Foam Soap Pump Dispenser by Cuisipro
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Foam Soap Pump Dispenser

Dispense foam at a fraction of the price of liquid soap.

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Eliminate mess and waste with the Foam Soap Pump Dispenser by Cuisipro. This stylish soap dispenser transforms regular liquid hand soap into a gentle foam.

Filling the bottle with a 25%/75% mix of hand soap and water is easy thanks to fill lines imprinted on the bottle, and ensures you use three-quarters less soap.

The Foam Soap Pump Dispenser features a removable suction cup base for one-hand dispensing as well as a non-aerosol pumping mechanism which guarantees fluffy, cleansing foam. Available in a variety of colors.

Features & specs

  • Dimensions: 8.5" x 3.5" diameter
  • Capacity: 14 oz (414mL)
  • Transforms liquid soap into foam
  • Unique non-aersol pump mechanism creates great foam
  • Reduces soap usage by 75%
  • Durable transparent plastic bottle won't break, crack, or peel
  • Includes suction cup base for one-handed dispensing

Create hand foam at 1/4 the price of soap!

With the Foam Soap Pump Dispenser, you can create and dispense foam soap at 1/4 the cost of traditional hand soap. By utilizing a 4:1 mix of water to soap and a unique non-aerosol pumping mechanism, the Foam Soap Dispenser delivers gentle soap with far less mess and waste.

Foam Soap Pump Dispener next to kitchen sink.
The Foam Soap Dispenser transforms regular liquid hand soap into a cleansing foam.

Start by adding just a bit of hand soap

The Foam Soap Pump Dispenser works with any simple liquid hand soap. The manufacturer suggests avoiding hand soaps with moisturizing beads, glitter, and other expensive-but-non-cleansing silliness.

Fill to the soap line imprinted on the outside of the bottle (about a quarter of the way up).

Begin by filling the Foam Soap Dispenser with liquid hand soap.
Begin by adding liquid hand soap to the soap fill line on the bottle.

Next, top up the bottle with water

Add tap water up to the second fill line to complete your foaming soap mixture. You now have a full bottle of soap, but you've only used a quarter of the hand soap. Sweet!

Complete the process by adding water and then swirling the mixture.
Finish your foam soap mixture by adding water to the fill line.

Swirl the solution, unleash the foam!

After mixing the soap and water solution (just swirl the bottle), dispense beautiful foam by pressing on the unique non-aerosol pumping mechanism.

Once filled, you can dispense inexpensive foam soap via the Foam Soap Pump Dispenser.
Dole out your foam soap by pressing the top of the pump action Foam Soap Dispenser.

Suction cup = one-handed operation

With the removable suction cup base, you can operate the Foam Soap Pump Dispenser with one hand. This is ideal for when both hands are a tad grubby and you're forced to use your wrist.

The Foam Soap Dispenser comes with a removable suction cup base.
The Foam Soap Pump Dispenser can be used with one hand thanks to the included suction cup base.

Available in a variety of fun colors

The Foam Soap Pump Dispenser is available in several colors: orange, green, black, and chrome.

The Foam Soap Pump Dispenser is available in a variety of colors.
Choose from orange, green, black, and chrome Foam Soap Pump Dispensers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does it come with soap?

Answer: No, the Foam Soap Pump Dispenser does not come with any soap. However, you'll only need a bit of hand soap to create your first bottle. A fill line a quarter of the way up the bottle indicates the level of soap to add. A second fill line near the top indicates how much more water to pour in.

Question: Can't I just buy ready-made foam soap?

Answer: Sure. But it costs a lot more than liquid hand soap and creates 1/4 as much foam. Using the Foam Soap Pump Dispenser is far more economical.

Question: How is this as awesome as crunchmallows?

Answer: Foam is better than liquid hand soap. It's not as messy, more gentle on your skin, and uses far less soap. The dispenser also looks pretty darned stylish. And saving money is about as awesome as it gets. Because then you have more money to buy crunchmallows, bacon lollipops, and beard hats.

Question: Couldn't I just mix up my own solution and use my existing hand soap dispenser?

Answer: Sadly, no. Dispensing foam requires a special pump. Plus, the Foam Soap Pump Dispenser also has a handy suction cup for one-handed dispensing.

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