Ambient Calm CD: 13 relaxing audio tracks

Ambient Calm Soundtrack CD

Collection of thirteen serene ambient environments.

Ambient Calm CD
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Includes 13 soothing sound effects tracks from the Ambient Calm DVD. Includes waterfalls, ocean waves, prairies, summer days, autumn evenings, rainy afternoons, and more.

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Features & specs

  • 13 audio tracks
  • Butterfly pond, colorful clouds, dune sunset, boiling bubbles
  • Moonlit evening, palmtrees, peaceful prairie, rain on the pond
  • Pristine snowfall, caribbean sunrise, hammock lounging
  • Wonderful waterfalls, and wishful waves
  • TRT: 72 minutes
  • This item is a Vat19 exclusive!

Ambient Calm Soundtrack CD:
The Sounds of Serenity

The Ambient Calm CD contains all of the serene and soothing nature sounds contained on the Ambient Calm DVD.

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Ambient Calm Relaxation DVDAmbient Calm Nature Sounds CD
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The Ambient Calm CD is 72 minutes long and contains 13 tracks.

  1. Bountiful Butterflies – Enjoy the relaxing sounds of birds chirping and trickling water.
  2. Colorful Clouds – Nature sounds at their finest.  Relax to the peaceful sound of a gentle breeze.
  3. Dune Sunset – You’ll have no trouble mellowing out to these early evening nature sounds.
  4. Boiling Bubbles – While it may not fall under the category of traditional nature sounds, we think you’ll find this track very calming.
  5. Moonlit Evening – The nature sounds on this track are certain to evoke memories of happy summer nights gone by.  Enjoy the crickets, owls, and other wildlife.
  6. Pleasant Palmtrees – This track provides a more tropical ambiance.  Soft waves and seagulls are the focus of these nature sounds.
  7. Peaceful Prairie – Enjoy the soft and pleasant sounds of a variety of songbirds.
  8. Rain on the Pond – Soft rain, chirping birds, and frogs are just a few of the nature sounds you’ll hear in this track.
  9. Pristine Snowfall – The quiet sounds of birds chirping and wind blowing are the only nature sounds you’ll hear in this track.
  10. Caribbean Sunrise – You will immediately recognize this track as the sound of nature by the ocean.
  11. Hammock Lounging – This track makes it easy to imagine yourself gazing up through the treeline from a hammock on a warm summer day.
  12. Wonderful Waterfalls – Enjoy the nature sounds of birds and gently flowing water.
  13. Wishful Waves – Plain and simple, the sounds of gulls in the distance and gentle ocean waves on the shore

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