Magic Penny Magnetic Kit: Perform educational feats of magnetism.
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Magic Penny Magnetic Kit

Perform educational feats of magnetism.

Magic Penny Magnetic Kit
Magical coin art
Magical coin art
Magical coin art
Includes two magnets
Includes 33 magnetized coins.
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  • Magic Penny Kit
  • Magical coin art
  • Magical coin art
  • Magical coin art
  • Includes two magnets
  • Includes 33 magnetized coins.
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Turn currency into tools of wonder when you build, play, and learn with the Magic Penny Magnetic Kit.

The kit’s two powerful magnets allow you to stack and manipulate the included British coins in fun and interesting ways. Follow the enclosed booklet to experiment with 44 unique activities including levitating pyramids, spinning towers, dancing coins, and more.

The scientific questions interwoven in the easy to follow instructions make this kit an interactive learning experience that feels like playtime.

Features & specs

  • Magnetic activity kit
  • Includes two ceramic magnets encased in stainless steel
  • Includes 32 newly minted British coins and one U.S. penny
  • Includes activity booklet with 44 activities
  • Ages 8+
  • Some activities require other household objects (not included)

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Magnet school

Simply giving kids magnets and coins can inspire creative exploration. But including a lesson booklet equips them with the knowledge they need to channel that creativity into problem solving.

The Magic Penny Kit’s instructional book has 44 activities that integrate science and engineering lessons into fun building exercises. They include periodic questions with answers that are revealed in the back of the book. It’s a great way to lead kids into learning about the world around them.

Penny pinching can make you smart.

Scientific sorcery

Despite what you may have gleaned from Harry Potter, Great Britain is not the epicenter of magic. Rather, British coins are used in the kit because of their magnetic properties which, when combined with the strong magnets, allow you to build seemingly impossible structures.

When you need a break from investigating the laws of magnetism, have fun creating your own structures using the magnets and coins. Leave your favorites displayed as decorations and proof that science can bring magic to the muggle world.

Magical coin artMagical coin artMagical coin art
Make cool stuff, learn cool stuff.

Pair of polarity

The two magnets included in the Magic Penny Kit are designed to best fit the educational and exploratory nature of the kit.

Each strong ceramic magnet is encased in stainless steel for durability. The ends are capped with plastic so the two magnets can be placed next to each other without smashing together.

Unlike bar magnets, the poles of the Magic Penny magnets are located on the sides instead of the ends. This gives you a larger surface area to play with the strongest part of the magnets, allowing you to create the cool structures in the book.

Includes two magnets
Because two is more than one.

A range of currency

The Magic Penny Magnetic Kit includes 32 British coins (twenty 1p, five 2p, six 5p, and one 10p) and one penny from the good ole’ US of A. The range of sizes allows you to build a variety of structures and observe how magnetism affects different sizes of coins.

The kit also includes two magnets and a detailed instruction booklet to guide you through your investigation of magnetism.

Includes 33 magnetized coins.
Magnetism works in any country.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does this include real currency?

Answer: Yep! All the coins in the Magic Penny Kit are legit and can be traded in exchange for goods and services. However, they’re not worth all that much, so we recommend using them to build cool magnetic structures.

Question: Can I use any coin?

Answer: You can use any coin that is magnetic.

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