Make Your Own Healthy Potato Chips at Home
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Healthy Potato Chip Maker (no oil required!)

Make healthy homemade potato chips in minutes.

Healthy Potato Chip Maker
Healthy Potato Chip Maker image
Healthy Potato Chip Maker image
Healthy Potato Chip Maker image
Fewer calories compared to fried chips
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  • Healthy Potato Chip Maker
  • Fewer calories compared to fried chips
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Serve up crispy oil-free chips with the Healthy Potato Chip Maker. In no time, this handy kitchen device turns a raw potato into delicious chips using only a microwave.

Simply slide a spud along the mandoline blade (integrated into the lid!) to create starchy coins that are just the right thickness. The Chip Maker comes with a handle to protect your fingers from the slicing blade. Then load the slices into the slots of the basket and pop them in the microwave for a few minutes until they’re perfectly crunchy chips—no oil required!

The chips are delicious on their own, but you can spice things up with salt or something more exotic like paprika.

The Chip Maker also works great with other vegetables like sweet potatoes, cassava, zucchini, eggplant, and apples.

Because we receive this item in an assortment of colors, we must sell them as such. You'll receive red, purple, or light green.

Features & specs

  • Prepare crunchy potato chips in the microwave without oil
  • Lower in Calories and less mess compared to fried chips
  • Integrated mandoline slicing blade in lid
  • Slots for 24 chips
  • Works with any tuber (such as the delicious potato)
  • Dishwasher safe cradle and potato holder; hand-wash only lid
  • BPA Free plastic
  • Color chosen at random (red, purple, or light green)

Slice and cook with a single tool

With the Healthy Potato Chip Maker, you can easily create healthier crispy chips in minutes with minimal mess.

All you need is a potato, the Chip Maker, and a microwave. Use the mandolin blade integrated into the lid to effortlessly slice wafers of potato. Load them in the slots of the rack, pop them in the microwave for a few minutes, and the result is oil-free crunchy potato chips!

Slice, load, and microwave chips in minutes
It’s a slicer and a cooker all in one.

Serve up delicious oil-free chips

In case you weren’t aware, most potato chips are made by submerging sliced potatoes in hot oil until they absorb the fry oil and come out cooked. While delicious, this method has the unfortunate side effect of being extremely high in Calories, especially Calories from fat.

The Healthy Potato Chip Maker takes a different approach. Each chip is sliced thin and cooks in the microwave without oil to become a crispy oil-free snack.

Delicious oil-free chips!
This plate of chips has the exact same amount of Calories as a potato, because it’s just a potato.

Less oil, not less flavor

With the Healthy Potato Chip Maker, you’re skipping out on the mess and high fat content that oil adds to the equation without forfeiting taste.

Each chip has a delightfully crispy texture and flavor on its own, but feel free to explore other culinary options by adding dried spices or using a different root vegetable.

Fewer calories compared to fried chips
Yams? More like yums!

Assorted color, amazing taste

The Healthy Potato Chip Maker is delivered to us in an assortment of colors. Therefore, you will receive one of the three colors shown below. Whatever the color, the taste of these healthy chips is always amazing.

Fewer calories compared to fried chips
Your Healthy Potato Chip Maker will arrive in one of the colors shown above.

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