Geologic: A logic puzzle where you shape new worlds!!
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A logic puzzle where you shape new worlds!

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Sorry, flat-earthers, but everyone knows that planets are round—unless you're playing Geologic! This 30-sided logic game challenges you to create wondrous new worlds in configurations that you've never dreamed of.

The goal of this brain game is to cover the globe with biome pieces to complete the planet shown on the challenge card. The card will tell you what piece to start with and how many of each game piece or "biome" you'll use, but you'll have to figure out where to put the pieces next. When all 30 faces of the core are covered, you win!

Although the logistics of the game are fun and challenging, the topographical puzzle pieces are themselves interesting tactile toys which makes arranging each angular environment as satisfying to feel as it is to see. In addition, this game helps to build deductive and spatial reasoning and encourages logical thinking so you can create new worlds while you bulk up your brain!

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Features & specs

  • A 30-sided logic puzzle game
  • Build new biomes!
  • Includes: 1 planet core, 3 tundra pieces, 3 forest pieces, 3 mountain pieces, 3 desert pieces, 2 ocean pieces, 60 challenge cards, 1 instruction booklet
  • Single-player
  • Ages 8+

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