Joe's Sticky Stuff: 20 foot roll of aggressive pressure-sensitive adhesive tape
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Joe's Sticky Stuff™

Super strong double-sided tape that is easy to remove.

Joe's Sticky Stuff™
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Joe's Sticky Stuff™ image
Joe's Sticky Stuff™ image
Joe's Sticky Stuff™ image
Joe's Sticky Stuff™ image
Joe's Sticky Stuff™ image
Joe's Sticky Stuff™ image
Joe's Sticky Stuff™ image
Joe's Sticky Stuff™ image
Joe's Sticky Stuff™ image
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Joe's Sticky Stuff is the best double-stick tape ever made, hands down. Invented and perfected behind-the-scenes in Hollywood, it was originally used to secure props in place without leaving behind any sticky residue and without damaging the item or the surface to which it was affixed.

Strong enough to lift a phone book, but easily removed with just two fingers, you'll find hundreds of uses for Joe's Sticky Stuff around the house and office.

Twenty-foot roll (1/2" width) is packaged in a decorative tin.

Features & specs

  • Dimensions: 20 ft roll of 1/2" tape
  • Easy to apply and easy to remove
  • Packaged in a secure-fit tin
  • Waterproof when applied to a dry surface

Double-sided tape that is strong enough to lift a phone book

Joe's Sticky Stuff™ is an aggressive pressure-sensitive adhesive. A two-inch strip applied to a wood block was easily able to lift a hefty phone book.

And while its strength is a huge bonus, what makes Joe's Sticky Stuff™ curiously awesome is the fact that it can be removed from most any surface without causing any damage. You simply pull it to remove -- no chemicals or solvents required.

Joe's Sticky Stuff adhesive tape is strong enough to lift a phone book.
Joe's Sticky Stuff is strong enough to lift a phone book.

Joe's Sticky Stuff™ is simple to use

Like any double-sided tape, simply tear off the amount you need, stick it to the wall or object, and remove the backing paper. Then, press the object onto the wall or surface. Bam.

Step 1: Apply a piece of Joe's Sticky Stuff removable mounting tape to the surface.
Step 1: Tear off a piece of tape and stick it to the surface.

Step 2: Remove the backing paper
Step 2: Remove the paper backing to reveal the other sticky side of tape.

Step 3: Press the object onto the Joe's Sticky Stuff tape.
Step 3: Press the object onto the surface.

Simply twist the object to remove

If you ever wish to remove an item, simply twist and pull. Joe's double-sided sticky tape will release its grip on your object without leaving behind any residue.

You can also remove the tape without causing any damage to the surface. Simply "scrape" up a corner of the tape with your fingernail and pull.

Step 4: Simply twist the object to remove it from the tape
When it's time to remove the object, simply twist and pull. It'll pop right off.

Just peel Joe's Sticky Stuff from the surface when finished.
Use your fingernail to dig up a corner of Joe's Sticky Stuff™. Then pull to remove the tape.
No sticky residue will be left behind.

Hundreds of uses

The easy-to-apply and easy-to-remove Joe's Sticky Stuff™ has hundreds of uses. Here are a few suggestions:

  • At the office:
    • Secure signs
    • Hang items for presentations (even in hotel conference rooms or clients' offices without fear of damaging their walls or windows)
    • Hang awesome Jonas Brothers posters in your co-worker's cubicle
  • At home:
    • Display your children's artwork without thumbtack holes or tape which may rip the paper when removed
    • Keep picture frames or paintings level without marring your walls
    • Decorate rooms and remove decorations without having to repaint walls
    • Hang holiday decor anywhere in the house, including windows
  • In a pinch:
    • Hold down a table cloth during a windy outdoor birthday party
    • Keep your glass top table from slipping off those tiny plastic discs

Use Joe's Sticky Stuff to keep pictures and paintings level.
Keep your artwork and picture frames hanging true and straight with a small piece of Joe's Sticky Stuff™.

Use Joe's Sticky Stuff to hang posters without damaging the wall.
Avoid thumbtack holes with a few pieces of Joe's Sticky Stuff™.

Hold down carpets and rugs with Joe's Sticky Stuff.
Hold down throw rugs and welcome mats.

Seriously, it's pretty strong stuff

Joe's Sticky Stuff™ is strong enough to hold your guilt, shame, and addictions. Check out the picture below. A single strip of Joe's Sticky Stuff™ is used to suspend a candy bar, a VHS tape (where did that come from?), and a coffee pot to one of the doors in our warehouse. That's pretty awesome.

Joe's Sticky Stuff is strong enough to hold a coffee pot on a wall.
Joe's Sticky Stuff™ is really sticky! It has no problem suspending a coffee pot on a steel door.

Packaged in an attractive metal tin

Joe's Sticky Stuff™ is sold in a 20 foot roll (1/2" wide) that's packaged inside an attractive metal tin.

Joe's Sticky Stuff double sided adhesive tape is packaged in an attractive tin.
As the label on the tin says, Joe's Sticky Stuff™ is easy to apply and easy to remove.

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