Candy Magic Motion-Activated Candy Dispenser
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Candy Magic Candy Dispenser

Motion-activated touchless candy dispenser.

Candy Magic Candy Dispenser
Candy Magic Candy Dispenser image
Candy Magic Candy Dispenser image
Candy Magic Candy Dispenser image
Candy Magic Candy Dispenser image
Candy Magic Candy Dispenser image
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    • 0:42 - The Candy Magic now features two portion sizes.
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Have your favorite candy at your beck-and-call with the Candy Magic Candy Dispenser! Simply place your hand under the chute (no coins or touching necessary) and candy dutifully tumbles out of the dispenser into the palm of your hand.

And while it may seem like an oxymoron, this motion-activated automatic candy dispenser is indeed health-conscious. Thanks to the hands-free dispensing of candy, you don't have to worry that your delicious morsels are covered with someone else's germs. Yay, clean candy!

Candy Magic stores 34 ounces of candy (or unsalted nuts!) and dispenses in two user-selectable portion sizes. Featuring a built-in LED that illuminates whenever candy is dispensed, Candy Magic is also perfect for late night candy binges.

Warning: Do not put Candy Magic on your desk at work unless you want a constant stream of co-workers visiting you all day.

Features & specs

  • Dimensions: 10.5" tall x 6.75" diameter
  • Capacity: 34 ounces (1L)
  • Motion-activated dispenser
  • Requires 4 x AA batteries (not included)
  • Two adjustable portion sizes
  • LED illumination when dispensing

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Notes on this video

  • 0:42 - The Candy Magic now features two portion sizes.

Motion-activated candy dispenser = no bird flu!

Old-fashioned candy dispensers are great... except that every piece of candy you eat has basically taken a germ bath in the fingers of every other person who has used the dispenser. Gross.

With the Candy Magic Motion-Activated Candy Dispenser, you can enjoy delicious candy without fear of catching some mutant strain of influenza.

Simply rest your hand underneath the dispenser and out shoots your candy. Perfect!

Motion-activated touchless candy dispenser prevents the spread of germs.
Motion-activated, no-touch dispenser promotes a germ-free (and delicious!) environment.

Small footprint, big capacity

The Candy Magic Candy Dispenser will only take up 5.5" of space on your desk, but it can store and dispense over 34 ounces of candy! That's just a tad over 1 liter of Reese's Pieces, M&Ms, Skittles, or gumballs!

The Candy Magic Automatic Candy Dispenser features a 34 ounce capacity as well as light-up dispenser area.
Candy Magic holds a whopping 34 ounces of candy.
A small LED light activates whenever goods are dispensed.

Adjustable portion control

At, we operate on a scale of 1-10 and do everything at an '11'. However, we realize that not everyone wants an overflowing handful of Skittles. Thankfully, so did the smart folks who designed Candy Magic.

Twist the knob on the base of the unit to select between two portion sizes.

Use the switch to choose between two serving sizes.
Choose between two portion sizes by moving the switch on the back of the Candy Magic.

Just think of all that tasty candy!

While it's possible that we have an overactive sweet tooth, it cannot be denied that The Candy Magic, when filled with vibrant and mouthwatering candy, is a thing of beauty.

It was quite the struggle to take the photos below without gorging ourselves on Skittles, Good 'n Plenty, Jelly Beans, and Candy Corn.

The Automatic Candy Dispenser is compatible with many different types of small candies.

You can't eat candy all the time, right?

Nuts make for great snacks, too! Indulge your healthy habits (and reduce the spread of germs) by filling up The Candy Magic with unsalted nuts.

Please note that salt from salted nuts could eventually build up and clog or corrode the mechanism inside.

Candy Magic is also great for unsalted nuts like almonds and peanuts.
The Candy Magic will also work its magic with unsalted nuts like almonds and peanuts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Didn't you used to sell something just like this that was red and called the Candy Wizard?

Answer: YES! Awesome memory! The Candy Wizard was an amazing candy dispenser, too, but sadly the manufacturer stopped producing it.

The Candy Magic, in our opinion, is superior to the Candy Wizard. We believe the Candy Magic's design is sleeker, the smaller desktop footprint makes it more convenient to store on your desk, and the motion sensor is of a higher quality.

So... it's an upgrade!

Question: Will it work with this candy, that candy, or some other candy?

Answer: We recommend avoiding anything larger than a peanut M&M. We had wonderful success with any candy that size or smaller.

Question: Why can't I use salted nuts?

Answer: Some salt will fall off the nuts and clog up the dispensing mechanism.

Question: Is it easy to clean?

Answer: Yes! You can twist off the clear top for easy access to Candy Magic's insides.

Question: So... will it work with Mike and Ike candy?

Answer: Yes. They're smaller than peanut M&M's, so it'll work without issue.

Question: But what about giant gumballs?

Answer: Are they bigger than peanut M&M's? If they are, then they won't dispense from the Candy Magic.

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