Recycled Vinyl Record Guitar Picks are made from old LPs
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Recycled Vinyl Record Guitar Picks (set of 6)

Set of six guitar picks made from recycled LPs.

Vinyl Record Guitar Picks
Vinyl Record Guitar Picks image
Vinyl Record Guitar Picks image
Vinyl Record Guitar Picks image
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Just because a vinyl record is too scratched to be played on a turntable, that doesn't mean it can't play anymore! Strum your guitar using our Recycled Vinyl Record Guitar Picks.

Each set of six guitar picks is created from discarded LPs that are cut and sanded smooth by hand in the USA. Thickness varies slightly from 1.25-1.55mm.

Features & specs

  • Dimensions (per pick): 1.125" x 1" (widest point)
  • Thickness: 1.25 - 1.55mm thick (varies due to nature of recycled product)
  • Comparable to heavy/thick gauge picks
  • Made from old vinyl records

Play music with old music. Literally.

Vinyl records tend to scratch easily. When that happens, your Redbone LP can no longer recreate the awesomeness that is "Come and Get Your Love". However, that doesn't mean the record is done playing music!

Rock your guitar with our Vinyl Record Guitar Picks. They are hand made from old vinyl records that are no longer playable.

Play your guitar using an old vinyl record.
Play the guitar (or bass guitar) with picks made from discarded vinyl records.

Vinyl records make a great guitar pick

Each Vinyl Record Guitar Pick is cut and sanded by hand to ensure that the edges are smooth and comfortable to the touch. The surface is smooth as well, but still easy to grip thanks to the tiny grooves of the record. They're also very durable and just plain look cool.

Due to the manufacturing variances of vinyl records, each pick's thickness will vary slightly. However, they will fall within the range of 1.25 - 1.55mm. This is equivalent to a heavy/thick gauge guitar pick.

The picks produce a slightly crisper sound than a standard nylon pick.

The Vinyl Record Guitar Picks are made by hand and are approximately 1.25-1.55mm thick.
Every Recycled Vinyl Record Guitar Pick is carefully cut and sanded by hand.

Six picks per pack

Each set of Recycled Vinyl Record Guitar Picks includes six plectrums (which is just a fancy word for guitar pick).

Each set of Vinyl Record Guitar Picks includes six picks.
Each set of Recycled Vinyl Record Guitar Picks includes six picks.

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