Magnatab Mini: A small magnetic fidget tablet for making fun art!
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Mini Magnatab

A small magnetic fidget tablet for making fun art!

Mini Magnatab
Mini Magnatab image
Mini Magnatab image
Mini Magnatab image
Mini Magnatab image
Mini Magnatab image
Mini Magnatab image
Mini Magnatab image
Mini Magnatab image
Mini Magnatab image
Mini Magnatab image
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Mini Magnatab Demo
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  • Mini Magnatab
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  • Video: Mini Magnatab Demo
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  • Video: When Your Boss Won't Listen
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  • Video: If James Bond Were An Introvert
  • Mini Magnatab — Avocado
  • Mini Magnatab — Cactus
  • Mini Magnatab — Lightning Bolt
Mini Magnatab - Avocado
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Mini Magnatab - Lightning Bolt
Lightning Bolt
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The Magnatab Mini is a magnetizing fidget toy and adorable accessory that makes playtime portable!

Available in three adorable shapes, you can choose between the bold lightning bolt, cute cactus, or charming avocado. No matter which design fits your vibe, use the attached stylus to attract tiny magnetic balls to the board's surface with an ultra-satisfying 'click'. Glide the stylus along the board to leave a metal trail that fills in the design or create new patterns and shapes on your own. And don't worry, the balls can't fall out of the tablet, so you can enjoy it anywhere, mess-free!

When your magnetic masterpiece is complete, you can 'erase' the beads with a light touch of your finger to leave the holes ready to be refilled. Click, erase, repeat!

Features & specs

  • Small magnetic tablet board and stylus
  • 3 different designs: Lightning Bolt, Cactus, or Avocado
  • Plastic clip included
  • Portable (great for road trips)
  • Addictive tactile response
  • Ages 3+
  • Number of Metal Balls: Lightning Bolt: 36, Cactus: 46, Avocado: 57
  • Lightning Bolt (approx. dimensions): 4" x 1" x 2.38" (10.16cm x 2.54cm x 6.04cm)
  • Cactus (approx. dimensions): 4.25" x 1.1" x 2.88" (10.79cm x 2.79cm x 7.32cm)
  • Avocado (approx. dimensions): 4.44" x 1" x 2.9" (11.28cm x 2.54cm x 7.37cm)
  • Stylus Approx. Dimensions: 3" x 0.28" diameter (7.62cm x 0.71cm diameter)

Stylus pops magnets to the surface!

Summon the metal balls from within the Mini Magnatab using the magnetic attraction of the stylus.

Whether your patterns are carefully designed and crafted in your mind or you're a go-with-the-flow kind of person or you're just looking to hear that satisfying click sound, the stylus is your magnetic paint brush. Move it slowly to attract one ball at a time or glide it quickly to engage as many of the little spheres as possible!

Magnetic Stylus Attracting Metal Balls
The satisfying click sound will keep you coming back for more.

Erase with your fingers!

After you’re done with the auditory joy of drawing with magnets, you get to experience the tactile fun of erasing them with your finger!

Whether you meticulously press on each metal ball or clear them all with a swipe of your palm, the balls easily recede back into the tablet, ready to come to the surface whenever you are.

Finger Erasing Lighting Bold Fidget Toy
Erasing on the Mini Magnatab is just as fun as drawing with it!

Clip it on the go!

When your new-found favorite toy is this adorable, you want to show it off! That’s why the Mini Magnatab has a large clip so you carry it around without worrying about losing it. Clip it to your backpack or keychain so you can display and play with your cute toy wherever you want!

Lightning Bolt Fidget Toy Hanging on a Backpack
It's a perfect backpack accessory.

Fun for anyone, anywhere!

This fun little fidget toy is the perfect size to transport wherever you feel the fidgeting urge!

Take your magnatab to the park, click the magnets into place on long car rides, or just enjoy the magnetic masterpiece from the comfort of your own couch. Oh, the places you'll Magnatab!

Child holding cactus fidget toy
Fidget anywhere, anytime!

Magnets can't fall out!

Once you attract the magnetic balls to the surface, they click into place in the plastic casing. Not only is this super satisfying, it also secures the spheres in position; no matter how hard you shake it, the little magnetic balls won't fall out of place!

Of course, if you broke the magnatab, then they would fall out, but why did you do that? Not everything is 'Break It to Make It', you know.

Cactus Fidget Toy with Metal Balls Secured in Place
The Mini Magnatab is safe and easy-to-use.

A stylus that really clicks!

The Mini Magnatab is not only an adorable fidget, it’s also cleverly designed.

After you’re done using the stylus to get your click-clack fix, turn over the fidget toy to reveal a holster on the backside. Pop in the magnetic pen for safekeeping, and then pop it out again when you're ready to put your fidgeting fingers to work!

And just like any portable toy, you don’t want the pieces to go everywhere when you try to use it anywhere. That's why the Mini Magnatab’s stylus is tethered to the tablet with a string. Clever, right? We think so too.

Stylus Clicks into Back of Avocado Fidget Toy
The stylus clicks into the back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can the balls fall out?

Answer: Nope! The magnetic balls are secured into place so that they stay within the tablet. They should stay in as long as the tablet isn't broken!

Question: Is there a bigger version?

Answer: Yes! We also sell the Magnatab which is a magnetic board with 483 magnetic balls inside!

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