Laser Maze: The Beam-Bending Logic Game
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Laser Maze Logic Game

Manipulate the laser in this beam-bending logic game.

Laser Maze
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Pump some brain iron with the beam-bending logic game, Laser Maze. Your goal is to arrange a series of tokens to reflect and split a laser beam and hit all of the targets.

Laser Maze includes 60 unique challenges ranging from beginner to expert difficulty. If you get stumped, don't worry, solutions are printed on the reverse of each card.

Uses an eye-safe class II laser. Batteries included. Ages 8+.

Features & specs

  • Uses a real laser! (eye safe)
  • Ages 8+
  • 60 challenge cards
  • From the creator of Khet
  • Dimensions (board): 7" x 7" x 1"
  • Batteries included

Get ready for a laser-bouncing logic game!

Laser Maze challenges you to skillfully direct a laser beam around a small 5x5 board in order to light up one or more targets.

This one-player game is fun for two reasons. First, it uses a laser. Second, it requires you to engage your brain. Remember, that's the organ located a few feet above your phone. It will certainly thank you (and Laser Maze) for the exercise.

Man playing a game of Laser Maze.
Win the game by manipulating the laser to hit the targets.

Reflect those laser beams!

Lasers always shoot straight... unless aimed into a mirror.

Laser Maze includes a variety of pieces that bounce the beam, split the beam, block the beam, or simply allow it to continue along its path. Your goal is to use these pieces to guide the beam around the board until it hits one or more targets. Oftentimes, this is easier said than done.

Close-up view from the beam-bending logic game, Laser Maze.
Guide the laser beam around the board using Laser Maze's beam-splitting and beam-bouncing tokens.

Meet your nemesis: The challenge cards

To play Laser Maze, you must first select a challenge card. This double-sided card features a scenario to solve on one side and the solution on the reverse.

The challenge setup indicates the initial setup of the board, a list of pieces that must be added to the grid, and the number of targets that must be hit by the beam. Your job is to figure out how to arrange everything in order to illuminate the number of targets indicated.

As the difficulty increases, the challenge card will provide fewer startup details. Laser Maze includes 60 challenges (15 each of beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert puzzles).

Detailed view of a Laser Maze challenge card.
Double-sided challenge cards feature a puzzle on one side and the solution on the reverse.

Six token styles enhance gameplay

Laser Maze includes six different tokens. There is one laser whose beam can be split to hit as many as three targets in a single game.

Laser modifiers include the beam splitter (2), mirror/target (5), and double-sided mirror (1). The mirrors bounce the beam 90 degrees whereas the beam splitter allows half of the beam to continue along its original path and the other half to bounce 90 degrees.

The final two tokens are the checkpoint and cell block. The checkpoint requires the beam to pass through it, but the beam is unmodified. The cell block prevents other tokens from occupying its space, but does not block the laser beam's path.

Tackle each Laser Maze challenge using combinations of the six included styles of tokens.
In addition to the laser beam, Laser Maze includes five types of tokens.

60 beam-bending logic puzzles

Laser Maze includes 60 challenge cards ranging from beginner to expert. There are fifteen challenges each for beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert difficulty levels. The solution to each puzzle is included on the back of each card.

Laser Maze includes 60 challenge cards ranging from beginner to expert level.
Become a Laser Maze master by solving all 60 challenges.

Give it a try! It's fun!

Try the intermediate challenge below.

The card (left side of image below) outlines the location, but not the orientation, of six tokens (one yellow checkpoint and five purple target/mirrors). The card also gives you the location and orientation of the green beam splitter. You must also add the laser to the grid, but the card does not give you the location or orientation. Finally, you must light up two of the five targets.

Think it through and then click the image below to see the solution.

Click to return to original image. Try a Laser Maze Challenge

Try solving the Laser Maze challenge pictured above. You must determine where to place the laser so that
two mirror/targets are illuminated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Isn't this just like that awesome game, Khet, that is also available at

Answer: It is certainly similar in that it uses lasers and laser-modifying tokens. However, Khet is more like chess in that you compete against another player. Laser Maze is more like solitaire chess (imagine that, another Vat19 cross-promo!) in that it's a one player game involving individual puzzles.

Question: Can you see the path of the laser?

Answer: No, all you can see is if the laser hits your intended target(s). The mirror/target pieces feature semi-opaque areas that will glow red if the laser strikes it.

Question: If I look into the laser, will it hurt my eyes?

Answer: No. The laser used in Laser Maze is eye safe. However, try to avoid aiming the laser into your eyes.

Question: Will this game make me smarter?

Answer: If we say yes, will you buy one?

Question: Umm, sure, OK, I'll buy one.

Answer: Perfect! We thought about including a primer on quantum mechanics with your purchase, but it'd be a waste of money. After completing Laser Maze, you won't need that book; you'll write that book. Now, buy, buy, buy!

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