Magnogrip Magnetic Tool Wristband: Holds nails, screws, and small tools
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Magnogrip Magnetic Tool Wristband

Keeps nails, screws, and drill bits secured to your wrist.

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Even if you're not Bob Vila, you've probably attempted a few do-it-yourself projects such as hanging pictures or a curtain rod. Were you holding screws in your mouth? Did you drop nails from the top of a ladder and watch helplessly as they fell through your floor vents?

If so, the Magnogrip Magnetic Wristband makes these little jobs (and many others) much easier. Simply wrap the Magnogrip Wristband around your wrist (it attaches with Velcro) and then secure your nails, screws, drill bits, and other small tools to the embedded magnets. With the Magnogrip Magnetic Wristband, your tools will always be safely within reach.

Features & specs

  • 13" long x 3.5" high
  • 5 square inches of magnetic surface
  • Adjustable to fit nearly any size wrist
  • Velcro straps for easy attachment
  • Weighs only 3 ounces

Notes on this video

  • 0:40 - The design of the Magnogrip now includes two powerful magnetic bars.

Magnogrip holds tools on your wrist

The Magnogrip Magnetic Wristband helps you store screws, nails, and other small items on your wrist. This keeps them out of your mouth or your pocket so you can focus on the task at hand.

Keep screws, nails, and other small tools on your wrist with Magnogrip Magnetic Wristband.
No more lost screws or choking on nails thanks to the Magnogrip Magnetic Tool Wristband.

Comfortable design

The Magnogrip Wristband, when unrolled, is approximately thirteen inches long. This means it can fit nearly any size wrist. The area highlighted below is magnetic. You can easily fit 8-12 screws or nails on the Magnogrip Magnetic Wristband. You can even fit a small drill bit or two.

The Magnogrip Wristband is a magnetic wrist band that holds nails, screws, and other small tools.
The Magnogrip is a comfortable magnetic tool wristband.

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