Roller Coaster Challenge: Amusement park themed thinking game.
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Roller Coaster Challenge

Amusement park themed thinking game.

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If you like solving logic puzzles, you're in for a wild ride. Roller Coaster Challenge is a mind-bending three-dimensional playground for engineers.

Your goal in this thinking game is to use the track pieces prescribed on the challenge card to create a functioning roller coaster that can get the car to safely glide to the end of the track. In addition to figuring out how to turn and loop-the-loop your coaster to its destination, you'll need to plan the right heights to get your pretend passengers there using only gravity.

Roller Coaster Challenge proves designing a roller coaster can be as fun for your brain as it is exciting for your body to ride in one. (Plus you don’t have to wait in line!)

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Features & specs

  • Roller coaster themed logic puzzle
  • Solve a challenge in 3D by assembling the pieces
  • 1 player game
  • 4 levels of difficulty
  • Includes: game grid, 1 roller coaster car, 39 track pieces, 36 post pieces, 2 tunnels, 40 challenges with solutions, and instructions
  • Game grid dimensions: 10" x 10" (25.4 cm x 25.4 cm)
  • Recommended ages: 6+

Game of gravity

You may not be able to appreciate it while screaming at the top of your lungs, but roller coasters are truly engineering marvels.

At their basic level, they're trains that rely on the pull of the earth to move the cars forward. When you play Roller Coaster Challenge, you'll find they're a bit more complicated and a bit more fun than that. Puzzle your way through 40 unique challenges where starting and end points have been set for you. Your task is to fill in the remaining track so that the car can get to the end safely. Enjoy the ride!

From card to coaster to complete...oh yeah!

Rollercoaster tycoon

Like ThinkFun's other logic brain teasers, your objective in Roller Coaster Challenge is to move a token from point A to point B by adding the missing pieces in between.

Roller Coaster Challenge's coaster-themed puzzles have you drawing a card to determine the start and end points as well as the pieces you're allowed to use. Set up the game grid to look exactly like the card, and you're ready to roll. Now it's your job to engineer a coaster that can transport the car along the track to the end point using only those pieces from the challenge card.

When you've done it right, your thrill seekers will make it safely to the finish and await you to build the next challenge.

Solve challenges to ride!Solve challenges to ride!Solve challenges to ride!Solve challenges to ride!
You fill in the gaps… because roller coasters shouldn't have gaps.

Thrills for beginners and experts

The challenge in Roller Coaster Challenge is actually 40 unique puzzles to solve.

Since not everyone begins their career in coaster construction with a PhD in engineering awesome stuff, the 40 challenge cards are divided into 4 different difficulty levels. Like a roller coaster, they start off slow and pick up momentum as they progress. Unlike a roller coaster, you won’t face a class-action lawsuit if you make a mistake.

40 coaster challenges from easy to super hard!40 coaster challenges from easy to super hard!40 coaster challenges from easy to super hard!
There's no height requirement to play.

Create coasters!

How often do you get to build and run your very own roller coaster? When you've got Roller Coaster Challenge, it's whenever you want!

With dips, curves, and loops, the roller coaster-themed puzzle is so fun you might not even realize you're thinking hard while you play. The game is half logic puzzle, half coaster construction kit, and completely awesome!

Design your own coasters!
Throw them for a loop (literally).

Coaster construction kit

Roller Coaster Challenge includes all the materials you'll need to get building your very own roller coasters. The box houses a game grid, 39 track pieces, 36 post pieces, 2 tunnels, 40 challenges with solutions, and instructions for play.

Game grid & coaster car, 75+ pieces, 40 challenge cards, detailed instructions
The only thing missing is your big, beautiful brain to solve the challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Could I get multiple sets and string them together to create a mega coaster?

Answer: Because of Roller Coaster Challenge's modular nature, it's certainly possible that you could, but none of the challenge cards will work with that setup.

Question: How flexible are the track pieces?

Answer: The track pieces are made of rigid plastic and aren't supposed to bend to solve the roller coaster puzzle.

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