Infinite Galaxy Puzzle: An edgeless jigsaw puzzle that can be endlessly tiled.
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Infinite Galaxy Puzzle

An edgeless jigsaw puzzle that can be endlessly tiled.

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The Universe is a vast expanse encompassing all spacetime that, by definition, has no clear edge. The unique Infinite Galaxy Puzzle encapsulates this concept in a challenging 133 piece puzzle.

When completed, the artwork depicts a section of our own Milky Way galaxy in an approximately eight-inch square area. But, like space, this infinite puzzle has no defined edge and wraps in on itself. Take a piece from the left or upper edge of the puzzle, flip it, and you can reinsert it into the right or bottom edge. The double-sided printing gives an added challenge to puzzle masters.

This boundless continuum of a puzzle reveals the true non-orientable surface of the jigsaw and of our Universe. So get puzzlin' to infinity and beyond!

Features & specs

  • Infinitely tiling jigsaw puzzle with undefined edges
  • Image of galactic center region of the Milky Way galaxy
  • Move edge pieces to opposite side and flip to re-attach
  • 133 pieces
  • Laser-cut birch plywood
  • Organic branch-shaped pieces
  • Three specially-shaped pieces: astronaut, space shuttle, and satellite
  • Double-sided printing on each piece
  • Approximate dimensions: 8" x 8" (20.3 cm x 20.3 cm)
  • Made in the USA
  • Ages 3+

Interplanetary puzzle

If you explored the entire galaxy, you'd be hard-pressed to find a jigsaw as unique as the Infinite Galaxy Puzzle.

This delightful diversion not only features a gorgeous image of the Milky Way Galaxy, but it manages to encapsulate the vastness of space in an eight inch (amorphous) square format. Instead of basic borders, the puzzle is designed without edges so that it can be indefinitely tiled to emulate the infinite expanse of our Universe.

Create space for this space.

Infinite inversion

The Infinite Galaxy Puzzle gets its infinity (and difficulty!) by printing the same image on both sides of the 133 pieces. But the puzzle fits together not only on the obverse left to right and top to bottom but also on the reverse from right to left and bottom to top.

When you remove one piece from the left border and flip it, you can place it on the right border, and amazingly, it fits. This amazing engineering feat means you can endlessly re-tile the puzzle in any direction forever!

Flip pieces to place them on the opposite side of the puzzle
Flip pieces and continue the puzzle (forever!).

Edgeless exploration

How do you capture the enormity of the galaxy? If you're basic, you grab a picture from the Hubble and paste it onto a squared off jigsaw puzzle and call it a day. But the Infinite Galaxy Puzzle is anything but basic. The same principle that makes it possible to endlessly slip the edge of the image means there's no true finite end to the image and definitely no defined border to work your way inward from.

The puzzle formed in in irregular shape
Thousands of possible permutations.

Plywood pieces

The Infinite Galaxy Puzzle is laser cut from birch plywood, not some flimsy cardboard, creating an ultra-durable set of pieces that perfectly fit together.

In addition to the unique branching peninsulas and inlets, three of the shapes in the set are styled with unique orbiting objects. In your endeavor to complete this puzzle, you'll discover the cut-outs of a space shuttle, a satellite with a solar array, and an astronaut on an EVA. Each of these silhouettes perfectly fits in with the amoeba-like puzzle pieces to create a seamless blanket of stars when completed.

Satellite, solar array, and astronaut special pieces
Laser cut plywood with 3 special pieces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How does it go on infinitely?

Answer: Inspired by the non-orientable surfaces of Klein bottles and Mobius strips, the puzzle is designed to be able to connect to the inverse of the opposite border, making it practically edgeless. In practice, the puzzle takes up approximately sixty-four square inches of area at any given time.

Question: Is it difficult?

Answer: To paraphrase JFK, we choose to solve the Infinite Galaxy Puzzle, not because it is easy, but because it is hard (and infinitely fun)!

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