Dr. Eureka Brain Teaser Game: Skill and speed pattern matching game.

Dr. Eureka Brain Teaser Game

Skill and speed pattern matching game.

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Mix molecules, finish the formula first, and beat your friends in Dr. Eureka, a brain teaser in a beaker.

In this hands-on game, race to stack the colored balls (representing molecules) in an order that matches the solution on the card in each of your three test tubes. Being the diligent scientist that you are, you’re not allowed to touch any of the molecules, so you'll have to carefully pour balls from one cylinder to the next.

Dr. Eureka's winning formula tests your coordination and critical thinking skills in a fun and friendly challenge.

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Features & specs

  • Multiplayer matching game of skill and speed
  • Put the balls in the correct order in each tube to win
  • 2-4 players
  • Approximately 15 minute game time (with multiple rounds)
  • Recommended for ages 8+
  • Includes 12 test tubes, 24 colorful balls, 54 challenge cards, and instructions

Mix the molecules

Dr. Eureka is a pattern matching puzzle. Compete against the other players by pouring your balls from test tube to test tube until they match the pattern on the challenge card. Be careful! You can't always get it done directly, and dropping a ball is an automatic loss. You'll need critical thinking galore and a steady hand to pull it off in time.

Solve the formula!

In it to win it

To win in Dr. Eureka, you've got to be right and you've got to be first.

Flip over a card to reveal a new puzzle consisting of a specific arrangement of six balls in three tubes. You're tasked with getting your test tube trifecta to match the picture. But the catch is, you can't touch or lose control of any of the balls.

Use your logic to find the right sequence and your competitiveness to slam the tube on the table just in time.

Discover the solution to win.

Play synchronized or solo

Dr. Eureka is designed for up to four players. But if you're not feeling the chemistry of the crowd, you can experiment with mixing molecules solo. Have fun challenging yourself to find the solution before time runs out.

Solve puzzles solo...or race to solve!
Sometimes mixing with unknown variables can be too volatile.

No goggles needed

Dr. Eureka contains four lab kits and a deck of 54 challenge cards. Each lab kit includes 3 transparent test tubes and six molecules, two of each color.

12 test tubes, 24 molecules, 54 challenge cards
Everything you need to win the Nobel prize in speed chemistry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How many people can play the game?

Answer: Dr. Eureka comes with enough test tubes for 1-4 players.

Question: How old should I be?

Answer: Since the game requires critical thinking and manual dexterity, the manufacturers suggest the game is appropriate for ages eight and up.

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