Three Man Chess: A 3-person chess board
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Three Man Chess

Innovative chess board accommodates three players.

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The world's greatest strategy game just got better with Three Man Chess.

An ingenious circular board featuring a center "zero space" allows three players to duel it out without sacrificing any of the rules of traditional chess.

Lateral moves sweep around the arc of the board, enabling sneak attacks. A diagonal piece can pass through the center and with a clear path can even return to its starting position. And a single move can result in the checkmate of both your opponents!

Three Man Chess includes a fold-up board and three sets of pieces.

Features & specs

  • Dimensions: 19.25" diameter x 0.125" thick
  • Includes 3 sets of pieces
  • Fold-up board
  • Ages 13+

Expand your circle of friends with Three Man Chess!

Chess is one of the world's most popular games, but not much about it has changed in the last millennium — until now!

Three Man Chess adds a third player (along with a healthy dose of new and complex strategies) while carefully preserving the rules of traditional chess. Bravo Three Man Chess creator!

Add a new level of intrigue with Three Man Chess.
The addition of a third person adds an exciting new layer of intrigue to traditional chess.

Circular board = fun, new piece movements

In Three Man Chess, all traditional piece movements have been retained.

However, the circular board makes it possible for a laterally-moving piece (such as a Rook) to arc around the board. And diagonal moves can loop into the center "zero space" from one direction and exit it traveling the opposite way!

Simply put, there's some wild stuff going on in Three Man Chess. To assist with diagonal movements (especially through the center "zero space"), simply follow one of the colored trajectory lines passing through the piece's starting position.

Diagram explaining the unique piece movements found in Three Man Chess.
Although the pieces follow the same movement rules in 3-Man Chess,
the circular board introduces new and interesting strategies.

You don't have to learn new rules!

Three Man Chess was designed to preserve the rules of the game you love. If you can play regular chess, you can play Three Man Chess. All you need is two friends. If that's a stumbling block, we've got a website full of bribe-worthy awesomeness that could help with that!

The only functional difference between traditional chess and Three Man Chess is the inability to laterally attack your neighboring opponent from the back two rows on the board.

Despite the similarities in rules, the third player creates an exciting new twist on traditional chess. For instance, you could put both your opponents in check on one move! And with each move, you need to simultaneously defend against and plan attacks upon two opponents who surround you. It's all about the strategy, son!

Three Man Chess obeys the same rules of traditional chess.
A third player creates new possibilities of alliances, backstabbing, and duplicity.

Folds away for convenient storage

Three Man Chess includes a high-quality fold-up board and three sets of plastic pieces.

The 3 Man Chess board folds away for easy storage.
Three Man Chess includes three sets of pieces and a large fold-up board.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why isn't it called Three Woman Chess?

Answer: We believe the manufacturer intended "man" in a gender-neutral sense. Chess, and obviously Three Man Chess, is a gender neutral game.

Question: Is it difficult to learn how to play?

Answer: Not at all! If you already know how to play chess, you can learn Three Man Chess in a matter of minutes. If you don't yet know how to play chess, we suggest you also buy Solitaire Chess. Cross promo, baby!

Question: What if I don't have two friends?

Answer: Then find two enemies.

Question: Is Three Man Chess 50% more nerdy than regular chess?

Answer: Smart people play chess. And being smart is the coolest thing in the world. Buy Three Man Chess and exercise your brain. It'll be fun and it's darned good for you.

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