Tiny Ice Cream Kit: The world's smallest ice cream maker.
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Tiny Ice Cream Kit

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The world's smallest ice cream maker.

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Treat yourself to the cutest lil ice cream party on the planet with the Tiny Ice Cream Kit!

This adorable activity pack has everything you need to make miniature versions of everyone's favorite frozen treats.

From tiny scoop waffle cones to itty bitty ice cream sandwiches, anyone can learn to enjoy the magic of mixing, baking, and cooking in the kitchen when following the original recipes to create up to 20 uniquely delicious treats (at only a quarter of the standard size).

These goodies will be so cute, you'll want to eat them up!

Features & specs

  • A kit for making miniature ice cream recipes
  • Seriously so cute!
  • Includes 21 pieces: tiny ice cream canister, dasher, lid with crank, tiny silicone waffle cone molds, tiny waffle cone & bowl shaper, tiny ice cream scoop, tiny spatula, tiny ice cream bowls, cone holder, tiny mixing bowl, tiny mixing spoon, wee-spoons, papercraft ice cream truck and menu board, fold-out recipe sheet
  • Makes 20 tasty treats
  • Ages 8+

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