USB Disco Light: A rotating party light powered by USB.
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USB Disco Light

A rotating party light powered by USB.

USB Disco Light
The USB Disco Light is the mullet of USB-powered illumination.
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  • USB Disco Light
  • USB stands for Ultra-Sensational Boogying.
  • The USB Disco Light is the mullet of USB-powered illumination.
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Turn the office's afternoon slump into an interdepartmental dance party with the USB Disco Light. Powered by your computer or any ol' wall charger you've got, this compact bundle of fun brings the ambiance of a discotheque to your cubicle or dorm room.

Watch as a multi-colored LED behind a motorized prism floods your impromptu dance floor with colored light. When complimented with your most choice playlist, the effect of the USB Disco Light is just the right mood to get down and boogie the night away!

When the breakdown break is over, use the toggle switch to turn off the rotating colored light and immediately switch to a focused white light work lamp on the opposite side of the bullet-shaped illuminator.

Features & specs

  • A spinning party light that casts splashes of color around the room
  • Creates a rotating pattern of red, blue, and green bullseyes
  • Emits distinct, moving patterns in red, blue, and green
  • Approx. dimensions: 2 1/2" diameter x 3" height (6.35 cm x 7.62 cm)
  • Powered via USB-A (charger not included)
  • Features a toggle switch between disco mode and white light mode
  • Features a flexible metal gooseneck cable
  • Motor makes a slight noise (which will be covered up by your dance party music)

Dazzling dancing decor

You don't need a plexiglass dance floor and dozens of gelled lights to make a great dance floor; all you need is the USB Disco Light. This little gadget sets a big mood by creating a kaleidoscope of color that moves around your walls, ceiling, floor, and boogying bodies! A tri-colored LED shoots spots of color out of a multi-faceted spinning prism attached to the bulb, creating an atmosphere that'll get your feet and your hips movin'.

Powered by just a USB cable, you can plug it into a phone charger you already have for an impromptu dance battle or attach it to your laptop to make data entry that much more funky. When your boss comes into your office to check your progress, just toggle the switch to turn on a simple warm golden work light. Then once they leave, it's time to break it down!

USB stands for Ultra-Sensational Boogying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What shapes does the light make?

Answer: The colors cast by the USB Disco Light are ringed circles that stretch into ovals as they move around the room.

Question: Will it improve my dancing skills?

Answer: There's no lightbulb in the world that can improve your technique without practice, but the USB Disco Light can certainly put you in a dancing mood!

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