Snip Snap Game: A fast-action dice matching game.
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Snip Snap Game

A fast-action dice matching game.

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What do you get when you match a pair of socks? In Snip Snap, you get one step closer to victory!

This rapid dice game will have you rolling your set of six color-coded dice against your opponents, all at the same time. Instead of numbers, the face of each die contains a symbol: a shark, a surfboard, a sun, a star, a snake, a snowflake, a splatter, or a shoe*.

When you notice one of your symbols, for example a shark, matches an opponent's, you call out, "Shark Snap!" and grab the dice. That's one fewer dice you have to re-roll, and the goal of the game is to end up with none left. With fast, frantic fun like this, you'll find out who the best matcher in your group is in just a few minutes. Then it's time for a rematch!

Features & specs

  • A fast-paced matching game with dice
  • Includes 36 six-sided dice in six different colors, a mesh drawstring travel bag, and a rulebook
  • For 2-6 players
  • Approximate play time per round: 5 minutes
  • Recommended for ages 7+
  • *Each die in a dice set differs from the others. There are eight different symbols and six sides per die.
Vat19 tries Snip Snap! | Let's Play

Duel for dual

Snip Snap is a game that combines speed, an eagle eye, and a little bit of random luck to create a frenzy of fun.

In each rapid round, the players all simultaneously roll all of their color-coded dice into a shared playing area. Each die in the set is uniquely printed with a set of pictographic symbols on each side. The first player to snap up a symbol match (say, a set of snowflakes or a pair of sharks) that includes their own color of dice gets to set their dice to the side and return the other colorful cube back to its rightful owner. Then the players collect all of their dice and re-roll to seek out another match.

The first player to get rid of all of their dice wins the game!

Roll Your Dice; Match & Grab; then eliminate your dice to win!Roll Your Dice; Match & Grab; then eliminate your dice to win!Roll Your Dice; Match & Grab; then eliminate your dice to win!
C'mon, lucky number… snakes?!

Distinctive dice

You probably know your average die contains six sides, each face numbered with a set of dots representing a number. But by now you know that Snip Snap is not your average dice game.

36 dice for 2-6 players
Snap up a set.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Could a younger aged person play the game?

Answer: Snip Snap is recommended for ages 7 and up, but if you think your little one is ready for the challenge of rolling and matching, then game on!

Question: How does the dynamic change with different players?

Answer: With two players, it feels like a mano-a-mano duel, while adding players (and, of course, more sets of dice) can make the game more frenzied (but just as fun).

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