Thumby Keychain Game Console: A teeny tiny handheld game console that works!
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Thumby Keychain Game Console

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A teeny tiny handheld game console that works!

Thumby Keychain Game Console
Thumby Keychain Game Console DEMO
Smallest Video Game Ever?
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  • Video: Smallest Video Game Ever?
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Video games have never been bigger, and with the Thumby Keychain Game Console, they've never been smaller either.

This itty bitty handheld console is barely an inch tall, but it's fully playable complete with a D-pad and two action buttons. Inspired by the original GameBoy, this peerlessly playable plaything is jam-packed full of retro gaming.

The micro gaming computer comes with five games (tiny versions of Snake, a side-scroller, a multi-directional shooter, Pong, a dungeon- RPG) with many more available for free download from the ever-expanding Thumby library. Plug the console into your computer to access the collection or even create your own games. When you're not going for the high score, the super-small system dangles from your keys as a tiny totem of nostalgic gaming. Thumby proves that great things really do come in small packages.

Features & specs

  • A working gaming console smaller than your thumb
  • Really works! (4-way D-pad, 2 action buttons, power toggle switch)
  • Pre-programmed with 5 retro games
  • Download free manufacturer and user-created games
  • Programmable using MicroPython through the Thumby Code Editor or Arduino Code Editor to create your own games
  • Connectivity: micro USB for charging, programming, and multiplayer (using Thumby Link cable, sold separately)
  • Outputs: 72x40 Monochrome OLED Display, Piezo Speaker
  • Powered by 40 mAh Rechargeable LiPo Battery for approx. 2 hours of gameplay
  • Dimensions: 1.2" X 0.7" X 0.3" (29.5mm x 18mm x 8.5mm)
  • Material: polycarbonate plastic case
  • Multiplayer support via Thumby Link cable

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