Dope or Nope Game: Make a dope product by combining items into hilarious combos.
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Dope or Nope Game

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Create a dope product by combining everyday items into hilarious combinations.

Dope or Nope Game
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You've watched YouTube's Matthias make the call through your screen. Now you're in control when you create exciting new products with your friends and decide whether they're Dope or Nope!

This fun and creative party game lets you imagine outrageous products with curious combinations like a diamond unicorn or a roller skate boxing glove that you pitch to the judge for that round. You'll be laughing hysterically for hours at all of the possible iterations of items you can mash up—and the sales pitch that goes with them.

Made by the wildly popular YouTube channel of the same name, the clever Dope or Nope game definitely meets the “dope” standards of Matthias and his crew. So bring your most epic pitches and make truly dope products!

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Features & specs

  • A fun product-inventing game
  • Family friendly
  • 3 play modes: Classic, The Dope Vote, and Dope or Die.
  • 3 or more players
  • Includes: 265 Product Cards, 50 Buyer Cards, 30 Dope Cards, and a one minute timer.
  • Ages 8+

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