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Skrub'a Vegetable and Potato Cleaning Gloves

Clean your vegetables while retaining 50% more vitamins.

Skrub'a Gloves
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Approximately 50% of the vitamins in vegetables are located in their peels. Skrub'a Gloves clean the dirt and grime from your vegetables without removing all of those healthy vitamins.

The one-size-fits-all Danish-designed Skrub'a Gloves are hygienic and provide a great grip while cleaning potatoes, carrots, vegetables, and even fruit. When you're done, simply air dry them in the sink. Skrub'a Gloves can also be washed in the dishwasher for a superior clean.

Available in two colors: brown (potato) and green (veggies). Please note that the wording printed on the gloves is for convenience only. All Skrub'a Gloves feature the same cleaning properties.

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Features & specs:

  • One size fits all (adults)
  • Cleans vegetables without peeling away healthy vitamins
  • Material: durable food-safe nylon
  • FDA approved
  • Air dry in the sink
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Designed in Denmark

Clean, don't scrape, your veggies

Nearly fifty percent of the good stuff in your veggies is actually in the peel. Therefore, not only is peeling cumbersome and time-consuming, but it's removing half of the vitamins from the food.

With Skrub'a Gloves, you can ensure your food is clean and healthy. Simply "scrub" your veggies with the hygienic gloves, then let the gloves air dry in the sink while you prepare and enjoy your delicious meal.

Skrub'a Gloves cleaning a potato.
Skrub'a Gloves clean your vegetables while leaving their vitamin-rich skins intact.

Faster and more effective than peeling

It's true that peeling a potato or a carrot will get it clean. But it also means you're throwing away nearly 50% of the vitamins.

There's no reason to bother with peeling when you can get the same level of cleanliness in a shorter amount of time with Skrub'a Gloves.

If you're worried that eating all of those extra vitamins in the peel will render your Flintstones Vitamins useless, please don't despair. You can still eat them. No one will call the vitamin police.

Skrub'a Glove is designed to clean any type of vegetable.
Skrub'a Gloves are designed to clean all types of fruits and vegetables.

Skrub'a Gloves are one size fits all

Skrub'a Gloves are stretchy, so they'll fit nearly any size adult hand.

Skrub'a Gloves fit any size adult hand.
Skrub'a Gloves are one size fits all.

Available in two color styles

Skrub'a Gloves are available in two styles: brown (potato) and green (veggies).

Please note: The gloves are exactly the same as far as their cleaning ability. Colors and labels are merely for personal preference. Therefore, you can use the "Veggie" Skrub'a to clean potatoes and vice versa.

Skrub'a Potato GloveSkrub'a Veggie Glove

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do Skrub'a Gloves peel the vegetable?

Answer: No. Skrub'a Gloves are designed to clean your vegetables without removing the peel (because nearly 50% of the vitamins are located in the peel itself!).

Question: What's the difference between the "potato" and "veggie" gloves?

Answer: Functionally, there is no difference. The coloring and labeling are for convenience purposes only. You can use either glove to clean any type of vegetable.

Question: I have abnormally large hands. Will they fit?

Answer: Skrub'a Gloves are stretchy and are designed to be one-size-fits-all. So, you shouldn't have a problem.

Question: How do I clean them?

Answer: Skrub'a Gloves are tough enough to be cleaned in the dishwasher. However, you can simply allow them to air dry in your sink for the majority of the time. The dishwasher would only be required for a super thorough clean.

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