Iced Tea Candy: Hard candy lozenges made with real tea.

Iced Tea Candy

Hard candy lozenges made with real tea.

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Second only to water, tea is the most popular beverage consumed the world over. While water-flavored candy doesn’t sound particularly appetizing, you're sure to enjoy the flavor of Iced Tea Candy.

Each individually-wrapped hard candy tastes like sweetened iced tea thanks to the combination of cane sugar and real tea extract from leaves cultivated on the island of Java.

With rich, complex flavors paired with delightful sweetness, grabbing an Iced Tea Candy just might become your new tea ceremony.

Features & specs

  • Bag of hard candy that tastes like sweet tea
  • 42 individually-wrapped pieces
  • Made with real Bali's Best® green tea extract
  • Net. wt: 5.3 oz (150.2 g)
  • 48 Calories per serving (4 pieces)
  • Ingredients: glucose syrup (tapioca), cane sugar, tea extract, natural tea flavor, salt
Vat19 Tastes Iced Tea Candy!

Tealightful taste

Treat your tongue to Tea Candy, a hard confection that tastes just like sweet tea! The unique combination of sweet lozenge and cozy tea flavor is as refreshing and soothing as, well, a cup of tea!


Truly tea-flavored treats

42 isn't only the answer to life, the universe, and everything. It's also the number of individually wrapped candies you'll find in each bag of Tea Candy.

Every single piece is made from a simple combination of glucose syrup, cane sugar, tea extract, natural tea flavor, and salt. Bolstered by the flavor of real tea from the islands of Java, the simple set of ingredients is simply delicious. Enjoy!

Tea candies beside a pitcher of tea
42 candies per bag!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What kind of tea do they taste like?

Answer: While they're made with green tea extract, the flavor of the lozenges is closer to sweetened black tea.

Question: How much caffeine is there per candy?

Answer: Each piece contains approximately 3 mg of caffeine, so you'd need to consume about 20-25 pieces to equal the amount of caffeine in a cup of tea.

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