ShiZap!: A block stacking game with an electrifying twist.
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Sneak Peek!

A block stacking game with an electrifying twist.

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Flip the switch and make game night truly electrifying with ShiZap, the hilariously anxiety-inducing game of block stacking and nerve-wracking shock.

Like other games of removing and replacing blocks, the object is to stack as many as you can without sending the tower tumbling. But the threat of a random electric shock turns this precision game into a hilarious challenge!

Each game can be played in one of three modes of increasing intensity: zip, zap, and ShiZap! Grab the block of your choosing with the wired-in "shock tweezer" tool and try to set your block on top. Work quickly to minimize your chance of getting zapped, but don’t rush or you’ll send the whole thing crashing down! If you do get a jolt, you’ll need to steady your arm and your nerves to make sure you don’t knock into other pieces. The shocks don’t cause serious physical pain, but you can dial up their intensity level until you have enough voltage to feel the thrill of game night again.

Features & specs

  • A Jenga-esque block game with electric shocks
  • 1 or more players
  • LED lit base (for even more intense play in the dark)
  • Three levels of shock intensity: zip (low), zap (medium), ShiZap! (high)
  • Game modes: play and shock
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Approx. dimensions: 3.66" x 3.62" x 12.64" (9.30 cm x 9.20 cm x 32.11 cm)
  • Net wt.: 1.67 lbs (0.76 kg)
  • Ages 14+

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