Jishaku: The Game of Magnetic Action
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Jishaku Magnetic Board Game

The game of magnetic action.

Jishaku Magnetic Board Game
Jishaku Magnetic Board Game image
Jishaku Magnetic Board Game image
Jishaku Magnetic Board Game image
Jishaku Magnetic Board Game image
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    • Please note that the Jishaku contest mentioned in the video is closed.
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Master the art of magnetic attraction with Jishaku, the strategic boardgame.

Your goal is to place all of your magnetic "stones" on the Jishaku board without any of them touching each other. This is simple at first, but becomes increasingly challenging as the board fills up. Stones will twist, turn, and jump as you search for a safe location. Make a mistake and a flurry of magnetic action will end with a half dozen stones stuck together.

Due to the small magnets, Jishaku is recommended for ages 14+. Designed for one or more players.

Features & specs

  • Board dimensions: 9.75" x 6" x 2"
  • 1+ players
  • Includes 18 magnetic stones, storage bag, game board
  • Recommended for ages 14+

Notes on this video

  • Please note that the Jishaku contest mentioned in the video is closed.

Jishaku: the game of magnetic action

Jishaku is a simple, yet addictive magnetic boardgame for one or more players. Essentially, your goal is to place all of your magnetic stones onto the game board without any of them touching each other.

Sounds simple, right? Not so fast. The magnetic stones are extremely strong and can easily fly across the board when attracted to each other.

Jishaku Magnetic Board Game playing
In Jishaku, your goal is to place all of your magnetic stones on the board without any of them touching.
It's much harder than it looks.

Jishaku is mega-tough

As you hold your stone above the Jishaku board, you may feel the magnetic attraction of other pieces. Some may begin to twist and turn in place.

Use these clues to determine how to orient your stone and prevent two or more magnets from "jumping" together. It's incredibly easy for a domino effect to occur where suddenly four or five magnets end up stuck together.

Whenever you are unable to place a stone safely, you must remove the clump of magnets and add them back to your pile of stones. Whoever places all of their stones safely on the Jishaku board first wins.

The objective of Jishaku is to place your magnet onto the board without disturbing any of the other magnets.
Do your best to place your stone without attracting any other magnets. Good luck. You will need it.

A game of strategy, crazy magnetic action

Jishaku is like chess, but without the strange piece movements, timers, and creepy Russian nerds. OK, it's not much like chess at all. Still, Jishaku requires a lot of strategy and skill.

As you "feel" where you'd like to place a piece, it's quite common for other stones to quickly spin or shift as they respond to the attraction or repulsion of your magnet. This can cause a rapid cascade of magnetic action on other areas of the board. Before you know it, five stones have snapped together. Jishaku is a simple, exciting, and often frustrating game.

The Jishaku game includes 18 super-strong magnetic stones.
Jishaku includes eighteen super-strong magnetic stones.

What's in the box

Jishaku includes a draw-string storage bag, 9" x 6" game board, and 18 magnetic stones.

The Jishaku game comes with a storage bag, game base, and 18 magnetic stones.

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