Grecian Bottle: Logic and dexterity puzzle in a glass bottle.
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Grecian Bottle Puzzle

Logic and dexterity puzzle in a glass bottle.

Grecian Bottle Puzzle
Goal: remove the ball... Simple! (Or is it?)
OK, now get it all back in there!
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  • Grecian Bottle
  • Goal: remove the ball... Simple! (Or is it?)
  • OK, now get it all back in there!
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The ancient Greeks gave birth to a treasure trove of wisdom that we take for granted—including a love of knowledge and a formal system of logic.

The Grecian Bottle puts that logic to the test. Use your wits and hands to free the wooden dowel, nut and bolt, metal pin, and wooden ball from this glass bottle. You'll need a creative mind, steady nerves, and plenty of patience. To fully master the Grecian Bottle, put the assortment of objects back the way you found them and pass the puzzle on to someone else.

When challenged to solve the puzzle of the Gordian knot, Alexander the Great decided to destroy it. While you could simply smash the glass to pieces to solve the riddle of the Grecian Bottle, it’s much more rewarding (and involves less cleanup) to use your mind.

Features & specs

  • Puzzle in a bottle
  • Remove the rod, nut, bolt, pin, and ball from the bottle, then return contents back into the bottle reattached
  • Materials: glass bottle, wood rod and ball, metal pin, nut, and bolt
  • Approximate dimensions: 8" x 2 3/4" x 1" (20.3 cm x 7 cm x 2.5 cm)

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Hit the bottle hard.

You might have noticed Vat19 has a thing for bottle openers. Dig deeper, and you'll find an affinity for interesting puzzles too. So discovering the Grecian Bottle was a sincere eureka moment.

We challenge you to find the solution to this seemingly simple puzzle. The wooden rod is trapped inside the bottle by a cotter pin and a nut and bolt. Can you free the dowel without breaking the glass?

Goal: remove the ball... Simple! (Or is it?)
Get down to nuts and bolts.

Put the genie back in the bottle

If you've removed the wooden dowel, you've cracked the Grecian Bottle's secret! But you've only completed half the challenge. The other half of your Herculean task is to put everything back the way you found it.

Trying to reset the elements to their original places proves that there's more to this puzzle-in-a-bottle than mere mental might.

OK, now get it all back in there!
Maybe you'll need some brain food.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is it possible to solve?

Answer: Would we sell a puzzle that was unsolvable? Psssh! Come on!

Question: Show me how to solve it!

Answer: No.

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