Pop It Pal: A grossly satisfying pimple popping toy.
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Pop It Pal

A grossly satisfying pimple popping toy.

Pop It Pal
16 poppable cells with durable silicone construction
Refill with the included bottle of non-toxic pus!
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Making the Most Satisfying Pimples to Pop
We Tried That Pimple Popping Toy (Pop it Pal) 🤪 or 🤮
  • Pop It Pal
  • Disgustingly addictive!
  • 16 poppable cells with durable silicone construction
  • Refill with the included bottle of non-toxic pus!
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  • Video: Making the Most Satisfying Pimples to Pop
  • Video: We Tried That Pimple Popping Toy (Pop it Pal) 🤪 or 🤮
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Pimple popping is usually confined to the privacy of your bathroom mirror or with millions of strangers on YouTube. Now this strangely addictive viral trend can be experienced anywhere when you play with Pop It Pal.

Pop It Pal’s silicone pad is perforated with small holes (representing zits) filled with a fake yellow pus. Pinch the area around a hole and revel in the disgusting-yet-gratifying squirt of pus that comes out. The all-natural, Vaseline-like pus wipes away easily so you can keep on poppin’.

With 16 poppable pimples per pad and an included refill bottle, you’ll squeeze every ounce of satisfaction out of this oddly entertaining toy.

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Features & specs

  • Silicone pad with refillable holes to simulate pimples
  • Squeeze out the pus!
  • Includes pimple popping pad with 16 preloaded holes, pus refill bottle (30 ml), pipette filling tool, and instructions
  • Pad dimensions: 4” x 3” x 1” (10.16 cm x 7.62 cm x 2.54 cm)
  • Pus ingredients: Olea Europaea and Cera Alba
  • Ages 5+

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Poppin’ off

At one point or another, unwanted acne has caused all of us stress, but now fake acne can relieve that stress! Inspired by the strangely addictive YouTube trend, Pop It Pal is a satisfying fidget toy that will either turn your stomach or tickle your curiosity.

Squeeze the holes like you would to pop a pimple and watch the pus inside squirt out in a sickeningly satisfying string. It gives you the satisfying sense of popping a pimple in a form that’s easier on your skin.

Disgustingly addictive!

Bursting with durability

Pop It Pal is awful and awfully addicting, but it’s not awfully made. This durable silicone dermis will stand up to your guilty pleasure indulgence no matter your addiction level. With 16 holes in the pad, you have plenty of pretend pores to pop for as long as your disgusting little heart desires.

Durable silicone brick
16 poppable cells with durable silicone construction


Once you’ve squeezed out all the satisfaction from the pre-loaded holes, use the included syringe and pus bottle to refill your holes with pus.

The yellow, all-natural pus has a similar texture to skin cream and wipes away with a slightly oily residue. You don’t have to clean up the bathroom mirror or wait for skin to heal; just wipe it away and start squeezing again!

Refilling Pop It Pal syringe
Refill with the included bottle of non-toxic pus!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I fill it with whatever I want?

Answer: You’re welcome to try filling the Pop It Pal “pores” with any substance you want, but we’ve only tried it with the included pus.

Question: Can I eat the pus?

Answer: The Pop It Pal pus is non-toxic, but it’s probably not going to taste great. Plus, come on now! Gross.

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