Butt Dumplings: The softest plush shrimp dumpling, complete with buttcheeks!
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Butt Dumpling Plush Toy

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The softest plush shrimp dumpling, complete with buttcheeks!

Butt Dumpling Plush
  • Butt Dumpling
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Dim sum devotees who love a good giggle can add a dash of take-out delight with the adorable Butt Dumpling plushie!

This quirky shrimp dumpling companion looks like a classic cute plush, complete with a charming smile and adorable face. Turn it around, though, and you’ll find a set of cheeky buttcheeks!

Packaged in a stylish Chinese take-out box and crafted with incredibly soft polyester fiber, this little cutie adds a playful twist to your plush collection and is the perfect gift for your favorite foodie to indulge in dumpling delight!

Features & specs

  • Plush dumpling with a cute face and soft bum
  • Approx dimensions: 3.5" x 3" x 4" (8.89cm x 7.62cm x 10.16cm)
  • Includes: Adorable dumpling take-out package
  • Polyester fiber
  • Ages 3+

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