Pencil Nose Game: A silly party game that turns your schnoz into a stylus.
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Pencil Nose Game

A silly party game that turns your schnoz into a stylus.

Pencil Nose Game
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Vat19 tests the Pencil Nose game | Let's Play!
Vat19 Plays Pencil Nose
  • Pencil Nose Game
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  • Video: Vat19 tests the Pencil Nose game | Let's Play!
  • Video: Vat19 Plays Pencil Nose
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Can you draw a rose with your nose? A trout with your snout? Find out with Pencil Nose, the party game where you make marks on a clear dry-erase board using a special set of glasses that have a marker protruding from the muzzle.

When you sport these specs, you look a bit silly, but instead of looking like Groucho Marx, you look ready to doodle with your nose onto the window-like dry-erase board.

Use an object from the prompt card and race against the clock to see if your team can guess what you're sketching with the marker attached to your sneezer. For each round, the team with the most correct guesses gains a point, and seven points marks a win.

Scratch your nose's itch for creativity and let the fun flow with the Pencil Nose Game!

Features & specs

  • A party game of drawing pictures with your nose while your teammates guess what you're drawing
  • Includes: 1 erasable drawing board, 2 pairs of pencil nose glasses with straps, 2 erasable markers, 1 eraser, 90 object cards with 6 objects each, and 1 sand timer
  • Recommended for ages 8+
  • Players: 4+

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