expect to be a return customer.
R. Rhode
Thanks again, Jamie, for the excellent customer service. Have a fantastic weekend! -Alisa
A. Hartwig
Thanks for your note. It prompted me to order some more of your excellent products. Keep up the good work. Harry
Harry S.
Thank You, for putting the service back, into customer service! I hope you have a wonderful holiday!
Michael C.
Thanks for the thank you, its not something you see every day.
I will be sure to tell my friends about Vat19
Dan C.
Thank you for sending the DVD so quickly- we are totally impressed.
Cheryl S.
You have been extremely kind through all of this. My daughter (Maya, age 12) is an extremely devoted customer of yours, buying items with her own money when she can and watching your funny videos constantly - as do her friends. I'm proud to say as a family we're firmly behind you now as well. You've been great through all of this and will continue to be customers. Thank you!
M. Chavez
Service was prompt. It's not every day an owner reaches out to make sure your order is correct.
P Kangberee
Swift response from Tracy and the issue was resolved within 24 hours
B Kelly
Purchaser error- didn't look at all the instructions. Tracey was cool and sent me a that's okay follow-up response when I emailed that I found it. You guys and gals are great! Love the videos, too.
P Demski
You are top notch everyone. Great product, great service, great promoters of amazing products. Keep doing what you're doing. I will be making more purchases soon. Thanks again.
S Beachin
Tracey LaRiccia went above and beyond for me. Thank you very much Tracey!
L Batten
Tracey has continued to be amazing!
A Moesner
I was unaware this would be sent by email. I usually check my spam box carefully. I didn't see the first email. Thankfully the 2nd one worked. I printed the coupon & mailed it to my niece for her birthday. Thanks for making this right.
M Feller
Customer service was extremely prompt, polite, and responsive! I actually was so impressed I told my husband how good it was. :)
Tracey was polite, friendly, understood the issue, and helped me resolve it quickly. I was quite satisfied and appreciated the quick turnaround.
C Badeaux
Tracey deals with the case very well and nicely. Great service!
V Nguyen
The support was quick. They mentioned your issue will resolve within 24hr but it was resolved in 5min after I put request.
M Deshpande
Impressed by the quick response, fixing my mistake in the email address, and getting me the info I needed.
D Ptacin
Response was super quick and helped me with my issue in the smoothest and most professional manner. Will be shopping with Vat19 again.
E Brachtl
This is most likely an unimportant email that might get skimmed over, but I wanted to take a chance and write this. Thank you for being a part of my childhood and growing up with me. I'm glad to see this company thrive and I'm so happy you have the recognition you deserve. Your you tube videos always made me so happy as a child, and I can happily say they still do. Thank you to everyone who is , and was, part of the team.
Best of luck and good wishes!
G Figureedo
Your Customer Service was so prompt and helpful. I will be back! Thank you, Tracey!
J Burns
The support was wonderful. The team got back to me as quick as they could and took care of the issue even faster. I didn’t even have to go through the trouble of sending it back!
L Weston
Unfortunately I received a faulty toy, but was promptly issued a refund. Very happy with customer services.
A Donnelly
Very prompt reply and helpful response. Will definitely be getting more gifts for my nieces and nephews from this site. Thanks again!
A Clapham
Very happy with the support we received and understand that the shipping delay was outside of Vat19's control.
C Hayton
I said I would like to change my order and they walked me through the process of canceling it. Overall It was good support
J Wallen
Vat 19 went above what was expected. We are very happy with our service and will continue to shop at Vat! Thank you Tracey for your help!
Robyn R
This wasn't my first order from Vat19, and certainly wont be my last, but I wanted to reach out to let you know how much I love the King-Sized Playing Cards. They're so big. And sturdy! I love odd-sized items, but don't like to have useless stuff lying around, so I love that these are functional AND absurd. I swear if I see one more giant pencil that doesn't even write or erase, I'm going to scream.

Thanks for having the guts to put giant products into the hands of the working class.
Katie N
Customer support was understanding and resolved the issue quickly.
L DeBaun
You addressed the issue and resolved it in the same day without a hassle. Thank you Tracey for excellent customer service.
D Eno
I asked a question about my order and they got back to me within a couple hours and gave me options on how to fix my problem and were very polite and professional. I am 100% satisfied.
L Beadle
Quality service. The person responded right away, was kind, and was able to replace my broken chicken. Very pleased.
J Hickel
As usual, Vat19 is quick to respond and responses are honest and informative. Lovely to deal with and quick to follow up on queries. Informative and honest. Really great company.
E French
Good helpfull support. I always was informed about the actual status. Thanks!
H Salmen
Thanks for the quick response and working with me. The product is hilarious and I’m glad that you’re sending me a new one for the defective one that I had first received. Thanks again!!
E Ren
Amazing customer service. Tracey handled everything very well!
A James
The number one priority of customer service was my satisfaction. And all turned out great. We are happy!
G. Bryant
Got a reply back in something like ten minutes. You guys are on the ball.
K. Bellinger
Thank you so much. Delivery was very fast as is your response to my problem.
D. Sicinski
The quality of my support was very prompt, thorough and efficient.
L Riddell
You have wonderful customer service... And your videos are a cause of my YouTube addiction.
J. Keith
Perfect and timely resolution. It was time sensitive and so I'm very happy. Thanks again.
B. Fitzsimons
It was quick, easy, and I understood EVERYTHING! And their waiting music is their music videos!!!! That makes the support experience even better!
A. Trabold
Very good. The query i had was resolved and my order was placed.
C. Smith
A very quick response which resolved my issue. Thankyou!
C. Callus
Really went beyond the call of duty. Thank you.
DM West
The support has been very helpful and responsive.
F. Souza
The support was very timely and helpful! I was given clear instructions and great service! Knowing this makes me very likely to shop here again!
D. Metzler
I'm really satisfied, The answers to my questions are really clear. Surely I'm going to buy a lot of great stuff at
A. Taino
Thank you for your quick response to this need. We will definitely be doing business with y'all again! You have a very unique store! Merry Christmas!
L. Pierce
I'm here to say that I recommended Vat19 to all of my friends, keep up the good work. From: A happy customer =]
J. Pedrini
Received my ordered Ambiant Flames cd in the mail this afternoon. It's just what I was hoping for! I'm going to share your website with a local Fireplace store in hopes you may get some more business. And by the way, your site sure has some interesting items I've never seen before. I'll be visiting your site again sometime for sure.
J. Short
Thank you so much for the stellar customer service. I will for sure buy from you guys every chance I get. Have a happy holiday. Thanks again.
M. Setzer
Hi i just wanted to thank Richard with helping me the other day :D and all other of you at Vat19 :) Thanks!
J. Asaralijev
i received the iphone 5 case it’s PERFECT, thank you again for the fast and good service.
J. Veenstra
I ordered a inkless pen from you about a month ago. I just wanted to say thank you very much for your efficiency! There were no problems with my package and it was delivered earlier then expected. Thanks again!
N. Naidu
I just wanted to send you all a great big THANK YOU for the awesome birthday video really made me smile:) Yall are great and your products are awesome! I think one of the best web sites I have seen ! You are so creative with your marketing and your products are the best.... so THANK YOU for that!!!!
C. Mcniell
Thank you so much for your help in this matter. Rick, you have been great to work with and I appreciate your great customer service.
E. McDonald
Thank you so much for the fantastic customer service.
B. Robinson
L. Egger
i'm from Brazil and i received the vat19's product perfectly, in few days. Thank you for the amazing "Guitar Pick Punch". Probably i'll buy with you guys again.
T. Xavier
Thank you for being understanding and correcting the issue. Your great customer service has ensured that I will be pleased to place future orders from your website.
A. Highsmith
Hi, I just wanted to contact you about my order. It came almost a week early! It was meant to come on Fri 20/07/12 and it came on Sat 14/07/12! I was very pleased with the quality and excellent cutomer service! There is no doubt that I will be buying from you in the future.
T. Sturgess
Vat19 comes out with the BEST, hands down, BEST products that my friends are jealous of and I CONSTANTLY promote you guys to everyone. I shared the world's largest gummy bear with my chamber singers group and we still didn't finish it. IT'S THAT AWESOME!!!!
C. Janis
I just watched your medal bottle opener video on Youtube and I think I'm in love with you because I was literally laughing so hard I started crying. So I just wanted to let you know that it was hilarious and Joey, Jon, and Jamie were PERFECT. But Joey is perfect in anything :) So ANYWAY I LOVE YOU and you should make more videos b/c I kind of live for them. For realz.
Thank you for sending me my ukulele kit. It made me very happy. I watch the Vat19 videos all day until my mum tells me to stop. I like the funny ones. My dad also got the Trap-a-Crap ... it works.
H. Sartori
Hi I just wanted to thank you guys for such great service and how quick my delivery has come , you have great products I hope to order more. By the way the worlds largest gummy bear is awsome!
D. Waltman
I ordered a slush mig a while back, and i wanted to say it was totally worth 10 bucks! i will definitely know where to go when i want something curiously awesome!! Vat19's the place to go! I will be sure to tell all my friends about you guys!!! Keep on selling!!!
L. Anime
I wanted to "Thank you" for taking the time over the holiday weekend to schedule a shipment replacement for me. I opened the package yesterday and it was delivered in good condition.
L. Foster
Thank you for responding so quickly. You guys have outstanding customer service. I am still interested in making a purchase once the item is in stock. By the way, your product videos are hilarious and creative.
R. Deluna
Thank you so kindly for the speedy reply during the holiday weekend! I will keep an eye out for the new replacement. If I have any concerns I will call right away when I receive the package.
L. Navarro
Thank you so much! I cannot thank you enough! You guys at Vat 19 are amazing people! Thank you very much.
M. Doyle
Hello, I am just replying to let you know that I got my Hershey's candle. It is fantastic! Thank you very much for your time. I will be sure to buy much MUCH more. And I'll even spread the word around about you guys as a little tip. Have a good time!
S. Haidinyak
Since checking out Vat19, I have found quite a few items that I liked and ordered a few. The shipping time was fast and I am super happy with everything I ordered! There really are quite a few things anyone could find here, for birthday/holiday gifts, toys and games for leisure, and even something useful for everyday. I highly recommend to anyone, you're really going to love this site as much as I've come to love it!
A. Benavides
I ordered buckyballs and they are not just amazing, they are addictive! They shipped to my house in three days. I was so excited when I got them. I love this site! Its amazing and I will make many more purchases from!
O. Lane
When I bought my Q-man it got in here in 2 days! I love it and I will buy tons of more curiously awesome stuff from you guys!
C. Baynori
My package has arrived and I am sincerely satisfied! I cannot wait to give the present to my dad on his birthday!
A. Geraerts
Just wanted to send out a quick thank you!!! What great customer service!!!
S. Stangroom
Thank you for your truly amazing customer service!
I appreciate your help, and I must say..
You've gone above and beyond with speed and care!
Thank you again my friend!
And I hope to do more business with you in the future! *High-5*
S. Dovi
I am writing to let you know I really like the solar flickering candles. I gave a set to a friend and she loves them, too. What a neat product. Thank you.
T. Blumentritt
We got the glass. It is awesome. Thanks for all the help and the awesome customer service. Our next order will be the giant margarita glasses. Thanks again for all your help.
M. Graham
Just want to say that I love you guys and your unique stuff. You were so awsome to send me a birthday video on Dec. 16 and I will never forget your thoughtfulness. My Friend in North Ireland loves the piano wire bracelet as he is a musician and he wears it all the time. Keep up the great job you are doing and I pray that you have a super year finacially and in your well being.
E. Salley
Hello, i've just received my order yesterday AND IT WAS AWESOME, i ordered a Lego keychain flashlight and a pink pumponator for my sister, and let me say they are one of the most Curiously Awesome products we ever bought.We'll be definetly buying from you guys again.
A. Dang
Hey vat 19, I'm sending this email to let you guys know you have awesome products I did all my xmas shopping on this site for all my family and some friends and every single person loved their unique gifts. I just wanted to thank you guys. Ive told alot of people about this site my coffee table was a few of your fun items so when people are over they so intrigued about them they ask where to get them for themselves. Thank you again.
J. Moran
Just wanted to send a note saying I love your site. I just ordered a Christmas present for my best friend (yeah yeah I know a little late) With the shipping options, it will be here before I go back home to see him! Thanks!
C. Abbott
I would just like to thank you for the replacement Gummy Bear. I was very impressed with the customer service and timeliness of your response. I would highly recommend you to others if they are looking to buy a unique gift. Thanks again.
C. Harris
Thank you for the quick response and resolution. This is my second order with your company. You high level of quality and service will keep me coming back for more!
A. Chavez
Thanks! That was quick. Love the products on your site and the videos can't be beat. I'll be back to shop more.
B. Schmitz
Just wanted to let you know I got my order yesterday, it's a great item. Thanks a lot.
I. Bana
Love the product. The SleepMate is perfect to sleep by. The adjustments you can make on it are perfect.
J. & V. Reynolds
Thank you so much for your quick responding and a replacement! I am impressed of your service. I will definitely come back buy more!
H. Lee
We have received the replacement and are very pleased with it. Everything about this one works better. How do I return the defective one to you?
Thank you again for such excellent service and detail to customer care. Your company is refreshing!!
B. Johnson
I received my order today and I would like to thank you all for the excellent fast service. All the items exactly as what i expected. Thanks again & have a nice day :)
D. Al-Naimi, Saudi Arabia
Thank you very much Jamie! I appreciate the quick response!
D. Markovitz
I just wanted to let you both know that the package arrived with plenty of time to spare. I trust you all made it through the holiday! Thank you for your service - expect me to be back!
C. Devlin
Wow - what customer service! Thanks so much.
J. Feldman
Thank you! I got the package and it was in perfect condition!! I appreciate it.
V. Sochinska
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this site. It always makes me smile! This isn't a question but I didn't see a "rant and rave" section.
L. Cleo
Oh my god. I love Vat19. My friends and family have been watching the Tower of Clips video continuously. It’s a brilliant film.
B. Flanagan
Thank you for the help, Jamie. I got the box soon after you sent the email and everything was intact.
L. Tardie, CA
Fantastic product and service, it was a pleasure doing business with you - thank you very much!
L. Swan
Just wanted to say, for as simple as the Park 'N Place items that I bought are, they are PERFECT. My mom loves the thing.
M. Zahn
just to let you know the Triceratops was a 100% smash hit with the 8 year old I gave it to. I thank you, had I not seen the commercial I would never have know about your site.
B. Josephson
Thank you so much !! I was remiss in letting you know how impressed I was with the speed I recieved my order. I had checked out a few sites with the items I wanted to purchase and for some reason I kept coming back to yours. Hope you and yours and the very nice people who work for you had a very Merry Christmas and have a Very Happy and prosperous New Year !! I will certainly be doing business with you again.
Catherine S.
Thank you again....You have been a great help and a lifesaver.....
I have enjoyed the clock too much to just let it sit! Thanks again.
L. Earl
Just a comment. I received this [Van Gogh Auto-open Auto-close] umbrella yesterday. I used it today in pouring down rain. Love, Love, Love it!
M. Stryker
We were enjoying the Ambient Fire DVD today (looks awesome on a huge flat-screen; it looks, in fact, like the entire end of the room is on fire. I finally clicked on the Other Products link and was knocked out by the Ambient Sleep promo, which led me to your site. (Ambient Sleep is in my cart, waiting for me to get enough energy to find my wallet and Visa card.)

If anyone could do a fireworks DVD RIGHT, that would be you guys. Very nice site, and cool cool stuff!
Thank you for your quick response. I will continue to buy from you and will also tell my Friends about your site.
G. Caulberg
Thanks, Jamie. I do have a spam protector that requires a response. You've been very helpful just knowing there's a real person that I can correspond with. I'm sure my CD will be here soon.
I probably won't talk to you again after my CD arrives, but I will recommend your website! Have a great Christmas, and thank you for answering!
M. Jones
Many thanks for your efficient service. Regards, A. Lumsden
A. Lumsden
I think you have a great company with excellent, creative ideas. Keep up the good work.
J. Juron
Hello, I love your fireplace scented candles, I was wondering, do they come in a larger version or a larger container, I just love the scent.
M. Artigas
Wow that was fast service!  Thanks Jamie!  I really enjoy my Ambient DVDs (This order is a gift for my mother, who loves fires, art, flowers and cats.  Not in that order)… I had ordered the (at that time) “Complete Ambient Collection” for myself last November.  My reason for getting them at that time was mainly the fireplace DVD.  You see we used to have a gas fireplace surrounded by stone with a wood mantle and a stone hearth.  We never used the thing because it heated up the room too much.  So I tore the guts out.  And I replaced it with a 34” High-def widescreen Sony XBR TV.  I put all the metal back on the front of the fireplace and with a custom shelf the TV fits exactly into the opening with a ?” to spare around all the sides.  It looks exactly like it used to before I put the TV in.  I have a center channel built in under the TV and 5.1 surround with in-wall and ceiling speakers all around (plus all the equipment is remotely mounting in a slide out equipment rack in the side wall).  I enjoy putting in your “logs and fire only” track and having people over without saying anything to them.  It takes them a while to figure out that it is not real.  I don’t know if you would be interested, but I could e-mail you some pictures.  Regards, Joel
J. Mullen
LOVE IT!!! Got it in 4 business days . . . Neat DVD!
Alex B.
Hi Just want to let you know that I received my DVD's today with no problems. Thanks for the great packing and fast shipment! Thanks for a smooth transaction!! Chuck
Chuck W.
I just wanted to write to you to say how thrilled I am at receiving my order from you today, only six days after placing it! For a Transatlantic delivery, this has been first class. Thank you so much.
William J.
When I didn't receive one of the packages I had ordered I sent an email not expecting a response but the vat19 service was awesome. They got back to me right away , said they would check and I received the package with the time frame they had said. Thanks!
M. Ronca
This group responds within 1 business day - just like they say they will. In my book that puts them at 100% in customer service. 2 thumbs up and 2 big toes if it helps. Thanks!!
J. Wood
Quick follow up, all clear and item got delivered that day. Thanks!
N. Vermolen
Vat19 is so curiously awesome, it is awesome squared!
C. Simm
Thank you so much for ur prompt response and help!! We just got the new owl light in the mail. Looking forward to purchasing more products from vat19. Thanks again.
H. Decker
Keep up the awesome work! I love the videos, they're what makes your company unique. I will definitely do business with you again!
C. Slater
Dear Jamie :) I want to inform you that my order just arrive in very good condition in Bucharest, Romania. And I will cameback with another order, in few days, because all my office colegues are very excited about my new items bring from VAT19! Thank you, one more time :)
C. Mihaescu
Thanks Jamie ! Arrived today - we are so pleased with these quality products.
T. Lee
my order got here super quick...kept track of it all the way, and what cool stocking stuffers. thanks for helping me get stuff off my list...
H. Jaillet
You get my recommendation for top customer satisfaction....thanks for the savings and keep me on you mailing list.
J. Marcial
Thanks for one heck of a quick reply! Nice to know folks care about doing a good job a whatever they undertake these days. The temptation by so many in our country to do less than average is great and also frustrating for those of us who have a good sense of self and consideration for others. Erik
Erik L.
Very helpful and fast response. 11/10
D Chen
You guys are AWESOME in all you do! Every transaction has been great, and we are huge fans of your channel! Thank you for always making us smile!
S Sciacca
Thank you for your very fast response to my issue! Amazing service
D Donnelly
Good customer service, helped me with issues I had with my products.
D Dot
I am pleased with how fast the response was. Thank you so much.
L Hodgkins
Very quick response and amazing service to replace my order! Also, my son loves your videos!!!
J McBride
10/10 nice people will order again.
Y'all got back to me in a very timely manner and answered my question.
M Kupcikevicius
We love this company!
T McGrath
Thank you for quick response and resolution of issue!
D Rossman
Swift accurate response, A++++
S Pickup
Excellent customer support. Fast response and issue quickly resolved.
A Perry
Quick response and problem resolved quickly and satisfactorily! Thanks again.
T Miller
Support was great- answered my question effectively and in a timely manner! Thank you!
T Womack
Responded fast and were helpful. I'll be buying more from you guys 🙂
Great! I got a very quick response and answered my question completely
R Mcafferty
Ordered 1 World’s Hottest Chocolate Bar and it came super fast! No damage to my packaging and product EXACTLY as advertised! You guys are amazing! Thank you!
E. Favor
I was taken care of the whole time when I was figuring out what happened to my delivery. Donna was a huge help in providing the information needed and updates. So once again, big shout out to Donna for being awesome.
V. Noble
Thank you so much for your timely response and willingness to solve the problem. Companies like yours are what set the example for others.
W. Gilio
Hi Vat19!!!! I'm Jacob and my World's largest gummy worm arrived yesterday afternoon. It's so delicious and huge. Thank you so much for producing these curiously awesome gifts and I'm gonna order some gummy fast food!! Thank you once more! Jacob
J. Jacob
Your quick response to my request was so very much appreciated. I know how much my children love VAT19. I know how much they love watching your products on youtube. For you to respond to my request within minutes was just awesome! I have already blasted it on Facebook.
S. Hassas
Excellent customer service. Responded to my request immediately, and kept me informed of the status. I received the replacement on Thursday evening. I would do business again with your company. A+++++++++ Thank you.
C. Reed
AMAZING! Best. Site. EVER.
E. Patton
Vat19 quickly and simply went through my request and resolved an issue that i had. Vat19 has an outstanding service! Keep it up!
K. Im
Donna was extremely helpful and nice.
D. Howell
I appreciate your rapid response and cheerful spirit.
D. King
I just wanted to say thank you for coming through time and time again. You make things so much easier for me, especially when it comes to gift giving.

I used to be horrible at giving gifts, resorting to last minute gift cards. But ever since I found your site, I'm always considered the best gift giver around. Not only that, but I have also found some useful things for myself.

So, I just want to say thank you. To Jamie and the rest of the Vat19 crew, thank you very very much!
G. Rafanan
I purchased Candy Magic Motion Activated Snack Dispenser and it came faster than I thought it would. I just want to say that I will certainly be a future customer. Thanks so much.
S. Halse
You were awesome! You helped ensure we received this most anticipated gift when the shipper screwed up. Made my son so happy. We will definitely buy from you again. Thanks for saving Christmas!
N. Letourneau
Hey there, I just wanted to thank you for the lightning-speed shipping and delivery of my product! I'd ordered a Christmas gift for my husband on Thursday, it shipped that same day, and I received it on Saturday. Incredible!! I didn't even have to pay an arm and a leg for shipping. Seriously, you guys are great and my husband LOVED the gift. What great customer service! Merry Christmas!
J. Lopez
I just wanted to say that once again I am 10/10 satisfied by your product and shipping. Thank you!! Awesome job, guys!
M. Warsinski
Thank you for responding so quickly and fairly! It is a sign of a well run business! I will definitely be shopping with you again!
P. Moreland
You have outdone yourselves. Thanks for the entertainment. That was hilarious. A loyal customer.
K. Eason
Thank you so much for how you have handled this request! I appreciate the speed, professionalism and understanding of your responses.

I have gone from disappointed about a defective product to very impressed with your customer service! I also want to note how simple the process was and how much I appreciate your decision to fully refund the money for the product AND the shipping!

I look forward to shopping at again soon and won't hesitate to recommend you to others. Thanks again!
N. Braun
I am confirming now, that I have successfully received this replacement order. The initial shipment was obviously lost somewhere. Thank you very much for your high level of customer care.
M. Vereshchaka
Thank you. I thoroughly enjoyed my birthday greeting! As a 74-yr. old senior, I can tell you it was the most original, sweet, birthday greeting I've ever received as a customer. Thank you again and God bless you all. :)
V. Jasinski
I just want to thank Richard B. and the Vat19 team for helping me with a problem we encountered with a product. It was resolved and a replacement product was shipped out right away. I can't thank you enough for being so understanding and helpful!
D. Highley
Thank you very much. I received the notice it has already been shipped. I appreciate your prompt response. Excellent customer service. Thanks so much again.
L. Walker
Thank you so much for your promptness in resolving this issue. This is my first time ordering from Vat19 and although there was an issue with the product, it was a great overall experience.
E. Speziale
Thank you so much for making this easy and stress free. I just posted something on FB about your company and told people to check out the site - I am THAT appreciative!
J. Zimmerman
Wow!! That easy! Awesome! My son really likes your site and will shop for something different with the refund. Great customer service!!
A. Hasty
hey guys just wanted to say thanks for the b'day wishes!!
your a very nice company with very cool stuff, i wish you all the best in your future business endeavors and keep up the good marketing! :D
A. Hill
Thank you for your help! I love what you do and your curiously awesome products!
E. Feng
Thank you for creating such a wonderful website that all of my family enjoys. at first i was wathching the videos on youtube but on the first video i decieded to go on the website.IT WS HEAVEN
H. Bowman
I bought the super illusion putty and it does exactly what I hoped it would. Keep up the good work and I hope you make more products in the future! Thank you!
M. Hough
Hi there from France. I just got my cup in the mail so far so good the packaging was great......Thank you for the fast shipping Take care
A. Lajugie
Hi vat19 staff! My family and I are obsessed with vat19 and we hope you will make more products! I loved the mini shopping cart! Thank you!
A. Rab
Jamie, thanks for the information about the new crew profiles. Yeah, I read 'em all! Wow, y'all sound like a company *I'd* like to work for... and now I finally know the identity of Hans Gretel, too :)
Thanks for being a Curiously Awesome group! And company!
J. Miller
Hey, just wanted to say that I'm fairly surprized over how rapidly my packages has arrived, and they all work awesomely! But I saw that this goes directly to you, Jamie, and so I was like "Hey, send him a mail" so yeah.... Thanks for being awesome :D
E. Rore
Hi, I am so impressed by your customer service I put your website on my favorites bar and will tell my friends to visit your site. Other companies could learn from your business model. Have a great weekend.
J. Margiotta
My niece just love her 5 pound gummy bear. I will be getting more in the future. I have friends who will be ordering too. Thank you for such great service.
T. Brunner
Thank you so much for your prompt and considerate response.
J. Davenport
Oh, man, I wasn't expecting this at all. I can't express my gratitude enough. You guys are truly amazing!
D. White
Just wanted to thank you for the fast delivery on the item I purchased. Your service was great.
T. Weimer
The Red Khet Laser piece has arrived in the mail today and it works
perfectly. Thank you so much for your support. I am very impressed with Vat19's Customer Service
B. Neville
Dear Sirs: Your videos are great! I love the humor you guys inject in your videos. They're a hoot. Always enjoy watchng any of your videos. Your video actors and team are awesome.
D. Meyers
Vat19 is a great place to find unique and useful gifts for everyone and anyone. The prices are affordable and the shipping is quick. Thank you so much for being so awesome.
A. Shalamoff
We received our gummy worm and we LOVE it! Great job on the fast delivery!
E. Power
You're awesome. Thanks so much. I will definitely recommend your website.
L. Granato
Thank you for your curiously awesome product and your dependable shipping. Look forward to more awesome products!
M. Colleran
I freaking adore you guys. You're the best. <3 Thank you so much, and have a wonderful day!
Sultana A.
I want to thank you for your reasonable price for the scrubs. I researched 5 different companies for this product and yours was the best price, both for the price of the product and for the shipping. I thank you very much for that as these days everything is so expensive - one has to comparison shop. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Thank you again for your kind service. Can't wait for my scrubs to arrive.
P. Hicks
Thank you for your quick response I will recommend your site to all my friends and I will be back for more purchases in the future. I am a business women also and I appreciate your amazing service! Thank you again.
N. Lenoue
Thank you so much for my giant gummy bear! When the first one arrived it was melted, but i was so surprised that you just sent a new one right out. I received it today and it was in its full gummaliciousness! Thank you so much again, and your service is great!
K. Baker
Oh My God! I didn't expect that at all! You guys are freaking awesome!! Thank you so much. I've had a horrible week and this just made it all okay. There are decent human beings in this world. Thank you for the amazing and astonishing customer service you have shown me. I'll tell my friends about you guys. Thank you.
A. Abbas
I love you guys! Thanks for brightening my afternoon... again.
L. Day
I placed an order last week for a vinyl record frame. I received an email about an hour later that order was shipped. I received order today. I just wanted you to know how impressed I am. I can't beleive what quick service and great products you have. Customer service is lacking in 2011 but not at VAT19. Thanks
D. Depalma
Your videos are terrific! Better than YouTube or going to the movies. I've told many people about your website. It's the best thing on the Internet!
D. Rietzel
Just wanted to let you know that my replacement popcorn popper arrived in short order and intact. I thank you for your swift action and great customer service!

I personally have spent 15 years in the retail sector working, writing and teaching customer service training programs and applaud you for your efforts. I wish you much success with Vat19 and will definitely look to your website for more products in the future.
S. Haas
OK - I'm more than suitably impressed!

I'm always a little weary of ordering merchandise from the US, and more so when it's from a company I've never heard of! When I did learn of your company and looked at your website I was impressed enough to give it a chance.

Wow - talk about great service... it seemed that my order was placed, processed and shipped in the blink of an eye and I already have my adorable Hug salt and pepper shakers sitting in my kitchen (with 3 more sets tucked aside for gifts). You guys made the whole cross boarder shopping experience a breeze.

Thanks so much!
P. McDonald
I'd like to thank for everything they offer, I've never seen a website so dedicated to customer service. I feel like I know the guys who do the videos because they are funny and friendly. I'd rather watch your videos than some stupid viral video because no matter what you always have some sort of skit that makes me laugh. Keep up the great work and never lose sight of your mission statement.
K. Meads
I received my order yesterday at my work address. That worked out well, thank you. I gave my gifts (the huge gummies) to my kids and they LOVE them!!! I'll be ordering more shortly! I just wanted to thank you again for your help and assistance in getting my order shipped. I'd definitely recommend your company to my friends and family!
T. Campbell
Dear Jamie, Thanks for the clear and helpul information. You obviously know what you're talking about! Seems such a rare thing these days.
J. Voss
I just want to tell you guys that you are awesome and have some pretty amazing products. I was quite surprised to find out that you are right in my backyard in St.Louis and that it only took 1 day to receive my order. Thanks again.
S. Batey
I have bought several products from your site over the years and I could not be any happier with my purchases. Not only are your products fantastic; your customer service is unbelievable and your humor in videos and descriptions always keeps me coming back for more. Keep up the innovative work!
S. Meine
I received the replacement clock and I want to thank you for the excellent customer service. I have let family and friends know about the product and the excellent manner in which the issue was addressed. I haven't been this impressed by an organization in a long time.
L. Servais
Thank you so much Vat19 you made my my christmas awesome! My brothers and I got slush mugs ansd I also got strawz and jishaku and they are great! My aunt ordered them and she commented on how great the customer service was and how fast it arrived! Thanks again and this won't be the last time I am asking for things from Vat19!
M. Hauntl
Just wanted to let you know I got the parcel on the 23rd, just in time for Christmas! I couldn't wait so I gave my family their presents right away. They love them, I love them. Thank you very much! Happy Holidays!
M. Kwan
Received the snail dispenser yesterday.....just in time for Christmas! Thank you so much for your wonderful customer service.
M. Lutz
Thanks for your help, you guys! I got a lovely postcard after the new package - very carefully wrapped. Will shop your site again for any other occasions. Thanks!
J. Tran
Wow I didn't know vat19 existed until 20 minutes ago, and now I'm a super fan. Great products and great videos! If I didn't have a job I would watch all of them!
R. Medellin
I just wanted to let you know I received my replacement and it is perfect. Thank you so much for your prompt attention to this matter. I really appreciate it!
I. Hall
THANK YOU!!! Now I relax and order my gummies! And that is the single quickest response I have ever gotten from a company...let alone the owner!
K. Edwards
You guys are awesome it took no time at all to get here I'm sure my girlfriend will like it, thank you.
T. Weatherman
Thank you so much for your quick service and awesome products! It was my birthday yesterday and those were the BEST presents everI hope to get more things from Vat19 in the future!
Cam R.
Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly about this, though and your assistance. I do appreciate and will surely be doing business with you again.
V. Phoenix
Thanks so much for handling this. I'm looking forward to doing business with you in the future.
A. Kereky
Just got the garage parking aid last week. How awesome to receive a product that is exactly as advertised, easy to assemble (less than one minute) and works perfectly immediately. I love this product. I feel so much more comfortable parking in the garage now. THANK YOU!
A. Kovach
My goodness, you all are really sharp. I've never done business with you before, but this has been a delightful surprise. Minimum info required on my part and you email me a few hours later that my order has been shipped! Can't beat that.
Compliments to you!
J. Randall
I just wanted to say thank you to whomever is responsible: The product mentioned (Jumbo Universal Remote) lists as no longer available, however you were thoughtful enough to leave the page up and include a link to a full manual in PDF format. That's REALLY nice of you folks, and I appreciate it.
D. Deville
Thanks a lot. You guys are awesome. Never been disappointed.
N. Williams
Thank you for your prompt customer service. I appreciate it!
B. Ernst
Appreciate your kind consideration! The fact is that I like the excellent customer service your company provides! I will spread good word of vat19 to friends. Thank you and have one fine day!
S. Yap
I am writing to infrom you that my order has arrived today in perfect condition. I am extremely happy with the items and the fast delivery. Thank you.
A. Hann
Hello Jamie, Thank you very much for the quick fix! I'm really satisfied with the service from vat19!!
A. Hoover
Thank you so much for the quick response and fix. :) I will definitely be using you in the future.
A. Herron
Dear Jamie, Thank you so much both for your quick reply and your willingness to replace my tape dispenser with so little inconvenience to me. Your company deserves to do well. Good karma collecting, Vat19! :-)
A. Isenberg
Thank you so much for doing this for me. I sincerely appreciate your taking time out of your schedule. This is wonderful customer service!
D. Kateman
The gummy shot video is the funniest thing i have ever seen! the song is awesome and the video is hilarious!!! great job!
Kristen Madee
Wow, thank you. I didn't expect that. I will definitely recommend your site to friends in the future. Thanks again for your excellent customer service. It shows you really care about your business and your customers.
S. Lively
I hate to waste your precious time, but I would just like to say that you are all awesome. That is all.
S. Sultana
Thank you very much, Jamie! I appreciate your prompt response!
Q. Xiaoliang
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