Mirror Ball String Lights: Mini disco balls that light up!
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Mirror Ball String Lights

Mini disco balls that light up!

Mirror Ball String Lights
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  • Mirror Ball String Lights
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Decorate for a dance party anywhere with Mirror Ball String Lights. This set of 12 LED-illuminated mini disco balls is powered by three AA batteries, making it perfectly portable.

The eight foot long strand of lights is ideal for adding a little funk to your ride, good vibes to your locker, or some boogie to your bedroom.

Just hang them up, flip the switch to light them up, and let the Mirror Ball String Lights bring the party to you!

Features & specs

  • 12 balls per string
  • Ball diameter: 2” (5cm)
  • Strand length: approximately 8’ (2.4m)
  • LED lights
  • Requires 3 x AA batteries (not included)

Funky fun

Mirror Ball String Lights turn any room into the party room. These fun lights are an easy way to add attitude and an atmosphere of fun to any space.

Each light strand contains twelve mini mirror balls that reflect room light in that classic disco pattern. Turn on the attached battery pack to light up each ball with a groovy glow. It’s mood lighting when you’re in the mood to get down.

These disco decorations are great when you want to boogie down or if you need to mellow out and recover from a bout of Saturday Night Fever. Their small size and battery power means you can take them with you, wherever groove is needed most.

Portable dance party
Mirror mirror on the ball, who’s the funkiest one of all?

Question: Do the lights change color?

Answer: No, the Mirror Ball String Lights do not change color. They are always the same shade of funk (in this case, a bluish white).

Question: Are batteries included?

Answer: Batteries are not included with the lights. The battery pack requires three AA batteries.

Question: Will it work without batteries?

Answer: The mirror balls will still reflect existing light without batteries but they will not be able to illuminate from within.

Question: Is disco dead?

Answer: Not anymore.

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