Noggin': A lightning-quick word-based card game!
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Noggin' Word Association Game

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A lightning-quick word-based card game!

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Test your mental reflexes to see if you've got the best brain in the room with Noggin'! This fast-paced word association card game challenges you to be the first to generate a genius answer using the given prompt and available letters.

The simple gameplay has everyone take turns laying down cards showing a letter of the alphabet until someone plays an action card, which kicks the competition into gear! Each player must now race to think of a word that matches the direction on the action card and uses the letters displayed.

For example: in "word association" you'll take two visible letter cards (say 'A' and 'M') and try to make words from an obvious connection, like Astronaut and Moon. But if you draw "bookends" then you'll try to build a word that begins and ends with the letters, like Arm or Magma. The player with the first answer keeps the card, and play resumes until the next match of vocabulary wits!

The high-energy, and fast-paced action is absolutely addicting, so limber up your lobes because this game will keep your brain on its toes!

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Features & specs

  • A fast-paced card game of word association
  • Includes: 1 deck of poker-sized playing cards (40), tuck box, instructions, folded card insert
  • Amount of players: 3+
  • Game duration: 10 minutes
  • Approx. dimensions (package): 6" x 5" x 0.5"
  • Ages 10+

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