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Grab & Dry® Dish Gloves

Dry your dishes without fear of dropping or smudging them.

Grab & Dry® Dish Gloves
This item has been discontinued.

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Safely and quickly dry dozens of fragile dishes without fear of dropping them or smudging them with your fingerprints. Grab & Dry Gloves are 100% cotton, machine-washable, one-size-fits-all gloves with reversible thumbs so that either glove can be worn on the right or left hand.

The terrycloth outer layer dries up to 100 items at a time. The inner layer is made of a silky soft, non-allergenic polyester. A waterproof lining prevents your hands from becoming soggy.

Features & specs

  • Machine washable 100% cotton
  • Waterproof inner lining
  • One size fits all
  • Gloves can be worn on either hand

Dry all your dishes, including the most fragile, quickly and easily without fear of breakage or smudging

Grab & Dry gloves provide better grip than using a dish towel. Additionally, they are much more absorbent than the average dish rag. What's also great about the Grab & Dry is that your hands stay completely dry as they are protected by a silky soft polyester inner lining. So, your hands aren't going to look like prunes when you're done drying your dishes.

Grab 'n Dry Dish drying gloves
Grab & Dry gloves can be worn on either hand, are machine-washable, and can dry up to 100 items at a time.

This product has been discontinued. Frown face!

Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase.

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