Covert Coin: A stealthy storage made from an actual U.S. nickel.
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Covert Coin

A stealthy storage case made from an actual U.S. nickel.

Covert Coin
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These days, a nickel can't buy much. But at the same time, the Covert Coin just might save your life.

At first glance—actually, at incredibly close inspection—it appears identical to a government-issued nickel. Because it is! Each Covert Coin is made from a genuine piece of US currency. But with the right tools and technique, you can unlock the coin to store something much more valuable.

Place the coin into the included beveled opening ring, give it a sharp hit onto a tabletop, and the reverse side falls off, revealing a tiny compartment for you to store your biggest secrets. Once you've stashed away your secret, press the two pieces together to make what looks and feels like an ordinary piece of pocket change.

Whether you're leaving a note for your secret love, reminding yourself of your most private passwords and personal data, or actually engaging in espionage, the Covert Coin will help you store and transfer secrets like a true spy.

Features & specs

  • A spy-quality 5-cent piece with a hollow center
  • Covertly store a folded paper note, a micro SD card with digital files, and more
  • It's a real US nickel!
  • Includes 1 beveled opening ring and 1 two-piece hollow nickel
  • Made in the USA

Real sneaky

When it comes to keeping your precious things safe, the standard route is to lock it behind a heavy steel door and protect it with a number combination based on your mom's birthday. But the cleverer route is to divert a thief's attention away from what's valuable at all and hide your most special secrets in plain sight. Who would suppose that there's a nuclear launch code (or the password to your bank and your journaling blog) sitting amidst a pile of change in the coin dish?

The Covert Coin is an actual minted nickel that's been hollowed out, allowing you to store a micro SD card or slip of paper inside. Once it's sealed shut, it's identical to an ordinary nickel, making it a perfectly portable, super-stealthy way to store and transport important intel.

Is that a nickel in your pocket, or are you just smuggling state secrets?

Coin cache

Whether someone gives it a once-over or a good look (or even several), they won't notice anything odd about the Covert Coin. It looks exactly like a real US nickel because it is a real US nickel.

The inside of the coin has been drilled out to make space for your secret stash, but the outsides are practically in mint condition. The two pieces fit together so snugly that not only does it appear to be a single, solid chunk of metal, but you're sure to need a special opening device just to get the thing open. Luckily for you, the opening ring is included. Just place the coin inside the beveled holder, give it a hearty strike on a tabletop, and the reverse of the nickel will open up, giving you access to the goods within.

Various perspectives of the coin
The craftsmanship looks like a million bucks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is it legal to own?

Answer: Yes, the Covert Coin is legal to own.

Question: Can I spend it?

Answer: A cashier would definitely take the Covert Coin, but it's way too valuable for that.

Question: What capacity is the SD card?

Answer: The Covert Coin does not include an SD card; you have to use your own.

Question: Help! My SD Card won't fit.

Answer: Many micro SD cards have a plastic grabbing tab that makes them too thick. If you file the tab down, then it should fit.

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