Color-Changing Chameleon: Lamp matches color of whatever you place it on
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Huey the Color-Changing Chameleon LED Lamp

Lamp automatically matches the color of whatever it sits on.

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Huey is the amazing color-copying chameleon lamp that can match the color of nearly anything! Simply place this electronic chameleon on top of a colorful book, poster, t-shirt - seriously, anything! - and his internal LEDs will automatically adjust to match the hue.

Slide Huey across a magazine cover and watch in amazement as he dynamically shifts color to match whatever hue is underneath. If you'd like to pause on a particular color, squeeze the area above his hind legs. Squeeze again to resume color-matching mode.

Huey can be powered via three AAA batteries (not included) or via the included AC adapter. Flick his mode switch to "demo" mode, set him on a nightstand, and turn Huey into a color-cycling mood lamp.

Ages 7+.

Features & specs

  • Dimensions: 7.25" x 4.75" x 3.25"
  • Dynamically matches the color of whatever it sits upon
  • Color cycling mode to act as a mood lamp
  • Squeeze Huey to hold the current color
  • Powered by included AC adapter or 3xAAA batteries (not included)
  • Ages 7+
  • Includes color experimentation sheet

Amazing lamp matches the color of its surroundings!

Merely place Huey on top of any object and he'll automatically match the color of that item. The color-copying Huey is similar to carbon-based chameleons, but instead of changing its skin color, it modifies the hue of its internal LED light to match whatever it is sitting on.

Position him on top of a beautiful turquoise book and he'll glow turquoise. Place him on a red poster, and he'll radiate that same beautiful red. Squeeze the area above his hind legs to pause on that color and Huey will remain red until pinched again.

Huey the Chameleon Lamp matches the color of whatever object it is sitting upon.
Huey dynamically changes its color to match whatever it is placed upon.

Use Huey as a mood lamp, too!

Not only can the Color-Changing Chameleon Lamp match its surroundings, but Huey can also be thrown into "demo" mode to act as a color-cycling mood lamp. He'll slowly shift through a wide spectrum of colors until turned off or switched back to color-copying mode.

A sampling of the colors that Huey can produce.
Huey the Color-Copying Chameleon Lamp can cycle through a wide array of colors.

A technical view of the chameleon lamp

The underside of Huey is where all the magic happens!

The color-matching sensor shines a light in order to determine the hue of what is underneath it. It then uses this information to adjust the tone of the chameleon's internal LEDs.

Huey also features a 3-way selector switch to control its mode. It can be on, off, or in demo mode. When switched on, Huey will constantly adjust its color to match whatever it is sitting upon. In demo mode, he will slowly cycle through his available colors.

Your Color-Copying Chameleon Lamp can be powered either via the included AC adapter or 3 x AAA batteries (not included).

Underside view of Huey the Color-Copying Chameleon Lamp.
The underside of Huey features its color-matching sensor, mode switch,
battery compartment, and AC adapter terminal.

Also makes for a great nightlight!

Huey includes an AC adapter for long term lounging. Perch him on your nightstand and choose to let him cycle through his color palette or pick your soothing color of choice.

Of course, if you need to make a late-night trip to the fridge to snack on some spätzle, simply unplug Huey and take him with you. He can be powered by 3xAAA batteries (not included).

With the included AC adapter, Huey can be a perfect lamp.
Huey makes for a great nightlight, too!

Squeeze Huey to pause on a particular color

For the sake of argument, let's pretend you've placed Huey on top of your delicious Red Cherry World's Largest Gummy Bear and want Huey to continue displaying that delicious color no matter where you move him. No problem!

Simply squeeze him above his hind legs. His body is made from flexible plastic and you'll feel the click of a small switch. The current color will be locked until you squeeze Huey again.

Squeeze the area above Huey's hind legs to pause on the current color.
Hold the current color by squeezing the small switch above Huey's hind legs.

Lizards are awesome!

Here's a fun fact: many chameleons have tongues longer than their own bodies! Now check out the alternate angles of Huey when his light is turned off.

Various views of the color-copying Chameleon Lamp.
Huey the Color-Copying Chameleon Lamp seen from multiple angles.

Yes, it can match Vat19's orange! (We know you were worried about that)

Our trademark orange is a blend of 100% red and 17% green. It appears that Huey can match this color almost perfectly. We're pretty sure you'll have just as much fun as we did placing Huey on just about anything you can find. Enjoy! But first, buy, buy, buy!

Huey the Chameleon Lamp on the Vat19 shirt.
Huey the Chameleon Lamp does a pretty good job matching the orange in the Vat19 logo.
He'll also do a great job matching the color of whatever you decide to place underneath him.

Sorry! It's out of stock.


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Note: The product details shown on Vat19 (including price) may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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