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Q-Man Flexible Magnets

Pliable figures with magnetic hands and feet.

Q-Man Mini Flexible Magnets
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Q-Man Mini Magnets are bendable characters with magnetic arms and feet. In addition to holding papers, photos, and random items like takeout menus, the Q-Man can be contorted into fun circus-like poses for your amusement.

Populate your kitchen or office with these fun magnetic figures. Available in multiple colors.

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Features & specs:

  • Dimensions: 2.125" x 2" x 0.5"
  • Material: PVC rubber
  • Each Q-Man contains four magnets (one on each hand and foot)
  • Strong enough to hold 15 pieces of paper

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Wacky magnetic characters for your fridge, cubicle, or office!

The Q-Man is a lightweight, flexible figure with magnetic arms and legs. You can twist and bend these cute characters into gymnastic-like poses and hang your photos, kid's artwork, and party invites. Sweeet.

Q-Man Miniature Refrigerator Magnets are flexible.
Decorate your fridge, cubicle, or filing cabinet with the flexible magnetic Q-Man.

Magnetic arms and legs + flexible bodies = crazy fun

Because there are individual magnets on each of the Q-Man's flexible arms and legs, you can have more than your fair share of fun with these magnetic organizers.

You can string them together arm-to-arm, hang them in circus-like poses, or simply lay them flat on a filing cabinet or fridge.

Each Q-Man features four magnets.
The bottom of each foot and the palms of each hand on the Q-Man are magnets.

Strong enough to hold up to 15 sheets of important documents

In our tests, we were able to hang fifteen sheets of paper with a single Q-Man. Although this did require "doubling down" (using both an arm and a leg simultaneously), we were still quite impressed with its strength.

Thus, the Q-Man will have no problem with your photos, report cards, or Poison posters.

Each Q-Man miniature magnet can hold up to 15 sheets of paper.
Each Q-Man is strong enough to hold up to 15 sheets of paper.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are these magnets male or female?

Answer: Tricky question. Each one is called a "Q-Man", but they're clearly androgynous in shape. Our official answer is, "Does it really matter?"

Question: Is the entire Q-Man magnetic or just its arms and legs?

Answer: Magnets are only found in their arms and feet. However, they can rest flat against a magnetic surface because the magnets in their arms and feet are strong enough to provide attraction through their thin rubber coating.

Question: How stretchable is the Q-Man?

Answer: Q-Man definitely has some "give", but you certainly can't stretch it like a rubber band.

Rainbow of colors

The Q-Man Mini Magnet is available in many fun colors: black, red, orange, yellow, lime green, blue, purple, pink, and white.

Collect them all. In fact, we suggest you collect multiple sets of multiple colors!

Want even more colors? Mini Q-Man Magnets are also available in eight translucent varieties!

Q-Man is available in a rainbow of colors and glow in the dark!
Mini Q-Man Magnets are available in rainbow of colors.

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