Gravity Maze: The Falling Marble Logic Game
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Gravity Maze

The brain-teasing falling marble logic game.

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Test your mental might with Gravity Maze.

The logic puzzle challenges your visual perception and reasoning skills as you try to create a path for the marble to roll along. Direct the ball from its raised starting point to the target on the board’s lowest level with a track you design.

Each of the translucent towers can be arranged, rotated, and even stacked on the board to create a three-dimensional route for the marble to traverse on its way to the finish line of a solved puzzle.

Sixty different puzzles ranging in four different difficulties will give you a full-brain workout. If you’re thoroughly stumped, the solution is printed on the back of each card.

Features & specs

  • Single Player
  • Ages 8+
  • 60 unique challenges
  • Includes game board, 9 puzzle towers, 1 target piece
  • Includes 60 puzzle cards and 3 marbles
  • Game board dimensions: 6.5" x 6.5" x 1"

Weight a minute… this maze has three dimensions

In Gravity Maze, the goal is simple: get the marble from here to there. But accomplishing this goal on a 3D maze is anything but easy.

Each challenge card describes the starting and end points for the marble and which towers you can use to make a path. Use your brain muscle to figure out how to make gravity carry the marble over, down, and toward the target by rearranging and rotating the towers.

Solve a 3D Maze with a marble and plastic towers
Guide the marble as it drops through the maze.

Are you clever enough to master the maze?

Gravity Maze has sixteen board positions, ten towers, and twenty ways to orient each tower. In other words, there are a ton of ways to set the pieces on the board grid, but there’s only one way to solve each challenge.

Simply put, you’ll have to muster up all of your puzzling skills to solve each maze.

Arrange the pieces to solve the puzzle
You gotta figure this out, ‘cause we’re stumped.

Mazes for days

Gravity Maze comes with sixty puzzles in four different difficulty levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert.

Solve them all and you can savor the joy of solving sixty super-hard maze challenges!

60 solution cards with solutions on the back.
Mazes on mazes on mazes.

How the heck do you solve this thing?

Here’s a hint: just because the towers are tall and narrow doesn’t mean they have to stick straight up.

The vertically-oriented towers satisfyingly snap into the board in four orientations, but they can also lay on their sides, creating twenty more orientation possibilities. And since we’re feeling extra-generous, here’s another hint: You can stack the towers on top of one another. Wait, it feels like the challenge just got harder...

Arrange, rotate, and stack pieces in a multitude of ways.
It’s like a hamster tunnel for your brain.

Everything but the kitchen sink

Gravity Maze is a complete 3D puzzling package. Ten building towers snap into the sturdy game board. With three marbles and sixty challenge cards, you’re all set.

Gravity maze comes with 3 marbles, a game grid, ten building towers, and sixty challenge cards in four difficulty levels.
It comes with everything you need to solve it... except a brilliant mind.
(Hint: You supply that)

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