Soak N Wet Dunk Tank: A get-soaked skill game
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Soak N Wet Personal Dunk Tank

A get-soaked skill game that's like having your own personal dunk tank!

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Turn your backyard into a carnival! The Soak N Wet is your own personal dunk tank. Strike the target, and the person sitting under the bucket will get soaking wet!

Instead of requiring hundreds of gallons of water that’s reused all day long, the Soak N Wet uses a bucketful of fresh water each time—and without having to get up! Simply screw your hose into the attachment and use the control lever to fill up the bucket.

Throw the included bean bags at the target; scoring a hit releases the water inside the bucket, drenching the person sitting underneath with over a gallon of water! Assembling in minutes, this portable game is perfect for outdoor fun, fundraisers, and more.

Features & specs

  • A simpler, portable version of a dunk tank
  • Buckets of soaking fun
  • Hit the target to dump the bucket
  • Features hose attachment with control lever for easy refills
  • Includes three vinyl bean bags with PVC pellet filling (5" square (12.7 cm))
  • Bucket volume (approximate): 1 gallon (4 L)
  • Dimensions: 50" x 72" x 38" (127 cm x 182 cm x 96 cm)
  • Made from durable PVC plastic
  • Assembles without tools
  • Packs down into a small box for easy storage

Convenient carnival

Like a dunk tank, Soak N Wet lets you douse your friends, family, teachers, and whomever else you can talk into sitting below the bucket. Unlike a dunk tank, this gallon-capacity container doesn’t require a trailer to lug around and an incredible amount of water to waste.

Simply set up a chair, screw in your hose, and enjoy a fun afternoon of soaking in the sun (and water).

A personal, portable dunk tank!

Super soaker

Soak N Wet is designed for quick operation so there’s no time wasted between soaks.

To fill your bucket, hook your hose up to the attachment on the device and leave it running. Instead of getting up to turn the hose on and off for every fill-up, the valve on the device controls the flow of water to the bucket so you can refill in seconds. With an easily reset target arm, you’ll be ready to throw again before you start to dry.

Dunk tank with refill valveDunk tank with refill valveDunk tank with refill valve
Built-in fill valve for clean water every time.

Portable play

Dunk tanks don’t have to be as hard as a tank to move. The Soak N Wet’s PVC construction allows the pieces to easily fit together for complete assembly in minutes. When you’re ready to dry off, the setup breaks down for compact storage and portable packing.

Quick assemble dunk tankQuick assemble dunk tank
Assembles in minutes without tools.

It’s in the bag

Throwing a bucket of water at someone is considered mean, but having them sit under a bucket of water while throwing bean bags is considered sport!

Take advantage of this ethical loophole when you take aim with the three pellet-filled bags included in the Soak N Wet set. The lightweight bags are easy to throw, and their vinyl material can absorb a splash or two.

3 bean bags for the dunk tank
Includes 3 vinyl bean bags.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do you have to hit the target hard enough to knock over the bucket?

Answer: You don’t have to throw exceptionally hard. The Soak N Wet bucket has a hole in the bottom which is covered with a rubber stopper. When you hit the target, it removes the stopper, causing the liquid inside to pour out of the hole.

Question: Do you have to fill it with water?

Answer: You can fill the Soak N Wet with whatever you like, but it’s easiest to refill using the garden hose attachment.

Where can I buy this awesomeness?

*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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