Laser Chess: Chess with frickin' laser beams!
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Laser Chess

Chess with frickin' laser beams!

Laser Chess
Space battles without the space.
Use mirrors to reflect your laser and capture the king.
The game includes 1 King, 2 Switches, 7 Deflectors, 2 Defenders, and 1 Laser per side.
Rule the game board.
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  • Laser Chess
  • Space battles without the space.
  • Use mirrors to reflect your laser and capture the king.
  • The game includes 1 King, 2 Switches, 7 Deflectors, 2 Defenders, and 1 Laser per side.
  • Rule the game board.
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The classic series Star Trek envisioned a futuristic space chess that, thanks to the technology of the time, frankly seemed to fall flat (despite being in 3D). But the future has been improved upon, and the space-aged strategy game you've been waiting for is here: Laser Chess!

Two players compete to capture the other's king on an 8-by-10 grid using pieces with real lasers. On your turn, choose to move or rotate one of your pieces. At the end of your turn, you'll fire your laser. The beam will reflect off the mirrored surfaces on the pieces, and if it lands on a translucent side of a piece, you've captured it.

Combine the classic logic of chess with laserness of lasers in Laser Chess.

Features & specs

  • Chess-like game with real working lasers
  • Strategy game
  • 2 players
  • Turn-based
  • Lasers are eye-safe
  • Batteries included (CR2032 coin battery)
  • Recommended for ages 9+
  • Includes 26 game pieces, game board, and instructions

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Laser logic game

What happens when the world’s de facto strategy game is completely reinvented with the power of lasers? Laser Chess combines the theory and tactics of classic chess with modern technology to create a strategy game in a class of its own.

Use your laser to eliminate the enemy king and rule the board! Muhahahaha!

Board game with a simulated laser beam
Space battles without the space.

Long live the king

Just as in its strategic inspiration, the goal of Laser Chess is to capture your opponent's king at all costs. Of course, that's easier said than done when the palace is a literal hall of mirrors.

Think strategically as you position and orient your mirrors to perfectly reflect the laser directly at the enemy regent, lighting him up. Meanwhile, you'll need to play defense to keep your opponent from doing the same to you.

A laser bounces off of two mirrors to strike the enemy king
Use mirrors to reflect your laser and capture the king.

Shiny soldiers

In Laser Chess, the beam of light is your weapon, and mirrors are your shield. Luckily, most of your soldiers are appropriately armored for the battle ahead.

Each army includes the Switch, which features a mirror on two opposite faces; the Deflector, with a mirror on one side and a vulnerable backside; the Defender, which can stop a laser beam in its tracks when it is struck head-on; a Laser to fire your weapon; and a King you must protect.

If you strike a mirror, the piece remains in play, but if the laser causes a translucent piece to shine, it's eliminated from the game—even if you fire on your own piece!

King, Switch, Defender, Deflector, and Laser pieces.
The game includes 1 King, 2 Switches, 2 Defenders, 7 Deflectors, and 1 Laser per side.

Ready, aim, fire

Each turn in Laser Chess is a two-step process. First, either move one of your mobile pieces to an adjacent open square (including diagonally) or rotate a piece in place 90º in either direction.

Then once you've made your move, fire your laser and trace the path of the beam. Any mobile piece struck on a non-reflective surface is eliminated from play, even if it's your own. The players take turns until a laser strikes a king. If your king remains, you're declared the victor!

A hand manipulates the Laser Chess game board.
Rule the game board.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How is it chess if it doesn't share the same pieces or game board?

Answer: Laser Chess is not an exact replication of chess. Instead, think of it as a similar strategy game inspired by the classic game (and also lasers).

Question: Is this the same as Khet?

Answer: Laser Chess is the successor to Khet, created by the same inventors. It shares most of the same game mechanics and strategies but has a more streamlined set of rules, different starting positions, and a futuristic theme.

Question: Can you actually see the laser beam?

Answer: Since it is a safe, low-powered laser, in most normal conditions, you will be unable to see the beam emitted from the laser, but you will see the point where it finally strikes an object as a red glowing dot. If you want to see the beam, you will need to play somewhere very foggy.

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