X-Zylo Flying Gyroscopes: Amazing toys can be thrown over 600 feet
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X-Zylo Flying Gyroscope Toys

Amazing flying rings can be thrown over 600 feet!

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X-Zylo Flying Gyroscopes are amazing throwing toys that will astound you and your kids. They are available in two styles: The X-Zylo Air Rider (for younger kids) and the X-Zylo Ultra (for more advanced throwers).

The X-Zylo Air Rider features a fabric tail that provides stabilization during flight as well as an easy way to grip it. Simply fling the X-Zylo Air Rider by its tail and watch it glide effortlessly up to 150 feet.

The X-Zylo Ultra is similar to the Air Rider, but gets by without a fabric tail. While this makes throwing trickier, the reduced drag allows the Ultra to travel much farther distances. In fact, experienced throwers can easily toss the X-Zylo Ultra more than 100 yards and some people have been known to rocket it over 600 feet.

Features & specs

  • Dimensions (Air Rider): 3.75" diameter x 9" tall
  • Dimensions (Ultra): 3.75" diameter x 2.25" tall
  • Max throwing distance: 150 feet (Air Rider) | 600 feet (Ultra)
  • Ages (Air Rider): 6+
  • Ages (Ultra): 8+

X-Zylo Flying Gyroscopes can travel up to 600 feet!

The X-Zylo is an amazing flying toy that can be thrown over 600 feet. That is not a typo. The gyroscopic design allows for incredible distance and stability. 

The X-Zylo Air Rider is designed for younger children due to its ease of throwing. It can be flung by its tail or tossed by the ring.

The X-Zylo Ultrais designed for more advanced throwers. The side-arm motion requires some practice to master, but is well worth the effort. Experienced throwers will routinely toss the X-Zylo Ultra 100 yards or more.

The X-Zylo Flying Gyroscope Toys are available in two styles: X-Zylo Air Rider and X-Zylo Ultra.
The amazing X-Zylo Flying Gyroscopes are available in two styles: Air Rider and Ultra.

The X-Zylo Air Rider is the easiest to throw

The X-Zylo Air Rider is composed of a small plastic ring with a ripstop nylon tail. This seemingly simple design allows you to throw it great distances with nearly any throwing motion.

Grasped by its tail, the Air Rider can be flung underhanded, side-armed, and even tomahawked. Just whip the tail and watch it fly.

The X-Zylo Air Rider Flying Gyroscope is fun and easy to throw.
To throw, simply grip the X-Zylo Air Rider by its tail and whip it.

X-Zylo Air Rider soars regardless of throwing style

The X-Zylo Air Rider catches the air as soon as it is tossed and glides incredible distances without much throwing effort.

Kids (and adults forced to be in videos for awesome toys because the owner of the business hates dealing with stage moms) will love the simplicity of flinging the X-Zylo Air Rider up to 150 feet.

The X-Zylo Air Rider is simple to throw long distances.
Whether you throw the X-Zylo Air Rider by the ring or whip it by its tail, you're sure to send it soaring.

X-Zylo Ultra is designed for more advanced throwers

The X-Zylo Ultra, minus the signature tail of the X-Zylo Air Rider, is slightly more difficult to throw. However, its sleek design allows for far greater throwing distances. You will be simply amazed at how far the X-Zylo Ultra travels.

In fact, you'll need a minimum of 30 feet for a game of catch...and that's because this small ring of plastic really flies.

The X-Zylo Ultra flying ring is for advanced throwers.
Achieve amazing throws with the X-Zylo Ultra Flying Gyroscope.

Hurl the X-Zylo Ultra the length of two football fields!

The X-Zylo Ultra almost needs to be seen to be believed. That's because it's hard to imagine that you can throw a one-ounce ring of plastic more than the length of two football fields. But with the X-Zylo Ultra, it's possible.

Using a side-arm motion similar to throwing a football, experienced throwers can easily achieve 100 yard distances and experts have sent the X-Zylo Ultra soaring more than 600 feet! 

Throw the X-Zylo Ultra Flying Ring with a side-arm motion to achieve distances of up to 600 feet.
With practice, experienced throwers have been able to toss the X-Zylo Ultra over 600 feet.

Feature Comparison

Here's a breakdown of the differences between the X-Zylo Air Rider and X-Zylo Ultra Flying Gyroscopes.

 X-Zylo Air RiderX-Zylo Ultra
Recommended Ages:6+8+
Max Throwing distance:150+ feet600+ feet
Skill level:BeginnerAdvanced
(The ripstop nylon fabric for the tail is composed of two random colors typically chosen from blue, aqua, yellow, pink, and red).
Choose from red or blue.
Dimensions:3.75" diameter x 9" tall3.75" diameter x 2.25" tall

Choose your style and buy, buy, buy!

The X-Zylo Flying Gyroscope is available in two styles: the X-Zylo Air Rider and the X-Zylo Ultra. The Ultra can be purchased in either red or blue.

Please note that the colors on the Air Rider will vary.

X-Zylo Air Rider Flying GyroscopeX-Zylo Ultra Flying Ring in BlueX-Zylo Ultra Flying Ring in Red

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