Flingo: A far-flinging game of catch that lets you fling a ball up to 70 yards!
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Flingo Throw-and-Catch Set (2 rackets + 1 ball)

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A far-flinging game of catch that lets you fling a ball up to 70 yards!

Flingo Set
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Does throwing a ball half a football field away feel like a far-flung fantasy? Supercharge your arm with Flingo and fling that ball over 200 feet!

This throw-and-catch set upgrades your arm to professional athlete-level thanks to what some science geeks call "the power of mechanical advantage" and the rest of us call "really freakin' awesome". When catching, the net in the back of the hooped racquet acts like a butterfly net, allowing you to grab the ball out of the air with ease. And when you're ready to launch the ball back, a flinging motion turns the Flingo into a catapult, causing the ball to fly out of the back of the net back to your catch partner up to 70 yards away.

Within minutes of picking up a Flingo racquet, you'll be able to catch and throw a ball previously-impossible distances in a single fluid motion. Keep score and think up your own rules to invent a new game or just get out into the biggest field you can find and have a game of catch. Either way, you're sure to have plenty of far-out fun with Flingo!

Features & specs

  • A throw-and-catch set with a really, really far reach
  • Fling a ball up to 70 yards and beyond
  • Includes: 2 rackets and 1 custom Flingo ball

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