Waboba Ball: The amazing ball that bounces on water.
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Waboba Ball

The amazing ball that bounces on water.

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The Waboba Ball bounces on water like a superball bounces on concrete. Simply toss the Waboba as if you were skipping a stone to achieve bounces as high as five feet!

The Waboba is brightly colored and floats, so you don't need to worry about losing it in the ocean (or any other body of water). The tough Lycra covering ensures years of water-bouncing fun.

Please note that this item is available in three color patterns, but the choice of color is ours.

Features & specs

  • 2.25" diameter
  • Lycra coating with polyurethane inside / "guts"
  • Bounce five to six feet off the water
  • Floats
  • Ages 3+
  • For water use only
  • Color/design is chosen at random

Notes on this video

  • Note: The available styles have changed since this video was made. However, the ball still functions in exactly the same way.

Yes, this ball BOUNCES on water

Like a skipping stone on steroids, the Waboba Ball can easily shoot five to six feet in the air when tossed across a pool, pond, or ocean. The small ball, slightly smaller than a tennis ball, ricochets effortlessly off water. Check out the video clip below to see the Waboba Ball in action.

The Waboba Ball makes any pool, lake, or beach trip an absolute blast

Because the Waboba Ball is so unique, the inventors created a special game to maximize its ball-bouncing coolness. It's basically a modified version of keep-away and is a ton of fun. Players must "skip" the ball to their teammates on one bounce while the opposing team tries to steal the throw. Tackling players is allowed. The first team to three points wins. We're sure you can expand on and modify the rules for even more fun.

They're tough and they float

The Waboba Ball features a medley of polyurethane innards with a Lycra wrapping. The polyurethane inside is what makes the ball bounce on water and the Lycra covering is what protects it from getting damaged. And like all good water toys, the Waboba floats. Combined with its bright coloring, you're not going to lose the Waboba on an errant throw.

So, pull out that credit card and order yourself a few of these awesome water toys. You won't be disappointed.

Waboba Ball bounces on water
In addition to bouncing five to six feet off the water, the brightly colored Waboba Ball also floats.

Here's the deal on colors:

The Waboba Ball is available in a variety of colors and patterns. They are sold randomly (which means if you order one ball, you'll get one of the styles pictured below).

We have to do this because we receive them assorted (think big ball bin in Walmart).

Waboba Ball Colors
Waboba Balls are available in a variety of colors as pictured above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do they really bounce on water?

Answer: Yes, indeed! Check out the videos above to see the Waboba (WaterBounceBall) in action.

Question: How do I pick my color?

Answer: You can't. The balls are sent to us in assortments containing a variety of colors and patterns. Your Waboba will match one of the styles pictured above, but we cannot honor a choice.

Question: What if I don't like one of the styles?

Answer: The fact that you're purchasing a ball that bounces on water will quickly squelch any issues you have with the color. Seriously. It bounces on water!

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