Pixelate: A game of guessing pictures made with pixels.
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Pixelate Pixel Art Game

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A game of guessing pictures made with pixels.

Pixelate Game
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A pixel is just one piece of an image that produces a whole picture when put together with other pixels, but what if there were just a limited number of pixels to piece together?

Pixelate is a guessing game that forces you to use your wits to assemble an image with a limited number of wooden pixel-blocks in hopes the other players can see what you see on your playing card.

Points are awarded for good art and for good guesses, and the first player or team to run out of pixels wins. But here's the catch: The more you score, the fewer pixels you have at your disposal to create your next piece. For once, lower pixel resolution is kind of a good thing!

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Features & specs

  • Create pixel art for others to guess
  • Contains: instructions, 84 picture cards, 12 clue cards, 4 score cards, 60 wooden pixels, and 1 art board
  • 2-8 players
  • 30 minutes average game play
  • 6+ ages

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