Fresh Popcorn Erasers: Freshly popped pencil erasers.
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Fresh Popcorn Erasers

Freshly popped pencil erasers.

Fresh Popcorn Erasers
Popcorn-shaped erasers!
Contains 12 erasers in a retro box.
  • Popcorn Erasers
  • Popcorn-shaped erasers!
  • Contains 12 erasers in a retro box.
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Give your desk the fun feel (but not stickiness) of a concession stand when you use Popcorn Erasers.

These impressive rubber replicas look like perfectly popped puffs of corn ready for snacking. More than just decorative, this faux movie theater snack lets you take back a mistake made with your pencil… although they can’t take back the money you spent on PiranhaQuake 3.

Office supplies this cute don’t belong in a desk drawer; instead, put them on display in the included retro box that looks like it was plucked straight from a tiny theater.

Features & specs

  • Rubber erasers shaped like pieces of popcorn
  • Includes retro-style decorative popcorn box
  • 12 erasers per pack
  • Approx. dimensions: 3" x 1.5" x 2.25" (7.62 cm x 3.81 cm x 5.72 cm)
  • Does not include latex or any substance related to latex
  • Ages 3+

Fun and fresh

Like movie theater popcorn butter, Popcorn Erasers are super fake but look plenty real. These rubber puffs have the size and shape of the beloved treat but remove pencil markings with ease.

They’re so realistic you could fool a hungry coworker (who’ll wonder how this popcorn got so incredibly stale).

Erasers shaped like popcorn
Popcorn-shaped erasers!

Cute kernels

Popcorn Erasers are served fresh in a red and white striped box from yesteryear, the perfect container for a classic snack. The small box has a false bottom to ensure you always have a perfect, overflowing box of popcorn to admire.

Keep the dozen pieces on your desk for display and throw an individual piece in your backpack for the school day. These things are so cute, they’re as addictive as the snack itself.

Retro popcorn display box
Contains 12 erasers in a retro box.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: It looks like some of the pieces are different colors in the pictures. What’s the deal?

Answer: Each box of Popcorn Erasers contains puffs that are bright yellow and puffs that are a more yellow-tinted white.

Question: What do they smell like?

Answer: Popcorn Erasers smell like rubber. If you want scented erasers, we got you covered.

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