Ollyball: Play ball inside the house without breaking anything!
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Ollyball (2019 Toy of the Year Award Winner)

Play ball inside the house without breaking anything!

Make your Ollyball your own.
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Ollyball® WINNER of a Toy of the Year!
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  • Ollyball
  • No rain delays here.
  • Make your Ollyball your own.
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A rainy day, freezing temps, and blustery winds might keep you from getting outside, but there's no reason bad weather should keep you from playing ball. Ollyball is made for indoor play, so you can bump, kick, and spike it to your heart's content without fear of breaking a window (or pretty much anything else in the house).

Even though it's incredibly lightweight, this ball acts a lot like the kind you use on the playground. The outer shell is made from high-performance kite material while the inside has an expanding balloon-like core. The result is a super sphere that gives you the kind of bounce you'd expect from something like a volleyball with the same level of danger as something like a balloon. You can even personalize your Ollyball by coloring on the surface to add to your parents' color commentary.

The next time you're stuck inside, grab an Ollyball and game on!

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Features & specs

  • Indoor play ball
  • Patented design uses KrunchKor technology
  • Inflates with included straw and your own breath
  • Inflated diameter: 12" (30.5 cm)
  • Inflated weight: <1 oz. (26 g)
  • Color on the surface with markers, crayon, or paint (not included)
  • Outer shell is water-resistant and tear-resistant
  • Ages 4+

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Indoor infield

Whether the weather is cooperating or not, kids are bound to want to bound around. Get your body moving and get your game on in the living room with Ollyball.

The unique ball is a super-lightweight sphere with enough oompf for a creative game of volleyball, soccer, or even dodgeball, but it doesn't have enough mass to knock over your precious ceramic collection or crack your expensive TV.

Thanks to its unique double-wall construction, Ollyball is a feather-weight balloon that's amazingly also a piece of performance sports equipment. Whether you're spiking, throwing, or kicking, you'll have a ball with Ollyball.

No rain delays here.

Athletic, artistic, awesome

When it's half-time (or the parents have to take a breather), keep the fun going and change up the activity to creatively color Ollyball.

The entire surface of the ball is designed to be filled in with your own colorful scribbling with marker, crayon or paint. A collage of impactful line art including cityscapes, superhero domino masks, and cartoonish bubble letters covers Ollyball, waiting for you to personalize it and make it your own. Don't worry; this art project won't affect the plaything's performance, so you'll still be able to deke out dad and score on the old man (as soon as he's got a second wind).

Color with markers or crayons!
Make your Ollyball your own.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I pop it?

Answer: With enough effort, any container is poppable. But thanks to Ollyball's outer shell made of high-performance kite material, you're very unlikely to accidentally pop it during play (unless you're playing with knives, which you shouldn't do).

Question: What if I try to play a game like basketball with it?

Answer: Since it's made of unique materials, the Ollyball likewise behaves in unique ways compared to the conventional balls that you're used to. Those balls are typically heavier (and smashier), so they are less susceptible to wind resistance than the Ollyball, which will make your gameplay slower and stranger than you're probably expecting.

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