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If you are in the St. Louis area, please drop by and shop in person. You can touch, cradle, and carefully inspect over 1,000 curiously awesome products!

Vat19 Fans


9am - 4pm CST (Monday through Friday)

Note: Vat19 is currently closed.


11783 Borman Drive, St. Louis, MO 63146


Question: Can I just show up?

Answer: Yep! As long as you arrive between 9am and 4pm CT (Monday-Friday), you can shop 'til you drop. When you arrive, ring the doorbell at our front door. A friendly Vat19 crew member will greet you and escort you to our warehouse.

Question: What payment methods do you accept in person?

Answer: We only accept major credit cards.

Question: Will any of the Vat19 video crew be available for pictures or autographs?

Answer: If you'd like to meet the crew, please sign up for one of our free tours. That being said, you may see some of the video crew working in their natural habit as you make your way from our front entrance to our warehouse.

Question: Is it... fun?

Answer: We think so! Seeing all of our curiously awesome products in person is quite exciting. Plus, not having to wait for your purchase to arrive in the mail is what makes in-person shopping such a great time!