Slug Light: An adorable night light with an ingenious power switch.
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Slug Light

An adorable night light with an ingenious power switch.

Slug Light
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Thanks to its rechargeable battery, Slug Light is portable. It also features an auto-off timer.
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  • Slug Light
  • Thanks to its rechargeable battery, Slug Light is portable. It also features an auto-off timer.
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If you're feeling a bit sluggish, it just might be bedtime. So enjoy your sleep while you're watched over by a cute, cartoony Slug Light, complete with googly eyes.

This mild-mannered mollusc emits a gentle, soft warm glow that invites you to drift away to a safe and soothing slumber. To activate the light, simply tap his eyes together! If you want to adjust how brightly your slug shines, pinch and hold the eye stalks together until you've reached your ideal brightness.

You can program him to automatically shut off after fifteen minutes or radiate a sense of calm and comfort all night long. Since he's powered by a rechargeable battery, you can set him wherever you need him (without leaving a slimy trail behind). If you need to turn him off, just tap the eye stalks again.

Enjoy a blissful trip to dreamland, complete with talking puppies, streets paved with ice cream, and friendly glowing slugs; some of your dreams just might come true.

Features & specs

  • A cute slug-themed night light
  • Tap the eye stalks together to toggle the lamp
  • Pinch and hold the eye stalks to adjust the lamp's brightness
  • Material: hollow soft-touch rubber
  • Googly eyes have free-floating pupils
  • Dimensions: 4" x 5" x 5.25" (10.2 cm x 12.5 cm x 12.8 cm)
  • Weight: 6.7 oz (192 g)
  • Light color: warm white (2800k)
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • On, off, and 15-minute modes
  • Includes 3' (91.5 cm) micro USB Type-A to USB Type-A cord

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Slumber by slug-light

Typically thoughts of a slug conjure up images of disgusting slime and creepy, muscular undulations. But with the Slug Light, your child's mind will be filled with nothing but the sweetest of dreams. That's because this charming critter trades mucus for the magic of cuteness thanks to a touchably soft vinyl body, an adorable appearance from any angle, and fun googly eyes perched atop its eye stalks.

The eyes cleverly double as a power switch and a dimmer. Tap them together to toggle the lamp's glow on and off. If you want to adjust the brightness, pinch and hold the eyes together until you've got the perfect level of ambient light to drift off to dreamland. Your friendly slug will watch over you as you sleep, casting a cozy glow or if you prefer, going to sleep by your side after a quarter hour thanks to the timer switch located on its underside.

Slither off to dreamland under the light of a glowing slug.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Yeah, but aren't slugs kind of gross?

Answer: We dare you to look at this adorable little lamp in its googly eyes and call it gross. It's not even slimy!

Question: How do you recharge the battery?

Answer: Simply use the included USB cable to plug it into your wall!

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