Bunch of Butts: A raucous card game all about butts!
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Bunch of Butts Card Game

A raucous card game all about butts!

Bunch of Butts
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Bunch of Butts image
Bunch of Butts image
Bunch of Butts image
Bunch of Butts image
Bunch of Butts image
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Guess All These Famous Butts!
We All Wanna Slap This Butt
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If you're looking for a fun game that you can get behind, then look no further than Bunch of Butts!

In this rumpus room romp, you collect cards with illustrated pictures of posteriors like Big Butt, Double Butt, and the puzzling Scuttle Butt.

If you see a butt that matches one in your possession, shout it out before the other players, and you’ll be rewarded with the card. Hold onto your butts because with this game you're going to need 'em! The first player to spell out "Bunch of Butts" with their card booty is the winner.

With 17 different kinds of hilarious booty pics and a foam fanny that you have to spank, this game is a buttload of fun!

Features & specs

  • A butt-themed matching card game
  • Contains: 71 cards, 1 foam butt, 1 rule guide
  • Made for 2-8 players
  • Ages 7+

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is there a time limit to this game?

Answer: The game ends when someone spells out "Bunch of Butts" first. There is no time limit.

Question: Does this involve spanking my opponents?

Answer: The only spanking required in the game is when you spank the foam butt.

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