Icy Pops Scented Erasers: Playable erasers that look, smell like popsicles.
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Icy Pops Scented Erasers

Playable erasers that look and smell like popsicles.

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Icy Pops Scented Erasers are a treat for your eyes, fingers, and nose! These soft rubber erasers look like fun frozen treats and smell like delicious fruit flavoring.

In addition to removing pencil mistakes, the scented stationery doubles as little fidget toys. Each of the four erasers separates into four parts, giving your fingers something to do while your brain puzzles over a math problem.

Rearrange the interchangeable parts to make eye-catching visual contrasts or to make your dream popsicle! You’ll never be so tempted to eat rubber. (Don’t eat rubber.)

Features & specs

  • Set of four pencil erasers styled like frozen ice pops
  • Fruit scented
  • Erasers separate into four parts
  • Approx. dimensions (each): 1 ⅞” x ¾” x ½” (4.76 cm x 1.91 cm x 1.27 cm)
  • Ages 6+

Summer scent

Replace the rubbery smell of eraser debris with the delightful scent of fruitiness when your mistakes melt away using Icy Pops Erasers. These faux frozen treats are fun for your eyes and nose (and misspelled crossword answers). The cute and colorful stationery double as decorations, triple as scented accessories, and quadruple as fidget fun.

Popsicle scented erasers
Fruit-scented erasers!

Fruity fidget fun

Sticky food is not meant for playing. Rubberized versions of those foods, however, can be a blast.

Each Icy Pops Eraser is comprised of four parts (including the stick), and all four parts can be removed, rearranged, and interchanged as much as you like. No matter which “flavor” you make, it will have the same yummy scent and brightly colored cuteness.

Fidget erasers
Mix & match for new combos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will this make my homework smell good?

Answer: The scent of the eraser might rub off lightly, but it will dissipate before it can earn you extra credit.

Question: Does each color have its own scent?

Answer: Each Icy Pops Eraser has the same delicious fruity scent.

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